Pathway Key The High Priestess

Situated on the pathway between Kether and Tiphareth this card represents balance. It is the gateway that stands between the pillars of force and form. The joining of the crown with beauty that carries the soul on its journey towards actuality. The harmonising of opposing forces in indicated here. This card symbolises counterpoise, relativity and the dualism of pairs of opposites. It is the interaction between two poles, which are represented by the two pillars. It is man's experience of individual existence, as a separate ego divorced from the world around him. It is the number of time, as opposed to timelessness, creation as opposed to the creator and the reflected light of the moon as opposed to the direct light of the sun. The pathway of combination and procreation that absorbs and unities the opposing energies of the pillars either side of it. Once again consider the questions raised in the Fool when meditating upon this pathway to gain full understanding of both it and the card.

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