Meditation Netzach

Continuing with the work we began in Hod I would now like to ask you all to try and find ways of turning your weaknesses into strengths. Netzach is the sphere of love and acceptance and this demands that having found our weaknesses in Hod we now take responsibility for them. So often it is easy to sit back and tell ourselves that its not our fault we are the way we are. It is easier by far to say I am selfish because I was deprived as a child, or I am controlling because I had my control taken from me. Netzach asks us to take responsibility for maintaining our weaknesses. No longer can we look for others to blame, it is not the cause of the issue that can be dealt with. Having found our weakness and the reason for that weakness now we must take the wheel and take control of ourselves.I will ask you now to go back into your meditation for Hod to the place you found your problems and shine a bright light around in there. Find the strength to take responsibility for all that you are. Find a love and acceptance for yourself and emerge a better, stronger person ready to begin your new life in Tiphareth. To fully appreciate the soothing waters of Netzach we must immerse ourselves within it, surrender to the emotions which may seem so overpowering but that is simply because we try to hold to tight to control. In this life we often shy away from emotions locking them behind close doors. It's easier to be logical, easier to be analytical, it doesn't hurt if we use our minds rather than our hearts right? This is however an illusion we can't hide away from our hearts forever. The pain still haunts us we just live shallower lives hiding from the shadows. The more we hide the less of our lives we truly live. Netzach calls us to "feel the love" Embrace the inner child once more be free of your restraints and surrender to the love.

Again I will ask you to PM these meditations to me since they will be of personal detail that really has no place on public display. I thank those of you who have taken part in the last assignment, I understand fully how hard it can be to delve so deep within ourselves. Now I give you the key that will hopefully unlock the door to your new life. I will also include an astral temple for Netzach and some pictorial images you might like to use to help you in your meditations on this sphere. I look forward to hear from you as you all take this next positive step to your transformation.

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