Demonic Jewelry Created By The Illuminati

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As stated before, the three most powerful things in the occult are herbs, astrology and jewelry (talismans or amulets). Jewelry is probably the most common of these. (Jewelry must be three-dimensional in order to contain a spell; therefore, pictures cannot cause trouble.)

In the early 1970's the Illuminati decided that the time had come for them to distribute their jewelry among the general public and especially among Christians. Witches and the hippy groups had already been wearing these symbols for years by this time.

Avon, an Illuminati corporation, is the largest distributor of occult jewelry. Since 1974 they have been sold in Christian bookstores.

This jewelry was created years ago for the sole purpose of worship of the devil. As this jewelry is sent out, as with rock albums, demons also are sent out. Each symbol represents a specific spell. Below are the symbols and their occult meanings.

Hexagram—Called the "Star of David" now; known as the "Crest of Solomon for 3000 years. Conjures up demons; the most evil sign in witch-craft. Means "to Hex" —put a spell on someone.

fAnkh—Created in Egypt. It is the oldest symbol. It is the worship of Ra, the Sun god and the belief in reincarnation. It means you despised virginity and practice orgies as part of your worship service.

Unicorn Horn-Known as the Italian Horn, Fairy Wand, or Leprechaun's Staff. Means you trust in the devil for your finances. Created by a Scottish Druid.

Peace Symbol—Known as the Broken Cross, the rejection of Calvary and the Christian Church; said to bring peace of mind.

Obelisk—Symbol of Nimrod or Baal as God, and Phallus-Worship.

Pentagram—One point up means Lucifer; the symbol of all witchcraft. Two points up means Satan, the horned hunter of the night. Called the Eastern Star of Goat-head, it is the symbol of the Blue Masonic Lodge.

Crescent Moon—An occult priest; the worship of the "Mother of Heaven."

Circle—Occult Temple (no temple now, so things are done in a circle.)

Triangle—Basic symbol in witchcraft..

Arrow—Sign for casting a spell. Upside down Red Cross means human sacrifice.

The rainbow—Lucifer's brightness Owl— Occult wisdom given by the devil Scarab (Beetle)—Eternal reincarnation.

Piercing of the ears was done on dedicating young girls for the Priestess hood in the Occult.

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