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Following is a translated extract from a Document addressed to all the Supreme Councils of Scottish Rites of the World by ALBERT PIKE, delivered in Paris October 1885.

"The order demands the immediate enforcement of the D:.M:.J:.. At different epochs of the life of the nations which have the good fortune of possessing an active Supreme Council, and from 1820 onwards, certain similar communications have been make to certain chosen members of the Grand Consistories and Supreme Councils, respectively. It is necessary to give the secret of this order.

"Esoterically D:.M:.J:. are the initials of the motto of the 33 rd degree.

"Esoterically D:.M:.J:. are the initials of the words, Destruction, Materialism, Imposition, which "Impose Destruction of everything which resists Materialism."

"Three points :. mean that the Masonic work is threefold—

of Supernaturalism Destruction of Authority of Anti-Masonic activity of Conscience Materialism of

Education of the State on the Family Imposition on the Nation on Humanity

Consequently the order to enforce practically the D:.M:.J:. is—"By every means, whatever they may be, one must impose first on the Family and then on the Nation in order to achieve the aim of imposing on Humanity."

Following are Mason symbol terms along with the Masonic definitions

TEMPLE — The word temple is derived from the Latin word Tempus, time; and therefore the ancient structures called temples were in reality intended to be records of time and archives of human knowledge. Such institutions would have been a great benefit to mankind, but the veil of superstition was thrown over them; it was deemed politic or profitable to the few to deceive the many; that which should have been a simple record of fact was worked up into allegory; there arose as esoteric doctrine for those initiated in the secrets of the temple, and a deceptive esoteric doctrine for the multitude; and this was the origin of a priesthood.

APRON — The Masonic leather apron does not perpetuate the memory of the apron of the artisan masons of the middle ages. Its origin must be looked for in the attire of the Grand Priest, intended to hide his frontal nudity when he mounted the steps of the altar.

In other words, it corresponds to the linen drawers which according to the prescription of Exodus 28:42, should cover his loins. It represents a sort of symbolic circumcision.

THE WIDOW — Means the Synagogue, also Isis. The Egyptian Fable—Isis. Typhon, having killed Osiris shut him up in a coffin, then, having cut his body into pieces, threw it in the Nile. Isis, the good widow, searching for the body of her husband, found all the parts save one member and to commemorate this loss she instituted the worship of the Phallus, an enlarged representation of which she gave, resting on a coffin. (Sound familiar?)

The term also refers to the Manichaeans, being derived from the legend according to which Manes, the founder of the sect, was assisted by a rich widow.

Also to Henrietta Maria, widow of Charles I, for whose cause the original "Masons" claimed to be working.

PALLADIUM — One ruling like a King, the Phallus being a universal emblem of Kings. From Pala, Hindu for the Male Organ.

OUROBOROS — Serpent swallowing its tail. Sexual passion, symbol of the Phallus.

SHAMBALLA — The City of the Gods, which is in the West to some nations, in the East to others, in the North or South to yet others. It is the sacred island in the Gobi Desert. It is the home of Mysticism and the Secret Doctrine.

KUNDALINI — The Sex Force.

THE SWORD — The Sword is used by the medium (Grand Master, Grand Mistress or other) who presides and directs the ceremonies of evocation only in dealing with those spirits of fire.

TO OV — Kundalini Astral Light, Sex Force, Serpent Power, Hebrew "Gas," Spiritual power, whence comes ghost. Galvanic Electric Fire, the Magnetic Fluid.

I. N. R. I. — Hebrew Yammen Noar Rooakh Yevaishuah meaning: Water, Fire, Air, Earth. It also stands for: Igne Nitrum Roris Invenitur. Igne Natura Renovada Integrat. Igne Natura Renovatur Integra. Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judeorum. (Rosicrucian)

J. B. M. — Jakin, Boaz, Moabone (Masonry) Jesus Bethlemitus Maledictus (Satanism)

MOABONE or MOAHABONE — The complete God.

The Hermaphrodite (Man is completed by the degree of Master,

3rd degree.) THE CHRIST — In the secret society-occult jargon this means "the Christ force" or Sex Force—not Jesus Christ.

THE SCARAB — The Egyptian Beetle; Generation

LOTUS-PADMA The Lotus is a water plant from which each god at his birth emerges. The Lotus is also a symbol of reproduction and generation, the flower of concealment, night, silence, mystery and regarded with nearly the same veneration as the Yoni itself.

The Hindus adore the Lotus for other reasons; for example, because being able to reproduce itself without the assistance of the male pollen, it is a type of the androgynous or hermaphroditic character of the Deity. For the same reason this plant was also held sacred by the Egyptian priests.

THE DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE The Double-headed Eagle represents an anagram of the Baphomet, the esoteric explanation of which is as follows: Reading Baphomet backwards we get, Tem—oph—ab. Tern is Duplex, Oph is Avis, Ab is generation. Duplex Avis Generation is The Double Bird of Generation.

GRANDE OEUVRE This term supposed by the Uninitiated to mean the quest of the Alchemist's stone; esoterically denotes the act of the male and female which produces offspring. Copulation.

The triangle is inverted in Kadosch. It represents Lucifer who, with the two crowned heads of the eagle, that is to say the Grand Patriarch and the Grand Emperor, or Sovereign, compose the Very Holy and the Indivisible Trinity to which the Kadosch takes his oath of blind obedience.

The Red Cross of Rome and Constantine, Rosicrucian.

The Templar's Cross or The

The Templar's Cross or The Manichaean's


The Red Cross of "Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia."

Definition: From a speech pronounced before Bristol College by Frater Vitam Impendere Vero-8.

"Animal magnetism, mesmerism, clairvoyance, spiritual manifestations of all kinds, are but properties of the metaphorical stone and life-elixir, faculties of the microcosm's immortality—in Hermetic parlance—of the Rosie Cross."

The Rose Croix.

The upright —Symbol of Life.

The cross-bar—Symbol of Death.

The Rose-symbol of secrecy or the blooming of the genital organs of woman.

Flamboyant Star, Blazing Star. Microcosm or Solomon's Seal Emblem of Generation. Pointing up, good.

Flamboyant Star, Star of the Morning, Emblem of Lucifer.

Pointing downward, evil. Black Magic.

Interlaced Triangles—Symbol of the Double Divinity.

Jehovah white and Jehovah black. Other names; Macrocosmos, Star of David, Solomon's Seal.

Sex Force—Male & Female. Union.

"Holy Grail" meaning the female organ, Uterus.

The Sun or Male.

The Moon or Female

The star or emblem of Bi-Sexuality in certain rites.

The male organ or Phallus

The female organ or Uterus

IHOH or Tetragrammaton. IHUH Jehovan or He-Her or the Bi-Sexual God IHVH.

Male in the female organ Fallus in Uterus. Hindu.

The Caduceus, Explanation:

1. The Spine

2. The Sex Force or Kundalini

3. The Power to travel on another plane.

God—Generation. The Great God spoken of in the Hermetic-Judaic-Masonic rituals is the one who presides over generation. It is Jehovah, Lucifer, the Angel of Night, the Phallic god, not the God of the Christians. The G in The Flamboyant Gnosis in the higher degrees.

Ladder with seven steps—Virgo intacta

Swastika—Symbol of Life, Fire.

Swastika reversed. Black Magic.

Other form of Swastika.

Yima's piercer. Phallus in Uterus God. Other form of I.Q. The symbol of Illuminism.

Compass—Symbol of Masculinity of Freemasonry.


Square—Symbol of the genital organs of woman. The Lodge in Freemasonry.

Triangle pointing upward, Male. Esoterically good.

Triangle pointing downward, Female. Esoterically, evil.


Tetragrammaton. The Ineffable name. Jehovah—IHOH Shem-ham-phoreh. Jewish and Freemasonic.

Yod—the Phallus.

Tau Cross or Crux Ansata— Union of male and female. Fecundity.

Other forms of Tau Cross.

The Universal mark or symbol for the complete male organ, the Phallus.

Crux Decussata or Cross of St. Andrew.

Jakin—the Column—the female organ, Uterus. Boaz—the Column—the male organ, the Phallus. (Phallus is the sacred word of the first degree, the Apprentice.)

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