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Unless one sees the ties of the World Conspiracy of the Illuminati to the Demonic Kingdom of the Occult, the power and depth of this Order will never be truly known. It is, therefore, necessary to give a basic understanding of the beliefs of Witchcraft and the Occult.

We have previously given the occult history of Nimrod and his generation. Throughout the years, however, many countries have known Nimrod under other names, such as Baal, Osiris, Horus, Jupiter, Centaur, and Bacchus, among others. Semiramis has been known as Ashtarte, Isis, Cybele, Irene, Diane, Ishtar, Venus, etc. Witchcraft has always been a many-god system.

During the Dark Ages, the most evil people living were the Druid Priests (known as "Men of Oak"). They demanded human blood sacrifices. Male slaves or Roman soldiers would be burned alive in cages over barren, solid ground. The Druids would call for Elfin (fire-god) out of the earth to consume the victims. In the background the Druid musical beat could always be heard. Their big night was Halloween. In the occult, it is called, "Samhain"—October 31st. On Halloween the Druids and their followers went from castle to castle and from serf to serf playing "trick or treat." The treat from the castle demanded by the Druids would be a princess or some woman for human sacrifice. If the "treat" pleased the Druids, they would leave a "Jack O'Lantern" with a lighted candle made from human fat to protect those inside from being killed by demons that night. When the demands of the Druids couldn't be met, then a Hex (Hexagram) was drawn on the front door. This was the "trick." That night Satan or his demons would kill someone in that house through fear.

The spellbinding beat of the Druid music filled the night as the ceremony began. The man assaulted the victim and then brutally sacrificed her to the god of the dead, the Horned-Hunter Kernos (Nimrod), the Oak god of the Underworld. Stonehenge, in England, was the Temple site for many of the occult murders. (Occult killings still take place in the U.S. every Halloween.) Stonehenge is still the Occult's major symbol. Human sacrifice is done throughout the country eight times/year, during their Black Sabbaths. Disembowelment and mutilation always occur.

The Picts, under the control of the Druids, were the toughest fighting force the Roman soldiers every faced. One Pict would deliberately jump on a Roman spear, to let the Pict behind him kill the Roman soldier.

Around 98-180 A.D., the Druid religion was outlawed and went underground, to remain secretly active even till this day. This Druid system is the crux of the Occult-Illuminati.

Witchcraft belief is that the Mortals (Man ) descended from apes and that witches came from the Son of the Creator of the gods-system, who brought them to earth in flying saucers.

These witches were "little people"—elves, nymphs, leprechauns, etc. As they had sex with the mortal men, their offspring then grew to normal size.

This "Son of the Creator," they believe, is Lucifer, who is also Adam. Eve, the Mother of Creation, was his wife.

Witches believe that Adam is alive today, and that Abaddon (Revelation 9:11) is Jesus Christ.

In the 1600's Francis Collins brought witchcraft to America. (An example of history cover-up, in fact, involves the Collins family. The infamous Salem witch-trials were in reality trials on Christians by Collins-paid preachers and Judges. Only one nonChristian, a prostitute, was ever sentenced as a witch.) Witches also believe that in the 1700's the gods began to dwell in the Rothschilds. Philippe Rothschild's daughter, in fact, is believed to have Semiramis' spirit.

The basis of witchcraft is Astrology. All witches have the knowledge of astrology. Astrology's foundational belief is that a person's personality is fixed by the position of the stars, planets, etc. at the time of birth, and that this personality cannot be changed.

Besides astrology witches are usually experienced with hypnotism (enchanting), fortunetelling, and the Ouija Board.

Hypnotism is endorsed by well-known "Charismatics" such as Ruth Carter Stapleton and Walter Martin. Fortune-telling Tarot Cards gave way to the Modern Playing Cards. The symbols were changed during the Inquisition when Tarot Cards were illegal. (This is why Las Vegas is so big.) Witches personally do not trust the Ouija Board—they use the Pendulum. Ouija boards are for the curious onlookers, in order to get them hooked to the occult. (Incidentally, all witchcraft is only about 90% accurate at best.)

Three things in Witchcraft are considered powerful— herbs, astrology, and jewelry (amulets and talismans).

Orgies, drugs and blood sacrifices of children are basics in Witchcraft worship. The modern emphasis on sex, "free love," etc. is the outgrowth and outreach for the orgy influence in the occult. The same is true for the rise of drug use in recent years among kids and young people. 95% of kids inducted into witchcraft is done by public school teachers, through the use of sex and drugs. What people don't realize, however, is that drug use is Sorcery. The Greek word for Sorcery in the Bible (Revelation 9:21; 18:8; 22:15) is PHARMAKEIA (our "pharmacy" is derived from this), which means "enchanting with drugs." Many young people who tried to be Christians also delve into the occult because there seems to be "power" in witchcraft, whereas there was no power or anything to fulfill them in the Church System.

There are also no emotions or family ties in witchcraft. This is why, in the occult, there is a lot of incest, child sacrifices, orgies, wife-swapping, and coldness or hardness of heart. This is also why suicide in witchcraft is so high, with death taught as intriguing.

Initiation rites into witchcraft are the same as the first-level Masonic initiation rites, with the addition of the cutting of the wrist. Every initiate takes a vow of secrecy. The Priest's hand is dipped in salt water and the person is sprinkled, thus being "born again" (same as Catholics and Lutherans). Girls become prostitutes for six months (as in the pagan temples, where the prostitutes of a town were really either young initiates or Occult Priestesses soliciting for recruits into Witchcraft.) There is also an altar in the witchcraft church which is identical to a Catholic Church altar. (Confessionals of the Catholic Church began with Semiramis' Priests. People who desired to be witches had to tell everything they did, thus giving the priest a "hold" on the person.)

Lower levels of witchcraft are taught the "gods system"— Diana, Jupiter, Venus, etc. This is the basic difference between Witchcraft and Satanism. Whereas witches are polytheistic, believing in many gods, Satanists are monotheistic, believing only in Satan as God, and seeing him as both good and evil. Upper levels are taught the true belief of "Lucifer" and that the Rothschilds are lesser gods in bodies. This Luciferian system sees Lucifer as the good god and Yahweh, the Christian God, as the evil god, with Jesus Christ as the impostor, posing as Lucifer.

Within Witchcraft itself, there are two main groups— White Magic and Black Magic. White Witchcraft believes in receiving its power from "Cosmic Consciousness" (TM, Yoga, etc.) and using it peaceably with no anger or hatred, but being passive. It is a tool for knowledge and instruction to them. Their powers are supposedly for the good of all Mankind (an example of this is TV's "Bewitched").

Black witchcraft, however, believes "force" is the answer. By "concentrating all energy from creation" to themselves, they use their power for self and believe this will ultimately allow them to rule the world. Through anger and hate, they teach to surrender of die. (Example: "Star Wars'" Darth Vader).

Interesting that Jesus said in Matthew 12:25 and 26, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand; And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself, how then shall his Kingdom Stand?" IT CAN'T! ! ! Witchcraft will destroy each other almost as much as the Sons of God destroying it!

Witchcraft priesthood training begins at age 13. A fast and intensive training, this period is known as the "Outer Court." Priests of witchcraft must have at least three generations of practicing witches in their family, before being eligible (unless sponsored.)

May 1st is the most famous day in witchcraft. This is the birthday of Baltane, a witchcraft god (known as Pan or Lucifer). This is also the birthday of American Illuminism and of Communism.

Witches consider Solomon the greatest wizard, or male witch, of all time. (1 Kings 11) Solomon is said to have written the KABBALAH, THE LESSER KEYS OF SOLOMON, and THE MAJOR KEYS OF SOLOMON. Merlin the Magician is the #1 leader of Occult power.

Reincarnation is a basic belief in witchcraft. The state of existence from one life to another is known as "Night Wind." Catholics call it Purgatory. Through a process of purging a witch can then hope to come back as a more powerful, ruling witch in the next life.

The major books of the Occult include:

1) The KABBALAH, known as the Sixth Book of Moses. Reportedly written by Solomon, this book is based on Numerology. (9 is the most powerful number in the Occult.);





All of these books tell how to control demons and cast spells for personal gain and glory, and give the beliefs and history of witchcraft. (J.R.R. Tolkien's books, in fact, are not his own works but are exact copies of the Creation section of the BOOK OF SHADOWS, which is based on the NECROMONICRON, and occult Bible older than the Flood.)

Witchcraft is also a very "Scientific" craft. "Telekenesis" is spellcasting; "Parapsychology" is telepathy, divination and mind-over-matter control. Albert Einstein's E = MC2 , in fact, is an Occult equation for power.

The goal of witchcraft is to place the "Son of Lucifer" on the throne, so witches can rule the world. A witchcraft prophecy states, "When the Son of Lucifer is on the throne, the witches will have peace forever mone (more)." Because witches and the Illuminati hate Christians and what they consider to be

"Christian Churches," they see Christians as their greatest threat. This is why Christian Infiltration and Elimination is Top Priority for the Illuminati. However, Deuteronomy chapter 13 and 18:9-14, along with Exodus 22:18, reveals that witches, idolaters, the diviner, enchanter, medium, wizard, and necromancer shall be put to death.

Though the ties of the Illuminati and Witchcraft are much deeper than the above, it is hoped that a basic understanding has been given. One cannot separate Illuminism from the Occult, for they go hand in hand.

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