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Because man is created in the image of Good, our Lord has given us a spirit that cries out for communion with God's Spirit. In the rebellion of those in the Conspiracy, this yearning becomes perverted and draws toward the Realm of Darkness, rather than the Kingdom of Light. Therefore, the Illuminati must also infiltrate and control these organizations which aim toward man's spiritual being.

Karl Marx said, "Religion is the opiate of the people." The powers of darkness, then, see to it that their dirty, demon-infested needles are in the arms of all those captivated by the addiction of spiritual Babylon.

The previous chart reveals some of the organizations of the Occult; the following explains them:

The golden Dawn is the Rothschilds' private coven. Created in the 1770's, its members have included J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

The Aquarian Arts Festival ties all of the occult Brotherhoods together. (There are eight Brotherhoods of witchcraft.) The Festival saw to it that the Altar Room of San Quentin Prison included a Witchcraft Chaplain.

The World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches are the two organizations which seek to unite all Protestant and Independent Denominations together as One, in association with the Roman Catholic Church. From the WCC stemmed the "Thought of Higher Criticism," a Theological view which seeks to tear down the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures. The WCC condones Communism and also seeks to be at peace with any pagan religion. It finances worldwide rebellion with moneys received from American churches.

Scientology is the main "Christian" church which teaches psychic healing and mind-over-matter.

The Unity church is the main platform for witches to speak to "Christians." The Unity Church is primarily a Philosophy-teaching organization. (The Unity Church in Dallas, Texas had a series of "sermons" which taught that all walks of life and occupations are in harmony with God. These series ended with an exhibition by one of its members—a strip-tease artist—who did her act for the church one Sunday morning, in front of men, women, and children.)

The Church of Wicca, headed by the Council of 13's Gavin Frost, is the main witchcraft organization which the general public may attend. Wicca means "Wise Ones."

The Aquarian Anti-Defamation League, headed by the Council of 13's Isaac Bonnawitz sues Christians who speak out against witches and Jews (under the Jewish ADL).

Brother Jacob's "Process Church of the Final Judgment" is the most radical group in the Illuminati. Its members would blow themselves up for their cause. (Charles Manson is a member of this group.) They observe human sacrifice and bomb Christian churches. Their other main prophetess, "Mother Elizabeth," is an ex-Assembly of God. The Process Church believes in the "Enlightened Masters" and in Reincarnation.

The Gardinarian Brotherhood is England's Brotherhood of Witchcraft.

The Rosicrucians, a Roman Catholic order, believe in human sacrifice.

The Holy Order of the Garter, in London, England, is headed by the Prime Minister of England.

The Order of Omega, which teaches seances, is accepted by the United Methodist Church.

Eastern Religion groups, such as the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation, are the platforms for teaching astral projection, demon possession, yoga, telepathy, and mind-over-matter control. Most are very "scientific" and therefore aim at both the intellectual and the "flower-child" peoples.

In 1947-48 the occult began to infiltrate the so-called Fundamental and Pentecostal churches of organized Christianity. As the Spirit of God began a new move in the true church to come out of Babylon, another spirit was moving IN Babylon. An organization began which was called "The Voice of Healing" and soon thereafter the "Charismatic Movement" began to blossom.

Posing as Spirit-filled Christians of all denominations, the Voice of Healing allowed practicing witches to "come out" and to induce the youth by their signs and wonders. Many of these witches are still trained at St. Paul, Minnesota to act as Christians, teaching them the doctrines, mannerisms, phrases, etc. of a "true Christian."

The Voice of Healing was founded by Oral Roberts, head of Oral Roberts University and the City of Faith, and by Gordon Lindsay, founder of Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. Its Board of Directors included Morris Cuerillo (who teaches that he is one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 to the Jews), A.A. Allen, T.L. Osborn, and Demos Shakurian (head of the Full Gospel Business Men's Association.).

William Branham, a country preacher anointed by God, became involved with the Voice of Healing and became more popular than the Directors of it. At a particular service Bro. Branham, who preached against the Unions, television, movies, and on the coming chaos, stood up on the platform and, pointing behind himself toward the Directors, said, "It's bad enough that I have to fight the devil in front of me—I don't want to have to fight him behind me. Get off the platform!"

Angered that Branham had discovered the infiltrators, the Illuminati decided to have Branham killed. While on his way to Branham Tabernacle to straighten some Spiritualism out that had crept in, Branham was killed in an automobile crash in which an alcoholic, programmed by the occult, dodged Branham's son's car in front of him and hit Branham head-on, doing 90 mph. Thus the Movement could continue and false reports began to surface about Branham's so-called witchcraft influences.

The purpose of the Charismatic Movement is to tear down Fundamental evangelical denominations and to unite the Liberal denominations into one Ecumenical Church. Its basic teachings include: repentance not necessary for salvation, repentance without separation from sin, separation from the world unnecessary as a Christian (thus the Abundant Life Movement, "Christian" movie stars and entertainers, etc.), speaking in tongues will make you rich and allow you to receive material blessing from God, and no more Law (thus doing away with the Old Testament).

In the 1960's, the Christian churches began to come against the rising influence of rock music. In order to further aid the demonic influence of rock music, the Illuminati paid Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel two $4,000,000 checks to start Maranatha Records and "Jesus Rock," thus getting rock music back into the churches.

Training witches as Spirit-filled Christians, the Illuminati infiltrated the companies of Sparrow Records, Birdwing Records, WORD Inc., Myrrh, Lexicon, and Light Records, and sent out such "ministries" as LoveSong, Children of the Day, Nancy Honeytree, Larry Norman, Chuck Girard, Phil Keaggy and others.

(WORD Records owns Myrrh, Lexicon, Word, and Light subsidiaries. WORD is owned by ABC, which is owned by Standard Oil, which is owned by David Rockefeller, who is owned by Philippe Rothschild.)

For example:

Nancy Honeytree's "Rattle Me, Shake Me" puts down the Establishment—family, pastors, teachers, and policemen—as a bunch of dead leaders and then instills rebellion in the youth.

Phil Keaggy has an album out that is all hypnotic-type Rock Music, containing a story to be read during the music. In allegory form, the story never once mentions Jesus and refers to "the Son of God" only one time.

Debby Boone's 'You Light up My Life" was written by a woman who wrote the song to Lucifer.

Kenneth Copeland's "Bread on Water" has a Chuck Berry song in the background.

The Illuminati also own such Christian publishers as Zondervan, Collins-World etc., thus able to influence all media to Christians with their own teachings.

Another Illuminati "Christian-organization" is Melodyland in California, headed by Ralph Wilkerson, the head of the Charismatic Infiltration of the Occult. Its members include

Ron DePriest, Jim Spellman, Walter Martin (who says the Antichrist is a computer, endorses hypnotism, and says a witch cannot get saved, thus making witchcraft more powerful than the blood of Christ), Michael Essex (author of I'm a King's Kid, which pushed the Abundant Life Movement), and Mike Warnke (ex-Satanist and author of Satan Seller, Warnke built Melodyland's hot-line. A homosexual, Warnke waters down the message of Christ, giving witches more credit for power than Christians.) Walter Martin also tours with Council of 13 member Gavin Frost in debates which end up making Christianity look foolish and arrogant and witchcraft as harmless, full of love, and wise.

Melodyland is the main thrust of the propaganda which teaches that Christians are to be pacifists and non-aggressive or defense-minded, whereas the Bible shows that the people of God have always had a sword in their hand (as Jesus and the Sons of God do in "Revelation 19), they hold the Sword of Judgment still, and they always will.

Others involved with the fake Charismatic Movement include:

The Way Ministries (Way International) produces tapes, some of which have high-frequency subliminal suggestions which produce demonic tongues in people, suicides, trances, etc. (Melodyland and FGBMA do this also.)

Bob Harrington (Chaplain of Bourbon Street)—backslid; follows Ruth Carter Stapleton. Was seduced by a young Illuminati witch posing as a Christian, who was Harrington's secretary. Pictures were taken and he was blackmailed. Harrington now does pre-programmed "tours" with atheist Madellyn Murray O'Hair.

Ruth Carter Stapleton (Jimmy Carter's sister) is feared and respected by witches as the greatest witch of all time. Promotes "Inner Healing," which is actually psychic healing.

Pat Robertson (700 Club; Christian Broadcasting Network President)—says, "God has redeemed Rock Music."

Kathryn Kuhlman—Her famous line was "I believe in miracles." Greatest witch previous to Ruth Carter Stapleton. Died of cancer in mid-1970's. Large "Divine Healing" ministry.

Jim Bakker—PTL Network President. One of the largest "Abundant Life" charismatic preachers. Changed name from Praise The Lord to People That Love.

Rev. Robert Schuller—Had a drive-in church where people could sit in the cars for church services and now has a windowdome church so people "can see God's nature" during services.

Norman Vincent Peale — Author of Power of Positive Thinking, which teaches psychic healing and mind-over-matter.

Also, non-Charismatic Billy Graham compromised with God by bowing down to the Pope and refusing to come against Communism any longer.

It is well to note that Witchcraft / Illuminati plants in churches will always have money, a mark of the Beast.

As can be seen, the occult / religious organizations and influences of the Illuminati is widespread. The move toward a one-world Political / Religious System is seen in our day. Young people, desiring more than a life of working until the dreaded retirement pension, get into the occult because they see more power in it than in the "Christian" churches. This is because there is no power in these Babylonian harlots. God's power, His Anointing, is only found in God's Christ, His true Church, the "Called-Out" Ones.

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