Chesed The Fours

Four signifies the first attempts at manifestation of ideas. Like all try out phases something positive is always gained in terms of experience, whether the attempt is wholly successful or not. One is administering ones concept and taking responsibility for it for the first time.

Chesed Cabala

Four of Swords - Recuperation. Signifies a return once more to the pillar of force. The idea can now formulate its potential. It is a empery moment of peace found only when the force of the swords intellect is in a position of force upon the Tree. A moment of clarity and an opportunity to reflected on your thoughts.

Four of Cups - Boredom. Signifies a difficult time for the emotions. When too much time is spent in preparation we can become lost and disillusioned with things. We must take care not too loose sight of the joy we experienced in the beginning. If we look too hard for love we may forget how to enjoy it when it comes to us.

Four of Wands - Prosperity. Signifies a time of growth. The enterprise finally begins to take off and give some returns. It is still early stages but the first pay offs from a venture are often experienced at this stage. It is often a time of celebration, like your first pay cheque.

Four of Coins - Possessions. Signifies the first financial gain from the physical work of the earth cards. There can be a danger of possessiveness and greed with this first windfall but we are encouraged to remember to be generous and speculate in order to accumulate.

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