The Illuminati Purpose And Plan For World Takeover

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The Conspiracy for world takeover, as we previously saw, is as old as man himself. The Illuminati, in recent history, has twice tried to control the world—in Napoleon's day and during World War I.

Only about 5000 people in the entire world know the true purpose of the Illuminati and its conspiracy to rule the earth. Their plan was written down in code, as a fictional novel, in 1957.

In the mid-1950's Philippe Rothschild ordered one of his mistresses, Ayn Rand, an established authoress and philosopher, to undertake the writing of this code to the witches of the world. This novel, Atlas Shrugged, was never intended to be a best seller, although it turned out to be one.

The main characters of Atlas Shrugged are code names for individuals or companies. The code is as follows: John Galt—Philippe Rothschild Dagny Taggart—Ayn Rand Dagny's brother—The combined Railroad Systems John Wyatt—David Rockefeller Hank Rearden—U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel, etc. Francisco D'Antonio—Combined Copper Mines The Pirate—Sea piracy now occurring Galt, D'Antonio, and the Pirate—Rothschild Tribunal The Tribunal in the book went around convincing certain major corporation presidents of their philosophy and plan, getting them to bankrupt their own businesses. The owners of these companies would then vanish and leave with either Galt of D'Antonio to a retreat area in the Colorado mountain regions. "Colorado" is the code name for the "Bermuda Triangle," the place where the key figures of the Illuminati will be when the world crashes.

As these corporations were bankrupting themselves, the Tribunal was setting off riots, plane and train wrecks, grain bin explosions, inflation, a stock market crash by means of the gold price, and other ways of causing more panic and more governmental controls.

There are six areas of society in which the Illuminati intends to rule:

On August 1, 1972 Philippe Rothschild sent some papers to a meeting of the Council of 13 by State courier to San Antonio, Texas. Besides the usual pay-off notes and progress reports, the papers included a projected takeover plan. It read as follows:

1) Remove the President and Vice-President (this was Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford).

2) Republican Successor (Ford) throws election to Democratic (This was Jimmy Carter).

3) Democratic President gets following laws enacted:

a) Federal gun law taking weapons away from citizens.

b) Removal of tax exemption from churches. (This is House Bill 41 which states that a church, once newly registered, must have a membership of at least 500 and be a member of the World Council of Churches in order to remain recognized by the Government.)

c) Genocide Act—Making it a crime equal to murder to convert a person from one religion or faith to an-other.

d) Presidential Martial Law Act—This allows the President in time of "National Emergency" to suspend the Constitution, Congress, and the economic system. The President, in essence, becomes the dictator of America. (This law has been passed,)

e) Anti-Hoarding Act—This makes it a felony to have more than 30 days food supply of food, fuel or medicine stored up at one time. (This has also been passed.)

f) Anti-Business Acts

1) Religious

2) Political

3) Economic

Educational Military Social

•Equalization of Opportunity Act—A major company of one field must help any individual start another company in the same field of business, at the expense of the first company.

•Fair Share Law—One company cannot produce or sell more of a product than any other company producing the same product.

•Directive #10-289—No quitting, hiring, firing, or wage increases of employees; No selling, buying, or moving of a business; No new inventions allowed, during a crisis.

President Carter was able to get some of these laws enacted before leaving office.

World War III—Caused by Israel battling over petroleum, farmlands, and chemicals.

Plans for America: Make every person totally dependent on the government by:

1) Creating a pseudo-fuel shortage and food shortage

2) Confiscate all guns

3) Calling for "Helter Skelter" (All trucks, trains, planes and ships, except Military, will stop.

An army of some 200,000 white prisoners and motorcycle gang members will create mass insanity in the streets by bombing church buildings, raping, murdering, and other fear tactics.) "It will be when the lights of New York City go out for the last time." —Rothschild Tribunal

4) Declaring Martial Law. Activate the National Guard to keep order, after the public cries out for any kind of help. There will be one policeman to every 5 people. Once this "National Emergency" is declared, it will never be cancelled. (Martial Law was activated only partially by Jimmy Carter in Nov. 1979 upon the Iranian / Hostage Crisis.)

All countries except America will be sent against Israel for oil. The use of neutron bombs allows destruction of people while leaving all buildings, natural resources, and cropland in-tact. When the war is over, the world is to be ruled from Jerusalem.

In addition:

•90% or the population of the US supposedly is to die in the 1st half hour of WW III.

•3000 missiles are to hit the US within the first hour.

•Most industrial cities are to be destroyed.

•Russian missiles placed in major U.S. Lakes and Rivers (up to ten Nuclear Warheads/Missile); put there with American Government knowledge and approval.

To date, approximately 90% of the Conspiracy plan has been fulfilled on schedule. Depending upon the foreknowledge and plan of God, to see if the Illuminati plans align with the order of steps toward the Beast Political/Religious System of Revelation, chapters 13, 17 and 18 remains in the Lord's hands. However the process occurs, and regardless of the order and time of man, it is still certain "that in the last days perilous times shall come" (2 Timothy 3:1).

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