Pathway Key The Hanged

Situated between Geburah and Hod this card represents sacrifice. The second purely feminine form pathway. The link of might with glory and the mighty power manifesting into glory. Actual struggles winning through. Is symbolise the interaction of unity with duality which gives rise to a third dimension. It is the symbol of renewal and salvation and illustrates one who has taken his own life in his hands and cast himself into the depths. Though the actions of this card may not at first seem wise the soul hangs suspended by the knot of its own faith and the torture is transformed into ecstasy.

Onwards and downwards we continue on our study of the Tarot and it's placement on the Tree of Life. This section covers the pathways below the beautiful centre of Tiphareth. you will notice that the neat order of the pathways becomes a little messy here since the numerical order of the cards does not actually follow the order of the pathways. Since we are studying the cards here I have followed the numerical order of the cards in this case rather than the order of the pathways.

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