Pathway Key The Devil

Situated on the pathway between Tiphareth and Hod this card represents temptation. The pathway between the pillar of balance and the pillar of form, the power of beauty becoming glory. A passive transformation of beauty into a tangible reality. It is a card of the conjunction of opposite principles, of the negative aspects of lust meeting the positive aspects of love. It concerns the reconciliation of consciousness with the unconscious. The collective conscious has a shadowy side which contains all unrealized aspects of mankind. It embodies the energy of the inner self and should the soul give way to the temptation it risks becoming a megalomaniac with an over inflated sense of its own self worth, power and wisdom. If the challenge is met and recognized then the forces of darkness may be transformed into the power of light. The task at this stage is to comprehend and integrate the deepest urges of nature into the new life for the better and not allow the dark qualities to over take us.

Strong and Confident You

Strong and Confident You

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