Examples of Self Dedication Rituals

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I'm going to give you a very quick idea of the astral temple in this section and then just give you some pictures to play with. I'm not going to create a journey work for you in this one since I want you to create your own workings here. That is all I'm going to ask of you regarding meditation on this sphere.

The assignment for this sphere will be a little different from the past ones. I will only ask you to post the meditation part of this assingment here but the rest I want you to Pm to me directly, as this is going to be quite personal. As an extension of the pictorial image meditation I want you to look within yourself, I mean really delve deep here. Look at the vice, virtue, illusion and obligation of this sphere. The vice is falsehood and dishonesty, sometimes the hardest person to be honest with is ourselves, and I ask you to question yourself about the ways in which you lie to yourself. Attempt to get as close to the honesty and truthfulness that is demanded from this sphere. What illusions do we deceive ourselves with and what lessons do we really need to learn if we are to transcend this form and move forward in our magical lives. This whole sphere is a key to moving forward in our magical development, if we cannot be honest with ourselves at this point we cannot expect our magical lives to go much further than an illusion. So I ask you to really look deep inside find your weaknesses and be totally honest with yourselves. Write it all down and PM it to me with some ideas about how you intend to over come these weaknesses. This is a key assingment that must be completed by everyone if you wish to carry on with this class. It's not an easy thing I ask of you but it will open up a whole lot for you. Magic demands that we have total mastery and understanding of ourselves this is the way we can achive that. Good luck and best wishes to those of you willing to take up this challenge and I thank you all now in advance for the trust and truths you will reveal to me.

The Health Zen

The Health Zen

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