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Situated on the pathway between Hod and Yesod this card represents attainment. It links the form of glory with the balance of foundations. The manifestation of work becoming fertile in foundations of the future. It is a symbol of unity out of multiplicity and indicates attainment. It suggests the protective qualities of the Mandela and through it an approach to the mystical centre. It is the realm of consciousness, echoing the words of Jesus "Unless you be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." Having understood the illusion of the lunar night the dawn arrives and is bright. This is the joy of the soul, the new self regenerated in the suns rays. There is the new incense of a new born. Consciousness triumphs over perils of unconsciousness and the river of death has lead the way to the fountain of youth. Before the final step can be taken all opposites must be united to transcend the duality.

Spiritual Healing Handbook

Spiritual Healing Handbook

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