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In magical working meditation is one of the most important tools for growth. Through meditation we learn to quiet the mind and tune into the energies we need to work with in magic. When entering into a magical life the subtal changes that need to take place within are often hard to see. The changes take place gradually and often we don't realize they are happening until later. It is important that we write down the results of our meditations if we are to get as much as possible from them. Through this record we can chart our growth especially in repeated meditations. It is wise to repeat our meditations frequently so that we can discover more from them.

There are different forms of meditation but here I am going to be taking you on a guided contemplation meditation using pictures to focus the mind upon. Using visualization I will ask you each to walk around the images I give you, view them from all angles, touch the image, smell it, taste it. Alow each train of thought to take you deep into the image and see where it leads you. If the images change watch and see what they become.

For this first section I am going to concentrate on the actual physical Earth but you may wish to use any of the images given to you in Malkuth's lesson. I will post each image in a single post giving you some loose directions to follow.

We begin in water as all life came from it. As you gaze upon this image flesh it out, make it move. This is the water of life how does it flow? Hear it, a sound first from within the water moving slowly out. Touch it, feel its force, feel its power, where can it take you? Taste it, fresh and cool against your tongue, swallow it feel it inside you. Now join with it, become part of it, be one with it.

We move to a quiet pond. The water moves slower, you move slower. There is rich lush vegetation within the water. Feel the grasses and rushes brushing against you. See the life that surrounds you. The water turns you slowly, supporting you, caressing you. Hear the soft gentle gurgling sounds of the water around you. Pull up slowly out of the water and look at it from above. You have been one with it now how does it look, sound, feel and taste?

We move out of the pond and pull back to view and take in the surroundings. You are above the pond now separate from the water that gave you life. See how the water joins with the earth. See how it feeds the earth. The trees and vegetation that surround the pond are lush and green. Hear the gentle sigh of the air in the leaves. Smell the fresh sweet air of the woodland. Touch the leaves upon the trees. Taste the fresh dew on the leaves. Become one with all the life that surrounds you.

We move away from the pond from which we came. We walk along a wooded pathway. The woodland is teeming with life. Listen, what can you hear? Breath in deeply, what can you smell and taste? Touching everything how does it feel? Sit down under one of the trees, lean your back against it, sink gently into it. Join with it feel the stronger pulse of life within it. Experience its ancient wisdom. Reach down into the earth with it drawing up the nutrients that feed and give life.

We follow the pathway out of the woodland into a wide open field. Lush green hills stretch out before us. The sky above us is stormy but the sun still shines upon the land. Step into this wide open country. Can you feel the heart beat of the earth? Can you hear the life around you softly breathing? Could you run for ever to that far off hill? Go now, vault that wall, run through the gap in the next one and keep on and on till you stand upon the top of that far distant hill. The earth sustains you, you can do anything. Stand on top of that hill spread your arms. Feel the air around you, let it lift you. You can fly.

We move up in the air, fly higher and higher. Move out into the darkness of space and look down on the mother Earth. See how the clouds swirl around her. Watch as she revolves slowly. Feel the power of your conception with her. She gave you life, she fed you, she nurtured you. Isn't she the most beautiful thing. She hangs in space before you like a new spark of life. Fly around her see her beauty from all angles. Let her call you back home to nurture and care for her once more.

Now slowly we move back down to earth. Float gently like the balloons. Feel the air talk you where it will. Feel the sun warm you. Hear the rush of the fires in the balloons. Gently now, slowly float lower, let the air sport you on her thermals. Where will you go today? What will you see? What will you experience now you are home?

Now gently we touch back down. We went all the way out into space and we looked upon the mother from so very far away. What do we feel for her now we are home? How is it different than when we went out there? Your are older now is it you or the earth which needs nurturing? Feel yourself being drawn down into the valley. Gently sinking down, down, down. Embrace the earth once more.

We come closer, closer to the mother. See the life that grows even on her rocky surface? Reach out touch the rock, feel it stable and reassuring. Run your fingers over in and then taste the minerals on your fingers. Smell the iron in the rock. Sink into her as you would return to her in death. Be awake and aware. She is calling you all the time calling you. Rejoin with me?

We become one with the earth. We meld, stretch out, we are minerals. Our consciousness is the crystal help in the earth. Bright, clear and vibrating with energy. The mother has given us life, she has set us free to walk the earth. We have walked, run, seen, touched, heard and tasted so much and now we have returned to her. We are everything and yet we are one. Step into the crystal ball. Visualize your view from with it. What must the earth see as she looks out at us?

Since I'm working purely on a self development bend that is hopefully going to help me get more in touch with my feelings I'm going to only write down the emotions the pictures here give me. This is probably going to take me quite a while in all and I will probably keep coming back to this and adding to it. For this particular phase of my development I am dealing with Malkuth as if I was a young child just learning about their emotions. So please feel free to let me know what you think of it as I go along. I'm going to give you a full explanation of my issues once I get to Hod but for now I'm just sticking to emotions.

As I look at the first picture I'm taken back to the last time I visited this waterfall. I wasn't there for myself I was there with a friend who needed a kick start out of a depression pool she was in. Instantly I find myself shielding my own emotions since I need to be working with hers not my own. This is the empaths curse, always putting ones own feelings to one side to help others with their own. I force myself to forget that and listen to myself for a change. In these images I am the only one here, I don't have to share myself with anyone. I can experience this all for myself. So I gaze upon the image and turn within myself. How did I feel this day? The sun was shining for what seems like the first day of the year. It was warm and the first buds of spring were swelling on the trees around me as I walked up to the waterfall. I was relaxed and comfortable in my lovely home land. As we got closer to the waterfall I could hear it before I could see it the roar of the water excited me. I hadn't been here since I was a child. Happy memories of the heatwave of 76 filled my mind and slowly my heart again. As we got closer I finally set eyes on the waterfall, it is the second longest in Britain and I must admit to feeling some level of pride that this spectacular place was part of my homeland and my heritage. I was filled with pride and love for my beautiful countryside. I can feel this emotion now filling my chest puffing it out, my eyes sparkling with delight. This is part of me I am part of this and it is beautiful. As I stand there in my pride my friend fills the beautiful silences with her empty words. I supress a feeling of resentment that rises angrily in me. This time I don't have to supress it this time I'm here for me. I let the resentment rise I feel it knot in my stomach as I coldly tell her to shut up and let me enjoy my moment in peace. The knot unravles as quick as it came and the tension leaves me once again. I turn once more and head towards my waterfall. As I get right up to it the excitment fills me once again, pictures of my childhood visits here fill my mind. Oh how happy I was, how young and carefree. A little 6 year old with pigtails and a yellow swim suit paddling amoungst the rocks in the cool fresh water. I scramble over the rocks to get closer to the waters egde dipping my hands into its cool clear depths. I cup my hands

and drink the cool sweet mountain water it freshens me with its touch lifting my spirits to new found heights. I want to get in but I have no towel, I want to get in but the waters so cold. I feel the yearning to feel the water surounding me it tugs at my heart strings but sadly I turn away. I'm not a carefree kid anymore who is blind to the dangers I'll catch hypothemia or something if I swim in the water at this time of year. I reluctantly climb back up the rocks and we walk over the bridge and right up to the waterfall. There is a wind here from the force of the water. I stand letting the enormity and power fill me making me feel so small and insignificant in its comparison. I am filled with a profound and deep awe for natures power. The noise of the waterfall is everywhere blocking the inane chatter out. I scramble once more down into the full bowl of the waterfall feeling the spray covering me, soaking me, baptising me once more. This water is so powerful it could crush me, it would sufocate me, knocking the wind right out of me and yet it calls me to join with it. Come swim in the icy waters of death and rebirth. This time as I turn away from the water I no longer feel that sadness. I feel invigorated and refreshed. I feel its power touching me it is within me. I am mostly the same as this it is me and I am it. It requires nothing from me yet gives me so much. I feel lighter and more relaxed. I am renewed. I throw a little of my herb bread into the bowl as I leave, a simple offering for what I have recived here. I turn and walk the path back giddy with happiness. I see so much that I missed on our way up here. My eyes are opened to the glory that surounds me and is part of me. I am alive, I am reborn.

Missing out the digital picture since it has no emotions for me in reality I move to the tree surounded lake. This was taken three years ago on the way home from a camping trip. There was me, a friend, my son and the dogs. We had driven half the way home and stopped off for a tea break and a leg stretch. It was the first day of rain after a steaming hot week of blistering sun. Everyone was tierd, dirty and looking forward to a nice long bath and a good sleep in a real bed. We got out and my son took one dog while I took the other and we walked up from the car park into a little wood. My son and my friend went their own way I went mine. We had spent a week in a large camping group and I think we all needed some personal space. I know I was craving it. The rain had stoped but the dampness hung in the air misting it. It was refreshing after the long hot week and the drive towards home. I remember how sillent it all was, like someone had thrown a damp blanket over everything muffling out any sound. I remember climbing to the brow of the hill and the trees parting to reveal this lake down beneath me. I was stopped in my tracks by the suprise I felt at it being there, hidden away from everything. There was no way to get down to the lake since it was in a quarry but for once I had no wish to jump in anyway. I felt a sense of magic within me. Like a child discovering their own secret garden. I remember sitting down on the wet grass not caring that the damp mist was soaking me to the skin, not caring that the wet grass was soaking through my jeans. The silence was like a soothing balm to me. No one around to disturb it. No vocalised or unvocalised needs from other bombarding me. This was true peace. I sat there for ages just letting the silence wrap around me and fill me. Slowly unravellling the tension of the holiday. All that week I had been assailed by other people's needs and other people's emotions and other people's requests and other people's demands. I was worn thin like too little butter on so much bread. This isn't how you're meant to feel after a holiday. You aren't meant to feel like you want the world to just go away and leave you alone. I feel that resentment rising within me again. That knot in my gut of anger. Why can't they all just leave me alone, why do they all need so much, why can't they just keep it inside, why do they have to project so much, why do I have to feel so much for them at the cost of my own feelings? These questions run through my mind as I look at this image again. I remember exactly how I felt at that moment. I wanted to turn away right there and then, take my friend and my son and the dogs home and just drive away and be alone. It was heartbreaking because I couldn't I had to go back to regular life. No more Diane time. Time once more to be the empath to go back and wear a different hat for everyone. I stand and walk away from my secret lake but I don't tell a soul about it. It's mine that one little lake hidden away from view, my lake of my emotions, my place alone.

I'm going to skip a few images again now since they have only mild emotions attatched to them and I don't feel they can help me much with the work I'm doing here. I'm going on to the picture after the balloons of the valley. Sychnant Pass this place is called 5 mins from my home heading East. This shot was taken three years ago on a hill walking trip before I actualy moved to the place I live now. What do I feel as I stand at the top of this pass? Fear! I'm on the edge of a cliff, the bottoms a long way away and I have vertigo. Not just your I can't move I'm terrified vertiog. I get the I can feel myself falling forwards vertigo. I can feel my body swaying as I stand at the edge of the cliff I have to keep looking out at the valley because if I look down I know I'm going to just topple forwards and I am going to fall for a long time before I hit the ground. Terrified I feel the very thought that for once I might not be in control of my emotions. This is an irational fear, I know I'm perfectly safe and I'm not going to fall but I'm scarred none the less. I'm so small so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Just a smut of dust in this great big world. I feel my heart raising pumping my blood around so fast I can hear it roaring in my ears. The wind is howling around me but I can't feel it since I'm locked in this prison of fear. No escape since the fear is with in me. Nothing to run from since its all within me. Do I fear death? No I don't so what is it I fear? I fear the enormity of it all and my insignificance within it all. I slowly back away from the edge but the fear is still within me. I am nothing. Taking my heart in my hands I step once more up to the edge and change to the image of the rocks. This is what is before me. I must look my fear in the face. Once again my heart is pounding in my ears and I can feel my body swaying wanting to topple forwards. I kneel down to feel more grounded and force myself to look down into that which I fear. Gods but the grounds so far away and all thows rocks to brake my body upon. What is it I fear now? Pain I can feel it its tangible. Everything thats hurt me in the past be it physical or mental it fills me overwhelms me. So I look once more into the face of my fear and I see it. A twisted, oily, black mess of pain, of suffering, of torment. Wow I never knew. Even as I stood on the edge and looked over, I never knew. My biggest fear is pain and it tangles inside me locking out everything else, blocking out every other emotion totally. I do feel, I feel every day, one emotion constantly blocking out everything else. Fear of insignificance fear of pain.

Ok thats it for now from me. A bit of an emotional roller coaster here but none the less and experience for me. I knew I needed to do some work with these images, I never realised this was what I was going to discover here. Argh this is all a bit scarry can I go back to my safe little bubble of logic please? No I can't can I since I must climb the Tree.

For extending the meditation upon a sphere it is possible to build an astral temple for the sphere and do your meditation from within it. Using the magical symbols of the spheres and some of the information given on the spheres it is possible to construct a temple within the mind. How real it becomes is up to you and your imagination and how long you work on building it. This is a way of going deeper into the meditation for you already begin the meditation in a medative state. It is also very useful for meditations on some of the spheres further up the Tree.

I will begin by giving you an example of the Yesod Astral Temple. This temple has nine sides and is made of quarzt. In the center you place a crescent shaped altar, draped in a violet cloth. Behind the alter place a pedestal on which to visualize the magical image you desire to meditate upon. The floor of the temple is like the night sky an ever changing mirade of blues, violets, lavenders and purples. The temple is roofless and the Moonlight streams down into it. You may place alters around the walls to chosen deities of this sphere which you may approach if you wish to contact any of them. The temple has four doors, arranged as in the picture shown below. Each doorway leads to one of the pathways from the sphere and are represented by the image of the pathways representing Tarot card. Above each doorway is the planetary symbol of the next sphere beyond it. The statues and altar trappings will seem elusive and indistinct and shapes and postures may alter as you watch them. This temple more than any other you may create is a temple of the mind and your imagination how vivid you make it is up to you. The doorways out of the temple are like thin flimsy veils of the conciousness that ripple and waver. To exit anyone of them you must use the power of your mind to make this door firmly visible. Suitable contemplations for this sphere would be divinatory arts, meditations on the Tarot or Runic poetry may be well enhanced in this temple.

I Iliu WuiM

Yesod Magical Exercise Part One

Build a astral temple of your own and meditate from within it.

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