Imon Magus Witvces Of The Craft


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...j..,,;,; ,■;. ' : , CHAPi I. , the expofitbn tftbi*Hebten w&rdCbafäpb,:wherein is aäfi - tbe okjetiion contained in Exodus iz. tg mtTboüß?alt mt {\ live, and oj Simon Magus, Ails. 8.

fipb, beVn^ an tyebrew ;xrord, is latJned Vene fem and is tri fifoglifh, poifoning, or witch craft; if -will (orfc|ye if. The Hebrew'feEtencb written, in j ] $$ isb| the 70.' interpreters tranflated thw is prcek ^a^UKdi kk, &ntyi<tirt which in Latiheitf neficos, (fiye) venefica} non rtmtbitit in vita,\n Engiii You fha.ll nor fuffer any poiföners,or(as it is cranflato

. witche* to HVCf /The whi^h fcp&ence 1efephus an Hebrew borne, tri matt öf ktekt emrrücic|n# leayrningand&me,. iht^rprereth' in this tü Lei'Hp^otthcchjjdreno'ilXrael hayeany poyfon that h deadly, pr j« paietftJl^

chj jdrerj ¿Israel haye any poyfoii r_____ „ . Vfuljiite, Jfany be appeehfendcd w'ithfuch ftuffc, let«

be 'ptititö death,and Tuffer that- which he taeant to do to them, for wix

, ther mäketh, felYeth, or hatfcäny; poifon tothe intent fo kill any a ; ^hls'^Ärd U föiÄdm theie places following: Exodus 22.18 DeutM

¡to >yir, that he mnft fuffer death; which sS am 9'


jwbeit, in aUourEngliih tranflatlons,Cfr#

: MfWimbfyAm, rranflated> .Witch-dfaf^) yi

And becanfe 1 will avoid prolixity and contention both at once, II

it. the &thins cappfirion agreeth herewithallXwCtrti doftrine and gofpell. And as for the unfaithfull, they fhall have none Rom.8.27

f . ' ■ . . . ?______al r a? . %___l. .„U!A. nfk^» «.¡»««Ia fhotvp/t imfn rh<<ni. (mr (inno nf ^ahwi .. « .

. ChafapL of Witchcraft. Chap. 2.

which ufed witcl>crafc, and bewitched the people of Samaria, faying that be himfclfe was fome great man* i demand, in whac ocher thing here do we feeany witch-craft, than that he abufed the people, making them bcleeve he could worke miracles, whereas in truth he could do no fueh thing', asmaniieftly may appear in the 13. and 19. verfes of the fame chapter: where he wondered at the miracles wrought by the apoftles,and would have purchafed with money the power of the Holy Ghoft to work wonders* a#«8ii

IcwilJbefaid, the people had realon tobeleeve him, becaufe itis ' written, that he of long time had bewitched them with forceries But let the bewitched Galathians be a warning both to the bewitched Santa-titans, and to all other that arecofencd or bewitched through falfedo-ftrine, or legierdemaine; leaft while they attend to fuch fables and lies, they be brought into ignorance, andfo in time be led with them away from God. And finally, let us all abandon fuch witches and cofeners, as with Simon Magus fee themfelves in the place of God, boalting that they can do miracles, expound dreames, foretell things to come, raifc the i Reg8oJ dead, ftc. which are the workes of the Holy Ghoft, who onely fearch Math^.4« eth the heart and reines, and onely workerh great wonders, which arc 12.25.22. nowftayedand acomplifbed in Chrift, in whom who fofteadfaftly be- a#s i 24 leevcthlhallnot necdtobebyfuchmeanes refolved or confirmed inhisfe 15.8.

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