Judgment The Aeon Key Pathway

This is the twenty first card in the deck given the key of twenty. The sixties ushered forth a revolution which influenced that which followed it tremendously. Like a butterfly effect its ripples continued on long after it's time was up. The apocalypse of Vietnam heralded a new world order of enlightenment. Not so the cataclysmic end of days but rather a time of revelation. From here on in man's knowledge doubled and tripled and kept on growing. The first man in space, the first computers as we know them today, the list of technological developments go on and on, with each advancement we come closer to the immaterial world, the world of spirit over matter. The world wide web a thing of binary codes made up of nought but numbers 1's and 0's roll out in sequences creating artificial intelligence and a new consciousness is born from out the ashes of the apocalypse. As we today send messages across the globe on Vertual's silken web would we not seem to man long past as magus of great power? Would we not seem to those who walk the path of history as gods? The number 20 is symbolic of duality on a higher plane. It symbolises the readiness of the soul to transcend the earthly plane and step into the immaterial and the virtual realm.

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