Malkuth The Tens

Signifies culmination. The idea now becomes part of the world at large, effecting friends, family and everyone it touches. The creative impulse of the aces is now firmly established on earth as manifested ideas in action. The world inherits your brainchild which is no longer your responsibility but part of the world at a whole.

Ten of Swords - Ruin. Signifies life and death decisions. Time for ruthless logic. The need for extreme daring and resolution. Confrontation of karmic debts. Thoughts when manifested are difficult to maintain.

Ten of Cups - Contentment. Signifies peace and happiness. Desires shared by others manifest in true happiness. The pleasures shared become pleasures doubled.

Ten of Wands - Burden. Signifies heavy responsibilities. The need to delegate, readjust power so the intuitive faculties can operate once again. Fire becomes fixed in this position and this brings heavy responsibility.

Ten of Pentacles - Wealth. Signifies the treasures of tradition. Inherited wealth built over time now comes to its final culmination. The true end game for a lifetime of work. Retierment from the field with a hefty pay off.

Now that we have covered the spheres we can once again pause to discover the full light of what we have learnt. Again look at how these cards are effected by the pathways between them and developed a deeper understanding of the worlds and the spheres.

In this section we will look at the way in which the Major Arcana is positioned on the

Tree of Life and discuss how each different card relates to the pathway. If we consider that the spheres represent events and the pathways represent ways to get too and through the events we begin to understand how the Tarot fits on the Tree. Thus the minor cards become events in ones life and the major cards show different means of dealing with them. When we also consider that each sphere has several different pathways leading to and from it we can begin to understand how different actions can lead to different chains of events.

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