Below you will find another selection of images for journey work meditation which you can conduct from within your astral temple. Consider the walls of your temple transparent and build the images around you without and within the temple. Return with a detailed paper on your meditation. You have one week until the next paper. Each sphere paper will become more demanding and require more work from you. I hope you enjoy this next bit of visualization and meditational journey work.

We begin at night the Moon gentle light cutting through the trees around it. The night is still around you, hold your breath a moment what sounds can you here? How does the night wood smell differently to the day? As you gaze upon the Moon how do you feel? Could you reach your had up and touch her beauty?

You move up to the branches of the trees around you. Closer to the Moon. The lovely Lady Luna speeks you your inner tides, do you hear her words? Do you see her changing face? She calls you to respond. Rise up stand alone from the world, stand on your own two feet seperate yet secure.

She Held The Moon Like

Rise now float up get closer to the Moon. See her shapes and paterns. See her beauty. Like a ball before you how would you play with her? How would you touch and be touched by her? What do you feel when you see her? What sounds come to your ears as you guess upon her full beauty?

She Held The Moon Like

Now the moon is waning. She becomes thinner. Do you see her illusions? Do you feel her change within you? Could you reach out still and hold her in your hand?

Now the Moon waxes. So thin nothing but a sliver of her former glory. Like a sickle before you. Can you cut through the illusion? Could you be cut by the sharpness of reality?

Now the Moon returns to her fullness and we move closer. We see the changing patters for what they are. Not pictures or faces on the Moons surface but craters and hills, dips and rises. Touch her how does she feel to you now? See her, how does she appear to you now?

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Come closer now, close enough to stand upon her surface. What does she look like now? What does she feel like now? How do you feel right now? Are you still in love with the Lady Luna? Do you still court her changing face?

Now that you walk on her surface turn and look at your home. So far away so small and distant. Do you feel the stillness here? How does it feel? Like a breath caught waiting for the moment of exhilation? Does the Earth call you home?

Feel the Earth calling you back. Now that you have journied how do you feel about her? Does she call to you? Do you long for the embrace of the mother? Go to her, fly to her tell her what you have found.

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