Pathway Key Strength

Situated on the pathway between Chesed and Geburah this card represents hurdles and obstacles. This is the second harmonising of the masculine and feminine pillars. It links the spheres of mercy and might to create a passive power. Strength from within as opposed to the actual manifestation of physical strength. It is a strength of will. It is the card of vulnerability, danger and over stepping the mark. It is similar to that of the Lovers in that is represents tension, opposition and struggle to reconcile divergent qualities. It is a symbol of eternity, completion and destiny. From out of the strong comes forth the sweet and this card displays the teachings that inner fortitude can conquer unbearable odds. It is the action of overcoming the odds represented in reconciliation with instinctive desires. It releases the energies locked within the reunites the conscious mind with the long lost paths to the inner centre. Representing the individual who through discipline attains self-control, thus freeing himself from the constant distractions and changes of mood that ordinary men are prey to. It is steadfast purpose and intent. Consider how different this pathway is from the one that spanned to gap between the two opposing pillars before it. What is the difference between them?



So now we begin the next section of our journey into the understanding of the pathways of the Tree of Life. This section covers the pathways that come below the first supernal. Again I feel it is vital to our understanding of how the pathways work to study and consider the positions of the Major Arcana cards on the Tree of Life.

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