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Magical Image: A young woman crowned and throned. Name of Power: Adoni (Adonath) ha Aretz (Lord/Lady of Earth), Adonai Malekh

(Lord King). Archangel: Sandolphon Angels: Kerubim, the Strong. Planetary Attribution: Earth, the planet. Virtue: Discrimination. Vice: Inertia.

Titles: The Gate, Kallah, The Bride, The Gate of Death, The Inferior Mother, The Gate of Justice, Malkah, The Queen, The Gate of Tears. Spiritual Experience: Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel. Deity Colour: Yellow Archangel Colour: Ochre, Russet, Olive, Black. Angel Colour: Ochre, Russet, Olive, Black flecked with gold. Planetary Colour: Black, rayed with yellow. Symbols: Alter of the Double Cube, The Triangle of Art, The equal-armed cross, The magic circle.

Deities: Earth and grain deities: Pan, Ceres, Demeter, Geb, Marduk, Nisaba, Mati-Syra-Zemba, Yorillo, Pellevvinen, Prithvi, Tekketskerkok, Nokomis, Ethinoha, Onathe, Chicomecoatl, Niamh, Cernunnos, Myrddin. Precious Stone: Rock crystal. Plant: Willow, lily, ivy. Perfume: Dittany of Crete. Illusion: Materialism. Obligation: Discipline. Briatic Correspondence: Stability. Tarot Suit Number: The Tens.

Kabbala Correspondences

Malkuth is truly a very difficult sphere to discuss because it has a multi-dimensional form. To some it is the bottom of the Tree to others it is the top. I say it is both but to understand my take on this you have to understand my take on the 4th dimension. Before we go babbling too much about that let us look more deeply into Malkuth. We need only at this stage understand the words "As above so below" to recognise that Malkuth is but a reflection of Kether and so is both bottom and top. Both of the spheres reflect each other in many ways. The magical image in Kether is a king in Malkuth it is a queen. Kether is totally positive while Malkuth is all feminine and receptive. However when we work our way back up the Tree Malkuth is our start point so is like Kether just positive and Kether becomes the receptive. These two points are much the same for many reasons I'm sure as you all begin to study it you will understand it better.

Kabbalah Tree Death

Malkuths title if the Great Death can be a confusing one for when we enter Malkuth we are born. However when we leave it the body dies and our physical form cease. Before entrance to Malkuth we are not bound by physical being and at birth we leave behind all that we knew of that non physical being. We start again our minds apparently bare of knowledge. All we encounter in Malkuth is new too us we can remember nothing of our lives before. Would this also not be so far removed from a form of death? To pass through this gate is to experience both death and birth. At the death of the body we rejoin with the Great Self, we recover the lost memories so death of the physical form becomes birth into a new found formlessness.

The angels that find their place here are the Kerubim. The story in the Old Testament that tells of a kerub bearing a fiery sword preventing Adam and Eve from entering the gate that lead back into Eden is a good example of why the Kerubims are placed here. The fact that Malkuth has so many names that refer to "the gate" links these two together quite well. When looking at the vice of Malkuth consider the fact that an object at rest often stays at rest in this way we begin to understand the vice of inertia. It is often a very difficult step to take out of Malkuth as a spiritual student. We may be inclined to see it reluctantly knowing we must go a long way into the darkness before we find the light at the end of the tunnel. This also in its way explains the illusion of this sphere. Materialism can be as much an illusion as it is a solid item.

Those who begin a spiritual path often feel that if they have the correct tools and the correct books, and the correct robes will make it work out right for them. Much energy is often invested into collecting these things and this can make it easy to ignore the fact that you aren't actually going anywhere with anything at this point. "I can't work magic I have no candles" this is a common enough excuse. What we must remember that all these things are but fetters and that if we attune our minds enough we can leave the need for such fetters behind. This is where the obligation of this sphere comes into practice. Discipline is needed to break the inertia which keeps us from moving on. Once you see the vision of the Holy Guardian Angel you will know you must go forward. The Holy Guardian Angel is the light of your Inner Self, your Great Self that of which you, in your present persona is part of. This is possibly the bright being of radiant love that has been seen by so many people who have been clinically dead and returned to life. To touch this is when you learn of all your past lives, all your past lessons learned or unlearned, your trials and success and failure. The vision teaches us that there is more than the personality in which we are currently manifest in. Reincarnation is a classic example of this. The now is not all that there is, it is not your only life, you have had and will have others. With full knowledge of this comes the understanding that there must be reason for many lives and that eventually the knowledge of that reason must be growth. We all know that growth can be difficult and even sometimes painful in the physical form but imagine what growth of the spirit is like. How does pain encourage the growth of the spirit? All of us will grow and rejoin the Source it cannot be avoided with deliberate work we can shorten the growing time and make the journey a shorter and more arduous path. Once we make that decision to take the first step we cannot turn back but it takes effort and determination to make the first step. No matter how much we know that the pain to come will only make us grow most of us would try to avoid that which causes us discomfort. Often after we begin since we cannot turn back we slow down trying to avoid the pain that may come in the future. It is also possible to get lost in the mass of problems that seem to come one after another in life. We take a step and then another problem arises we take another step and another problem arises. When we search and choose the right path the virtue of Malkuth comes to us for we have discrimination.

So now we have covered all the spheres what does Malkuth the Kingdom stand as Gateway too, where will you go from here? Play with the attributions, bring in your own build your own map, your own Tree with the things that mean the most to you, next is the pathways on the Tree and with these we learn how to use our knowledge.

It is very difficult to fully discuss at length the pathways on the Tree of Life in this format. In my last class we only very briefly touched upon the pathways and I did not feel it did them any justice. This time I would like us to take more time looking at them because I feel they are of great help when understanding the Tree to the full. In total there are 22 pathways which join the spheres to each other. The pathways themselves are numbered 11 through to 32 because the spheres themselves are considered pathways in their own right and have already been numbered 1 to 10. Each pathway signifies the transition from one sphere to another. If we consider the spheres as states of being the pathways can be considered ways of becoming. Each pathway has it's own set of corespondences. To begin to understand the pathways we must first have a good grasp on the spheres in order that we can come to understand the transition between them.

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