Netzach Astral Temple

This temple has seven sides. It is surrounded by growing things, green leaves make up the walls of this temple. There is a seven sided altar in the center of this temple which is a large emerald, clear and green. If you gaze into its depths you will see there either the Magical Image of Netzach or an image of the deity you wish to venerate here. Each of the five doors open onto a tarot card. The atmosphere here is that of a quiet forset glade. Only small scurrying animals and soft gentle breezes rustling the leaves disturb the peaceful state. There is a feeling of great energy here, hidden life flowing in the breeze, which carries with it the fragrance of roses. Bright sunlight refracts through the leaves and the air is soft and warm around you.

Cabala Netzach
Pictorial meditations
Witchcraft MagazineNetzach Temple
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