Pathway Key The Hermit

Situated on the pathway between Chesed and Tiphareth this card represents the inner search. The second pathway from force to the centre pillar. It is the inner workings of mercy leading to the beginnings of the manifestation of beauty. Symbolically a card of the final stage of the first half of the souls journey. It is a card of awareness of conscience, the first glimpse of the inner light. It represents the first intimation of the brilliance of the mystical centre, which lies at the end of the quest. The feeble flickering of the inner light helps guide the Hermit on his journey. Akin to the Fool he is a journeyers but unlike the Fool he sees the dangers that lie ahead. It is the personification of the wise old man, the teacher who points out the threads of the meanings that are woven into the chaos of life. When all outside help is gone we can draw strength from within.

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