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In Respectful Memory Of Margaret Murray

List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Foreword by Colin Wilson

In The Beginning: A Sense Of Wonder ...

1 - The Gods of Sky and Field

3 - Fertility Religion and the Celtic Spread

4 - Birthplace of an Old Religion

5 - The Emergence of the Enemy

6 - Rome attacks the 'Witches'

7 - The Language of the Witches

8 - The Historical Conclusions

9 - New Blood for an Old Religion

10 - The Old Faith Regenerated

11 - Mopping-up Operations

Bibliography (Removed) Index (Removed)

This book is unique in the literature of witchcraft. Many volumes record the tortures, confessions and executions of the witqh trials; few examine the origin and beliefs of this remarkable subterranean cult which has survived almost unchanged through the centuries.

Michael Harrison, unrivalled in the field of historical detection, gives convincing answers to questions which other writers on witchcraft have persistently dodged—

What part did Man's earliest organised religion, the Old Fertility Cult, play in the development of witchcraft?

Where did the evil side of the Fertility Cult-Diabolism — evolve, and how and when did it enter Europe?

But the most important revelation in this book is the author's achievement in translating the ancient 'language of the covens', the 'gibberish' of the witch-trial records, the lost language whose identification holds the key to the very Roots of Witchcraft.

"A wide-ranging work which has achieved a remarkable breakthrough". Yorkshire Evening Press

. . . profound chronology of the cult from pre-history, through Druidism, to Salem and the present day". Evening News

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