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Being a pathway of the middle pillar, balance and harmony flow to the Physical Realm. It is a downward flowing pathway but to rise up the Tree with pathworkings we much go against the flow of the Tree's natural energy. In doing so we meet much greater resistance and as such it is much harder to rise up the Tree in this physical form. It becomes like swimming against the tide.The energies of the three pillars come together in physical manifestation.

The Tarot card fixed to this pathway is often helpful when meditating upon it. In this case the card is The World. It is the final card of the major arcana and yet it speaks of the end of one cycle and the beginings of a new. It speaks of the transformation from worldly form to spiritual. That which is fixed in form, rises to the consciousness of vital force.

The Hebrew letter afixed to this pathway is Tav. It's Gematria value being 400. Tav, in Hebrew, means "mark," "sign," or "cross." The letter Tav symbolizes the final, official seal to the completion of the Great Work of Liberation. This is seen as the world when it was new, on the seventh day. Tav is a personal logo, brand or "chop." In the Cube of Space, Tav is the center point.

Tav, at the grounded root, is the realm of the Samskaras. Samskaras are the Yogic way of describing character. Samskaras are "deeply grooved, or etched." To explain the samskaras, we use the analogy of a lake. The ripples and currents on the surface of the water create solid forms on the bottom; "shadow" ripples, though made of sand and pebbles. In turn, these submerged forms influence the flow of the water. These underwater dunes also morph constantly, on a different time scale.

In the same way, thought waves create reality. Repeated thought patterns create our daily reality, as well as genetic, cellular character traits in our souls. Samskaras account for what we call Karma, or Heredity, in the context of reincarnation. Samskaras are at the root of the Jiva's (Tiphareth) separating desire from Source, or


Repeated thought forms in Yoga are called mantras, and are invoked continuously to keep the mind focused on God, and to re-shape the Samskaras in more spiritual directions. There are mantras for every activity. Yoga mantras are in Sanskrit, a language whose every letter is tuned to the harmonies of the human mind/soul. Often, a mantra is given specifically to a student by the Guru, or teacher.

The planet appointed to this pathway is Saturn. Saturn's placement at birth influences the person's work in life, their obstacles, the challenges that will test them and build character. Saturn shows how a person will mature, and how they will learn to cope with adversity. Saturn teaches transformation, and initiation. Saturn's rewards are the sweetest, for they are the hardest won. Afflictions to Saturn can create inhibition, timidity, cruelty, violence, melancholy, a knack for trouble, bad work situations, abuse of power, or resentment. Saturn, and the earth signs it rules, are the arbiters of the highest initiation. Christ, Buddha, and the Virgin Mary are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, respectively, in our mythic systems. Initiation is earned, and only when the aspirant can use higher consciousness in the Real World is the initiation authentic. Saturn is associated with the "Ring Pass Not" - a term normally used when referring to the orb of energetic influence of a planet or body, and can also be applied to other forms of life. The ring-pass-not is the combination of the different energy sheaths that human or cosmic spirits gather around themselves.

"A profoundly mystical and suggestive term signifying the circle or bounds or frontiers within which is contained the consciousness of those who are still under the sway of the delusion of separateness -- and this applies whether the ring be large or small. It does not signify any one especial occasion or condition, but is a general term applicable to any state in which an entity, having reached a certain stage of evolutionary growth of the unfolding of consciousness, finds itself unable to pass into a still higher state because of some delusion under which the consciousness is laboring, be that delusion mental or spiritual." (From The Occult Glossary).

Saturn is the boundary between the inner or "personal" planets, and the outer, "impersonal" planets. The inner planets are about refining our responses; the outer planets are things beyond our conscious control. Saturn's connection to 'The World,' Key 21, and earthiness, is symbolic of its hard reality. The square and the cross are associated with matter; while we live on this earth, we are like spirits caught in amber, or nailed to a cross. Spirit, coping with material existence, is forced into transformation, and growth. Saturn's tests, when worked on sincerely, provide the sweetest rewards. Incremental progress, a Saturnian hallmark, is also an attribute of

What does each sphere give to the other to create the physical manifestation in full? When returning from full manifestation, when rising up through the pathworkings, what do we need to consider, what do we need to leave behind? Consider each aspect of each pathway as you work with them.

Now that we have studied the Tree itself in detail we can now move on to it's workings on the different planes of existence. There are four planes or worlds these are depicted in many different ways i.e. the suits of the Tarot and the four different colours of each sphere and pathway. Originally named in Hebrew these plans were given the following names:

Atziluth - the Archetypal World, Deity Force, the Tarot suit of Air. The Kings of the


Briah (Hebrew for giving shape) - the World of Creation, Archangel Force, the Tarot suit of Water. The Queens of the Tarot. Yetzirah (Hebrew for forming) - the World of Formation, Angelic Force, the Tarot suit of Fire. The Knights of the Tarot. Assiah (Hebrew for completing) - the World of Manifestation, Planetary or Elemental Force, the Tarot suit of Earth. The Pages of the Tarot.

Atziluth represents the creative urge or thoughts. It is the season of Winter, the season when the Sun is born. At this time of year we consider and plan what we intend to grow in the year to come. Key phrase: The seed is chosen. This can also be viewed as a direction is chosen.

Briah represents the creation of a concept or intuition. It is the season of Spring, the season when the Earth burst forth into life. We plant the seeds chosen in the Winter and tend them to growth. Key phrase: The seed is planted. This can also be viewed as the first step is taken and the journey begins.

Yetzirah represents the image or emotions. It is the season of Summer, the season when that which has been planted sprouts and grows. It's growth is not yet complete but we can now see the form it will take. Key phrase: That which was planted takes form. This can also be viewed as the journey continues.

Assiah represents the final manifestation or creation. It is the season of Autumn, the season in which the growth is completed and we may harvest that which we have planted and grown. The time to reap what we have sown. What was begun in the Winter is manifested in the Autumn and time has once again moved full circle. Key phrase: The seed is gathered. This can also be viewed as the destination is reached.

Malkuth Pantacle

Imagine if you will the four worlds as a conversation between the Deity Force, the Archangel Force, the Angelic Force and the Planetary Force. The Deity Force says "There should be a way to create a computer." The Archangel Force says "The best way to do that would be to have different bits that handle different jobs just like a body." The Angelic Force would produce the design for a computer. The Planetary

Force would build the computer.

When I first came across the fact that there was no Qabalah class here on Mystick Wicks I went through the whole four worlds before I got here. My first thought were its a shame there is so little about the Qabalah on Mystic Wicks. Then I thought we should have a class in the circle of teaching for the Qabalah. Then I posted an thread to see how much interest there might be in a Qabalah and now, well you all can see what the now is, we have our own classroom.

For a more in-depth look at the planes of the Qabalah you should read, Dion Fortunes "Mystical Qabalah" and W.G. Grays "Ladder of Lights".

As we have already covered the positions of the Tarot card on the Tree of life in both the spheres and the pathways and the worlds of the Tree, I don't want to say that everyone must go in to this too heavily unless they have an interest in the subject. I am also aware that not everyone is a Tarot geek like me, not everyone has an interest in this area of the occult. For this reason I will ask that those who have an interest in this field to take part in this. It does however expand our understanding of how the Four Worlds work so it may be of interest to others as well

Let us start by looking at the suits. In this case I will be using the traditional arrangement of Swords being Air, Wands being Fire, Cups being Water and Pentacles being Earth. Right away we can see how these link to the Four Worlds of the Tree.

Swords = Air = Atziluth Cups = Water = Briah Wands = Fire = Yetzirah Pentacles = Earth = Assiah.

Let us look at the suits sphere by sphere.

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