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Down the ages there have been many different ideas regarding these beings and it can be a confusing mine field to work through. However, most ideas fall into one of two categories when we whittle them down. There are those who believe the Holy Guardian Angel, hence forth known as HGA, to be a totally external being. They believe it is an entity totally separate from the person which chooses to watch over someone's spiritual well being. Also in this category are the HGA's again separate in origin who are bound by part life or karma to watch over someone's spirituality. Crowley and others like him however believed the HGA was the "Silent Self", representative of one's truest divine nature. Even though the HGA is, in a sense, the "higher self', it is often experienced as a separate being, independent from the person relating to it. In systems of magic such as Thelema, the single most important goal is to consciously connect with one's HGA, a process termed "Knowledge and Conversation." By doing so, the magician becomes fully aware of his own True Will


Originally Posted by Crowley . It should never be forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the Magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Once he has achieved this he must of course be left entirely in the hands of that Angel, who can be invariably and inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further great step-crossing of the Abyss and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple. (Magick Without Tears, Ch.83) However Crowley did not always believe the HGA to be the higher self. In his seventies, when composing Magick Without Tears, he presents a completely different and opposed view. According to this definition, the HGA is not one's 'self1, but an independent and discrete being, who may have been a human like oneself at one stage.

Still further confusing Peter Carroll split the concept in two and speaks of two "Holy Guardian Angels". According to him, one is the Augoeides, a projected image of whatever the magician strives for, and the other is quantum uncertainty, which he says ultimately determines the acts of the magician and is a spark of the only true creative force, chaos, much as previous concepts have spoken of the Guardian angel as a spark of divinity.

Given that not even history's greats in the magic field could agree on the true nature of HGA's I think it's safe to say the responsibility falls to the would be magus himself to find what best relates to him and go with it. Personally I like the higher self option best since I find it much easier to relate to the divine within myself than a separate and distant divinity which may choose to watch over me, or may not if I don't pay it enough attention. In this section of your magical training I hand the quandary over to you and ask you to seek out your own versions of the HGA. Below you will find a link to Crowley's method of contacting his own HGA, I would ask you to seek out other methods and then return with your own versions and who knows maybe even your own visions of your own HGA's.


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