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The majority of books on this subject have erroneously conceded the beginning of the Illuminati as 1776. Unless one sees that the very roots, purposes, plans, and philosophies of this demonic organization had its seed planted ages ago in order to blossom full-grown in our day one will not truly see its connection to what the Spirit of God is teaching His Elect in this hour of the latter days.

In the Creation process of our Lord, Man was created on the 6th day. Adam, created in the image of his father, God, was spirit, embodied with light (Genesis 1:26; Psalms 102:2; John 1:4). Adam was planted in the garden of Eden to dress it and keep it and to have dominion over it and the previous creations of God. With his wife, Eve, they had only one commandment— "Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat: But of the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat thereof, you shall surely die (or, dying you shall die)".—Genesis 2:16,17.

In order to proceed further, it needs to be understood the truth God is saying to us. Snakes, first of all, do not reason nor talk, and as far as true science knows has never done such. The word translated "serpent" is generally agreed among Hebrew scholars to be a bad translation of the Hebrew word NACHASH, which means "to enchant by magic spell; to hiss." The Bible says that this NACHASH was a beast of the field. A careful study of this term (along with Beast and Beast of the earth) will reveal who this living creature is—the Negro race, created prior to Adam, who is the beginning of the White Race (Adam is the transliteration of the Hebrew AWDAWN, which means "ruddy; to show blood in the face; to blush." Only one race can blush— the white race.)

Furthermore, trees have no knowledge of good and evil (Note Jeremiah 10:5) In the Scriptures, trees represent men (Mark 8:24) Therefore, this tree (man) in the midst of the garden who knew good and evil must have been the Negro NACHASH, distinct from Adam, who knew only good!

Indeed, the Bible also reveals to us that the "serpent" is in reality the devil himself (Revelation 12:9; 20:2) and not just used by the devil, as church tradition would have us believe. (An interesting note is that from the Hebrew NACHASH comes the Arabic word CHANAS, "to seduce." From this is derived the Arabic words AKHNAS, KHANASA, AND KHANOOS, all of which mean "Ape." Further derived is the Arabic word KHANAS, "devil." Arabic is a language very similar to Hebrew. Mere coincidence?)

How then did Eve partake of his fruit? Genesis 3:13 says that Nachash beguiled Eve. This word "beguiled" literally means "to seduce." "Fruit" also literally means "seed; off-spring." If indeed Eve was physically seduced by the Negro Nachash, then how does this fit in?

Eve did indeed die in that day, for she entered the realm of the earthly body, becoming corruptible, no longer covered by the glory of God. Adam and Eve saw their nakedness and for the first time were ashamed. The death that she was lowered into (since to lie with a beast is death—Exodus 22:19) was the realm of being carnally minded (Romans 8:6-8). When Adam yielded to his wife's carnality then he too became carnal (minding the things of the flesh or physical body and not the things of the Spirit) and no longer was Spiritual. Adam, remember, was not deceived (1 Timothy 2:14) but understood the plan of God (since he had the mind of Christ). Thus by one man's transgression, death passed unto all men (Romans 5:12), and all creation (Romans 8:20-22).

Nachash was then cursed by God, to be on his belly (literally to be bent over on all fours). Nachash then became apelike, a curse to him, since the Negro race is the head of the Ape species, in the same way that the lion is the head of the cat family. This then was regression for Nachash.

The judgments of God continued, with the announcement of Eve being with children (Genesis 3:16). Later when Adam knew Eve, she again conceived and had twins, Cain and Abel—one fathered by Nachash, the other by Adam (though this is rare, it is nevertheless a medical fact and has occurred in recent history). It is important to realize that only Nachash was cursed —not Adam nor Eve. Theirs was one of punishment and chastisement, since God chastens His Sons (Hebrews 12:5-11).

1 John 3:12 says that Cain was of that wicked one or the progeny (offspring ) of Satan.—The Hebrew word for Cain is KAJUN, which is derived from the root word KOON ("to chant"). Thus, Cain, a half-breed, reveals the origin of our modern-day "cajuns" and "coons." Here began, with Cain, the Seed-of-Satan Jews, and Antichrist race, a fulfillment of Genesis 3:15.

Cain later slays righteous Abel and is banished to Nod, with a mark upon him, and, with his wife (a Negress), builds a city, named after a man, his son Enoch. Babylon, the realm of confusion, begins.

From Cain descends Tubal-cain, a patriarch of witchcraft, as we'll see later. This mixing of races always produces evil and chaos.

This historical truth is confirmed by Jesus in His parable concerning the Wheat and the Tares in Matthew 13:24-30, 3643. In it a man sowed good seed in his field, and while man slept, his enemy came and sowed tares. Both grow together until the end of this age. Now the field is the world, our planet. The Sower of the good seed is the Son of Man, Jesus. His seed are the children of the Kingdom, while the tares are the children of the Wicked One. The enemy is the devil.

We said previously that Nachash was the devil; his seed (Greek SPERMA) being cast forth in Eve and bearing tares (descendants of Cain, the first JEW). The Son of Man, Jesus, then would have cast forth his seed as Adam, the man who slept, and brought forth the Hebrew-Israelite line.

These Jews, the Seed of Satan, shall be gathered and burned by the Messengers (angels) of God who are His Sons, the Body of Christ, at the end of this age. Further examples of this Satanline can be seen in John 8:33-44 (Pharisaical Jews), Matthew 3:7; 12:34; 23:33 (generation or race of vipers), 1 John 3:10 (children of the devil), Nehemiah 13:23, 24 (Jews mixing with demons), John 17:12; 6:70; 13:27 Luke 22:3 (Judas), Acts 13:10 (Elymas), Isaiah 3:9 (modern Jews), and in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (the Man of Sin). This cursed race CAN NOT be saved in this age (John 8:43; 10:26, 27).

Next, in the rebellion of man against God, we find the descendants of Ham, one of Noah's sons (Genesis 10). Ham begat Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan. These four are the fathers of Ethiopia (Cush), of Egypt (Mizraim), of Persia (Phut) and the various mixed breed countries (Canaan). Though Ethiopia, Egypt and Persia were white countries, Canaan was mixed-breed and thus cursed, because Ham, a white man, fornicated with one of the Negresses on the Ark.

From Cush came Nimrod, a mighty hunter of souls who opposed the Lord. He built Babel (Babylon), Calash, Erech, Accad, Calneh, Assyria, Ninevah, Rehoboth and Resen. Nimrod was born, according to ancient traditions, the High Sabbath, December 25, on a Sunday (the Babylonian Sabbath).

According to Genesis chapter 11, this Tower of Babel (a tower in the city of Nimrod's Babylon) began construction. This ancient "United Nations" building was man's first attempt to organize a one-world political-religious system. The nations at this time were all of one language, and wanted to make a name for themselves. Because the time was not yet ripe for this system, God confused the people with various languages and scattered them. Thus Babylon ("Confusion") began another plan.

Nimrod's mother was Semiramis, the most beautiful and seductive woman of her day. Once, when a riot broke loose in the city, the rioters ceased when Semiramis walked through, stopping to gaze upon the woman of Cush.

Cush, who knew of the prophecy of the coming Messiah (Genesis 3:15), had taken Semiramis in fornication, and she became with child. This child, according to Cush was the Messiah, Nimrod. When Cush died, he had Nimrod marry his mother, Semiramis. Since Nimrod was already deified as God, and therefore Cush too since he begat Nimrod, now Semiramis was deified as the "Mother of Heaven." This three-fold union, then, planted the seed for the worship of the "Trinity"—three gods in One—and the Mother-Child (Husband) deities of all religions.

While Nimrod was building the Tower of Babel Shem, another of the sons of Noah, came to pronounce judgment upon Nimrod. Killing him, Shem mutilated Nimrod into several pieces and sent each piece by messenger to various pagan religious temples. The message to each was that this same judgment would come to all who partook of the sexual-rioting, child-sacrificing worship of Baal, Molech, Chiun, etc. (Nimrod) Thus, these religions went underground and became "Mysteries." (These same temples, called "groves" in Scripture, are literally SHRINES—the Masons, Elks, the Shriners and Moose Lodges, etc. of our day—to be destroyed by the Elect.)

Semiramis later gathered all of Nimrod's pieces together, except one that she could never find—his penis. Semiramis then incorporated into her occult practices the calling back (worship) of the penis and formed the symbol of the obelisk (see Symbols section). Therefore all mystery religions and lodges are based on this phallus-worship and Baal-worship. (This was the sin of Israel at Baal-peor—Numbers 25.)

It is of interest to note that the symbol for Nimrod is the "X" Cross. This mark is on the forehead of many witches (for example, on Charles Manson's women.) The Roman Catholic term, "Merry Xmas," literally means "Magical or Merriment Communion with Nimrod."

As time went on this occult religion spread with one goal in mind—the setting up of a one-world political-religious system with the Occult in control. This plan can be seen in records concerning Saul (1 Samuel 28), Solomon (1 Kings 11), the Trilateral Council of Nicolas, Bar-Jesus, and Simon the Sorcerer (Acts 6, 8, 13 and Revelation 2:6, 15). Pontius Pilate was, in fact, educated at the Druid University in Rome.

On October 28, 312 A.D. the pagan Sunworshipper Con-stantine was on his way to take the throne of Rome as heir, but was withstood by Maxentius at the Tiber River. Constantine and his troops were greatly outnumbered when suddenly he and his army saw a cross in the sky with the message, "In This Sign, Conquer." Constantine obeyed and won and (according to tradition) was converted to Christianity.

However, Constantine's description of the sign was in reality not the cross of Christ, but the Ankh (see Symbols section), the symbol of the Sun-god. Constantine, now a "Christian," took over Rome in 312 A.D. and, in 313 A.D., issued the Edict of Milan, declaring Christianity as the State Religion.

Constantine sprinkled his troops in baptism, who thus also became "Christians." In 325 A.D. Constantine set up the Council of Nicaea and presided as "Summum Pontifex (Pope). Setting up the Organized Church (Roman Catholic Church), pagan rites were "Christianized"—same rites, simply given Christian names. (Understanding is given when it is seen that the word Catholic means "Universal;" hence the Roman Universal Church. Never meaning to be a true Christian Church, its purpose was to make the Roman Religion universal.) Thus the world was plunged into the Dark Ages until the 16th Century when the Reformation came through Martin Luther and others.

Then in the mid-1700's the Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingalstadt, Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt, came on the scene.

Adam Weishaupt was born a Jew and later converted to Catholicism. He became a Jesuit priest (a Roman Catholic order established in 1534. Its job was to stop the spread of Protestantism at all costs.) Weishaupt later broke loose from the Order and spent the next five years in meditation.

Weishaupt had friends in the French royal court who practiced black magic, baby sacrificing, etc. He desired copies of the Kabbalah, The Major Keys of Solomon, and The Lesser Keys of Solomon. These books showed how demons could be controlled by occult practices. The House of Rothschild, a European banking family, had these books and heard that Weishaupt was interested in them. This was in the beginning of the 1770's.

With the financial and occult backing of the Rothschilds, Adam Weishaupt took these books, along with The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion which dealt with the Jewish plans for world takeover from the "goyim," or Gentiles), The Book of

Shadows, and The Necromonicron, then conceived a plan for the building of an organization called the "Illuminati." It is noted that the name Rothschild in fact means "Roth's Child" or "Son of Wrath."

The American Illuminati was formed on May 1, 1776. At this time, Weishaupt and the Rothschilds also started their private coven; called the "Golden Dawn." This is still the Rothschild's private coven today.

On July 16, 1782 the Illuminati and the Order of the Freemasons united, with over 3,000,000 members.

In 1785 a courier for the Illuminati was struck by lightning and killed. This courier was carrying secret Illuminati papers. The Bavarian Government got hold of these papers and raided the Illuminati Headquarters. The Illuminati then went underground. Many countries and churches, though, thought the Illuminati not a threat to society, despite governmental reports.

Weishaupt's aims were simple:

1) The abolition of all governments;

2) The abolition of all private property

3) The abolition of inheritance;

4) The abolition of patriotism;

5) The abolition of family life, marriage, and communal education of children; &

6) The abolition of religion.

In Addition eight levels of this new order were conceived— (inner to outer)—

1) Rex 5) Freemason

2) Magus 6) Illuminous Minor

3) Regent 7) Minerval

4) Presbyter (priest) 8) Novice

From the Presbyter level on up, members were sworn to secrecy and told of the Illuminati's true plans.

In 1826 Captain William Morgan became the first execution by the Illuminati. A Mason who opposed their plan, Capt. Morgan was de-tongued, disemboweled, and then mutilated.

Forty percent of the membership of the Masonic Lodge left the order when the death of Morgan was discovered.

In 1829 the Illuminati decided to unite all subversive groups under a heading known as "Communism." Then in 1830 old Adam Weishaupt died, making a false death-bed repentance, and rejoined the Catholic Church. The Illuminati was supposedly dead now.

In 1840 Confederate Army General Albert Pike, from Little Rock, Arkansas, was head of the Luciferian Priesthood and the Council of 13. From 1859-1871 Pike worked out plans for 3 World Wars to occur in the 20th Century. Pike's plan was as follows:

WWI—To overthrow the Czars of Russia and then establish Communism under Karl Marx' "Communist Manifesto." Communism then was to begin the overthrow of other governments. WWI was aided by the differences between the British and Germanic governments.

WWII—With the differences between Fascism and Zionism as a fulcrum Nazi Germany was to be destroyed so that Israel (Palestine), with its "Jews" could be set up. Communism was to be further built up to equal U.S. power. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill aided in this.

WWIII—The Destruction of the Christian Democratic countries. Atheistic Communism is to be established, with the Doctrine of Lucifer presented to the public as a plan for world peace.

In 1865 Abraham Lincoln wanted to rebuild the South. Lincoln refused to pay off the war debts by borrowing from the International Bankers, and so was assassinated by Illuminist John Wilkes Booth. (President John F. Kennedy was likewise killed, because he reportedly came against the Illuminati's orders.) The Secret Service aided in both murders.

In the early 1900's the Russian Revolution was financed by American bankers in New York. The Illuminati also defeated the Mafia in 1963-65.

The Illuminati because of recent publicity has changed its name to Moriah, "The Conquering Wind."

Though the Illuminati indeed controls the Financial, Political, Civil, Religious and Social areas of the world, the Illuminati is much more than these groups. The depth of the Illuminati may be seen as we progress through this booklet and as God opens the eyes of our understanding.

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