Hod The Eights

Signifies organization. After the expansive expression of the sevens it is time to pull back ones horns and reassess the situation. This necessary retreat is valuable to re establish ones priorities.

Bondage Complete Restriction Movement

Eight of Swords - Restriction. Signifies thoughts in bondage. It is time to cast off outworn thought patterns. The thoughts have too much structure and can not go much further in this state.

Eight of Cups - Seeking. Signifies a time of re-evaluation. Time to view emotions from a more universal standing point. After the over expansion of the seven we must now take a step back and look at things once again in the bigger picture.

Eight of Wands - Swiftness. Signifies momentum. This brings speedy movement which can be both a blessing and a curse in a venture. A time of often prophetic insight.

Eight of Pentacles - Learning. Signifies methodical work. A time of detailed preparation, patient application is called for here in order that better results and returns can be expected in the future.

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You Can Heal Yourself

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