Pathway Key The Empress

Situated on the pathway between Chokmah and Binah this card represents harmony. It is the first of the pathways that link the opposing pillars together directly to create physical movement towards actuality. Fertility that comes from combining the masculine force and the feminine form. A joining of wisdom and understanding to create knowledge. This card represents synthesis and harmony, the resolving of tension created by duality through the birth of a third unifying principle. It is the pathway of birth, new life, fecundation and material productivity. It is the creation of phenomena in time, and a source of life itself. It is the abundant creative force of nature and an abundance of melding form. A passive approach as opposed to the active intellectual control expressed by the Magician. When meditating upon this pathway ask yourself how this first bridge between the two pillars differs from the previous pathways.

Let us continue in our studies of the Major Arcana in relation to the pathways of the Tree of Life. Having already covered the first four pathways we may now look at the next group of pathways. Once again I would encourage you all to look deeply at this area as it can truly help us to developed both a deeper understanding of the Tarot and a much better understanding of the Qabalah. Though the Qabalah has been in existence for much longer than the Tarot cards it is noticeable how well the two fit together. Meditation on the Major Arcana cards can aid us a great deal when seeking to understand the pathways that span the voids on the Tree.

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