Kether The Aces

Ace signifies initiating energies. The experience of the elemental quality of the Ace on a deeper level. This can manifest in an unformulated way as in the desire to create or bring about an idea in a concrete manner. For example, the desire to paint a picture, write a book or designe a garden. It often gives focus to a reading and can indicate where a creative blockage is occurring. It signifies a deeply desired change.

Ace of Swords - Air signifies a drive to mental creation, an idea which some how held back and needs to be given form. The route of the power of air, symbolises the force involved or brought into being by mankind. It represents justice, upholding divine laws and refers to the wrath, punishment and affliction of transgression against these laws. It signifies both union and enemies.

Ace of Cups - Water signifies a strong desire to emotional expression or creativity possible due to a period of repression of emotions. The route of the power of water symbolises the eternal mother principle. It represents fertility, beauty, happiness and productiveness. It is a good omen in general.

Aces of Wands - Fire signifies a strong desire to give birth to a new creative venture, to begin a new enterprise. The route of the power of fire which has dominion over enterprise. It stands for changes and movement.

Aces of Pentacles - Earth signifies a need for physical expression, to be materially driven or to give structure to something which has until then been but a dream. The route of the power of earth has dominion over mundane matters of all kinds. It stands for materialism, gains, work, wealth and power.

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