Pathway Key Judgement

Situated on the pathway between Hod and Malkuth this card represents divine judgment. After the glory may we walk in the kingdom. From Hod to Malkuth it is the passage from purity to the kingdom of heaven. To travel in the other direction can lead to zelotsy. It symbolises duality on a higher plane. The soul is ready to transcend it's earthly plain and saw on new wings above. The psyche is released from it's earthly imprisonment and is reborn. The herald calls the people to rise as if growing from the ground, their gazes raised to the sky and the winged form. This card refers to creative impulses which call forth the highest of the endeavours. It is a warning against missing the call and misinterpreting which can lead to lost youth or yearning. A stage in life where issues are at crisis point and once resolved changes will occur. Divine judgment for good or bad.


Basics of Spiritual Living

Basics of Spiritual Living

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