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(As of Spring, 78) GAVIN FROST— Modernist, chairman of the Council. Author of "Witches' Bible," heads move to unite Witchcraft and Christianity. He feels that if witchcraft is properly presented, people would choose witchcraft. Greenville, N.C.

DR. RAYMOND BUCKLAND—"Lorka." Traditionalist; former chairman of the Council until modernists gained control. He was previously professor of anthropology at Columbia University. Author of "Practical Candle-Burning;" Witchcraft From the Inside," and "Sax-Wicca Bible." President of witchcraft college in New Hampshire. He was personally appointed chairman of Grand Druid Council by the previous chairman, Gerald Gardner. MRS. LOUISE BROWN—Modernist; wife of Leland Brown, who was formerly with the CIA and in charge of the Warhawk computer in Virginia. He was in a fire fight in a closed room and had his ear drums burst. As a result he is retired from the CIA, but still has access to the Warhawk computer. Mrs. Brown is actually the most powerful person on the council, with Gavin Frost serving only as a front in the position of chairman. ISAAC BONNAWITZ—Modernist; graduated from Berkeley University with a degree in Ceremonial Magic. His IQ tested 205. He is the brain of the Illuminati. He drew up the world takeover plan. He is in charge of Physical and lawful destruction of churches and Christians. He ghost-wrote House Bill 41, the Genocide Act, and the Martial Law Act. He put together Dee's Gun Control Center in Atlanta, Ga. He created through the ACLU, the Aquarian Anti-Defamation League in St. Paul which sues Christians and churches across America for defaming witches. He now approves all bounty contract killings. Former editor of the paper "Nostika" (The Word), published by Lewwellyn Publishers. Lives in Berkeley, Calif.

"LADY ROLWIN"—Traditionalist, former wife of Dr. Buckland, now remarried. Lives in NYC.

SYBIL LEEK—Traditionalist; astrologer, author. Works include "Diary of a Witch" (1968, 72), "Sybil Leek Book of Fortune Telling" ('69), "How to be Your Own Astrologer" (70), "Guide to Telepathy" (71), "Phrenology" (71), "Complete Art of Witchcraft" (71), "Pictorial Encyclopedia of Astrology" (71), "Astrological Guide to the Presidential Candidates," and at least 3 more. She is the most widely read occult author in the world.

TOM HALL-Modernist; lives in St. Louis. Editor of "The Green Egg." He is the leader of the Brotherhood Church of All Worlds. This is a denomination in witchcraft that believes only in a god and no goddess. He persuaded the Methodist Church to accept psychic powers.

JESSE BELL-"Lady Sheba" Traditionalist; Along with other occult personnel, she owns 90% of Merritt Island, Fl., where she lives. Author of the "Book of Shadows" (not the true witchcraft Bible, but a decoy) and "Gromorie of Lady Sheba."

LOUISE HUBNER—Traditionalist who poses as a Modernist. Lives in Los Angeles in the Eagle Rock area. She wrote a nationally syndicated astrology column in the U.S. Wrote the book, "Power Through Witchcraft." She conducted an occult rite in Hollywood Bowl in which she cast a sexual spell over all Los Angeles County. Immediately rape and related activity began to climb. This is a matter of public record.

PAUL HUSON—Traditionalist; apprenticed under Dr. Buckland. Hand-picked by the Rothschilds. Druid witch. Has written several witchcraft books. Leans toward Satanism. Says the only initiation required is saying the Lord's Prayer backwards three times.

BOB LEWWELLYN—Traditionalist; St. Paul, Minn. Owner of Lewwellyn Publishers, the largest publishers of occult literature in the U.S.

"ALEXANDER"—Traditionalist; NYC

YVONNE COLLINS—"Legena" (means "Lucifer's Bride"), Traditionalist; Lynchburg, Va, Replaced John Todd on the Grand Druid Council. She grew up in Lynchburg and attended the Thomas Road Baptist Church pastored by Dr. Jerry Falwell. She was alienated from Dr. Falwell when her parents lied to her in saying that Dr. Falwell had given certain advice with what to do about her illegitimate pregnancy. She is the one who prompted the Security and Exchange Commission investigation of Thomas Road Baptist Church which created severe financial troubles there. She is still in control of political activity.

* A candidate for the council is Mr. Christopher Tolkien— Traditionalist who lives in England. He is the son of J.R.R. Tolkien who wrote "Hobbitt," "Simarillion," and "Trilogy.'' These are the Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus of the "Book of Shadows," the witchcraft Bible.

* Traditionalist—One who believes that true witches must be born from a family of witches.

* Modernist—One who believes that anyone can become a witch by training and practice.

Grand Druid Council

Financial Power Of The llluminati

The power of the llluminati is MONEY. Through the control of money, the economy, trade and business, the llluminati can control the world.

The head of this Financial Sphinx, of course, is the Rothschilds (the 5 rather than only 3). The European bankers control all the major banks of the world.

The "500" would include the Rockefellers, DuPonts and Kennedys as the top three families in America, along with Onassis, Ford, and Roosevelt, among others.

From these come the various European banks, the World Bank (Robert McNamara, President), Chase-Manhattan Bank (owned by Rockefeller), First National (owned by Kennedy), and the Federal Reserve System (a stockholder-owned bank, not a Government agency, created December, 1913, which determines the money system, the gold price, the stock market, etc.— all at the bidding of private individuals).

Next is the World Common Market, which determines the trade value for the world.

Below these are the various major corporations of America. These corporations, which will bankrupt themselves later, will aid in crushing the economy and the life styles of every government-dependent person in America.

On the following pages can be seen the progression of how the American government has changed the value of the dollar by decreasing its reserve backing. In order to pay off debts, the American government borrows money from the Federal Reserve System which prints its own money (an illegal act according to the Constitution, which states that only Congress can issue money). The "Fed" charges high interest to the government while being backed by Savings Bonds. The American government's debt is so large that the taxes of the people cannot pay even the interest of the Fed, much less the principal. In exchange for this, the International Bankers are given the right to have members of its choice in high governmental positions.

If Congress would do away with the Federal Reserve System and print its own money, backed with its own power of supply, the American debt would soon vanish, the illegal tax-system would vanish, inflation would cease, and the American economy would again be stable.

This, however is not the Illuminati plan for America, nor for the world.


Illustration goes here?

Illustration goes here?

The Back Dollar Bill What Means

On the back of our one dollar bill, on the left-hand side, can be seen the "Reverse Seal" of the United States. The U.S. has, however, never sealed anything with this "Seal" nor ever intends to. The Seal is in reality a secret code.

Created by Adam Weishaupt, this seal was first put on the dollar bill in 1933 by F.D.R.

With the Rothschild Tribunal Capstone and the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer, the pyramid is the formation of all Illuminati Organization.

NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM means "New World Order" or One World Government.

ANNUIT COEPTIS means "Our enterprise (conspiracy) has been crowned with success."

The 1776 in Roman numerals means May 1, 1776 (the Birthday of American Iluminism), not July 4, 1776.

The 13 Stars form the "Star of David," the powerful Hexagram of witchcraft symbolism.

On the U.S. Coins IN GOD WE TRUST never meant Jesus Christ, but the occult's Lucifer, Satan.

Finally, the dollar sign ($) is "John Gait's" symbol found in ancient pyramids, meaning "to scourge; to punish, to make right." The dollar sign ($) was formed by overlapping the initials for United States.

(It needs to be understood, that although the above explains the evil significance & symbolism of the code, that God Almighty, Yahweh, and not Satan, is all powerful, and has seen to it that the Seals also contain truths for and about Israel)


The Grand Druid Council

The Gold Certificate representing actual gold coin on deposit in the treasury was as sound as paper money could get. The integrity of the U.S. stood behind it. We've not been the same since.

United States Certificate Deposit

The "United States" note is commonly referred to as Lincoln Greenback. When Lincoln rebelled at paying the International Bankers' high interest rates to borrow "money" with which to pursue war, these were issued. Not one cent of interest has ever been paid for their issuance.

Behind The Dollar Bill Illuminati

The pledge on the face of the Silver Certificate guaranteed itself of being redeemable in silver. The Government has not only reneged on this, but there is also neither gold nor silver to back the dollar with.

Gold Coins Illumanti

This bill states: "Redeemable in Gold on demand at the United States Treasury, or in gold or Lawful Money at any Federal Reserve Bank."

When the "Federal" Reserve Note was first issued it clearly stipulated that it was redeemable in GOLD on demand at any Fed Bank. By 1932 this was no longer true, but the seed had been planted and Americans accepted these Notes. We have never recovered from this.

Collins Grand Druid Counsil

This note declares: "This note is Legal Tender for all debts, public and private, and is redeemable in Lawful Money at the United States Treasury, or at any Federal Reserve Bank."

For many years the public accepted the Fed Note as though it were real money only because the Note clearly said it was redeemable in lawful money at the Treasury at any bank.

Illuminati Witches

The U.S. has now reached the final step. We do not have a Gold Certificate, Silver Certificate, Fed Notes that are redeemable, or anything to back it. "This note is legal tender for all debts, public or private." The citizen has no choice but to accept. The Fed has systematically looted the Treasury to the point that all we have is an unpayable debt.


The Grand Druid Council

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