Witch Crafp Word

11a 7$ookç. Thcdifcovory sauUndthtmi raíl means deciphered ? And if you not« the words well, you Tbilllj ceivé the phrafe not to come out of a fpiritual mouth of a devil) bn a lying cor por áll teugue of a cofcner, that careth neither for God i devil): from whence Iflueth fueh advice and communication,as gran gre^th from Samns nátprfl ind yurpofe. For thus f \ lay) th$faMU_ el fpeakcthi Wherefore docft chou a*lee m«; feeing the Lord is ¿bai| thee,and is îtiinéenemy ? ftfcn th^Lórdifathelonc unto him as lui by my hand i! for the Lord will rent thykfagdorae out of thine ham give it to thy neighbour Davids becaufe thou obeyedft the voleé ( Lord, &c. This (1 fay) is no phrafe of a devil, butofa cofeneiyi knew before what Samuel had prophefied concerning Sauls defti For if is the devils condition, to allure the beople unto wickednd not in chis fore to jdmonKk; warne» and rebuke them ftrevil. j popifh writer* confeße, that the devil would havrheen gone ai naming ot God. If it be fáid, that it waste Gads fpecial commas and will, that Samuel of the devil íbould be raí fed, topropoundH monitipn4 to the profit of allpoftttity : I anfwery that then he * ther have done it by fome of his living pfOjphets,'and that Sarau •] beetífo fie an'inftrument for that puppofe* After this' falleth d (I would fa^ Samuel) into the vein of prophecyibg, and jp«*| i Sarahs. 18. Sai)l'on;thfc wife f The Lord will rent thy kingdome out of thl and gwe. it tptjiy heiçhbdur'Pavi^becaufe thl'ü obeyçdft not oftheLordjnorcxecutcdftblsfieice wrarh upon th« Amaltkiresi ll fore hath tVie Lord done this unto thee this day. Moreover,the L deliver thee into the hands of the Pbiliftines,and to morrow Íhaftíl, thy fonries be with me, and rheLciril fbälJfgive-the hoft of Ifrael iifi hands of !tfre P{iiliftinis. What cculd Samuel have faid more? *

Methink« the <tevil would:have ufed another order, encourag/M rather than rebuking him for f1is{viU Jlvp devil i^cra%r than í f^h«n, ^to^lti<an, to .all potencies, .as fhoul.d bç.'prçjudiçj1 his kingdom^, and alfo be void of all impiety.'; Böt fodlvjne a makeih much for the maintenance^ oftHefVitches Credit, and t<f L, vaccinent oí her'gaines. . Howbeit, concerning the verity ofrliií pKefi'e, (fiere $emâny Wpiirçblé quéíríobs': ffift* whether tbç r were foo^ii Vh> V&tft dtv ? fecíondíy, whether all his fbnn< v ■< ' yrtihjhim? itci^? >b«rhér tftçy vvenrró heaven ôr hell together WHll . Sàniu^ù 'cîiy mofi^ be hi ftëavèn,-. and bíin* Wb iFiçy tjpíf btíá lí'eftr ' Bâc^lthçûglv - every 'p*rt of thip prÖL \veréfá]&,;.'r/tó tîyt ail hri':'fonnes were not ftain {IfifofidW liî'ïfael tvfro years after Sáuls death) and that thé tofflft rot ondeiriorro\v>, ant} that kicked Saul,- after thjthe hadkMlj ftjfc, was not wirb gopd .Samuel > yet this w4tch did gH<e a ftirewd| i ^Ö^hefe^l. . Which whether it were truç-or falfe^ pcriairis n^ púriíófé 5 and therefore I wilhc^lj; it-' Btot aS touching»^ tlnn* i bat fay it ,vras the devil, bçcauft! thlir fnefo things camé fojfii woijlçl fain knpw ef thçm vyhercrthçf leafnthífr d'evîls foreknowihl. çgnK?, If they/ay,hecuplTah çnely upon prohabiliti^^he wlrwi^fl do. the like. Bnt here! may ndt forget the^leciecs, which concluded Samuel appeared not unto Saul 3 W tliat the hiftorioçrapher u

of Witchcraft. ' Chap.XIV. m fmind and Simaels efl»cc,and certain things which Were faid and feen, Right Ven-ling whether they were woe or falfc ; and further, that it were a triloquie. _t oifence for a man to belee?e the bare words of the ftory. And if ■TeKpofition like you not, I can eafily frame my felfe to the opinion of be of «cat learning tjepounding this placer and that with great pro-pility, in this fort? wwit. that this Pytbonifl being Vttmikqw, that [Speaking as it were from the bottom of her belly, didcaft her felfc ko a trance, and fo abufed Saul, anfwering to Saul in Samuels name, in r counterfeit hollow voice: as the wench of Weftwel fpake, whofe hif-/I haverehearfed before at large, in page* 94« and this is right MiloqHte' * - •


\iuions tf fom Iwntd msn> tbdt Samud wis indeed raifeJ, not by \tbe witcbes art or fowefy but ty tbt -fptciaLmirach of God stbat there ate nojucb vifions in tbefe our dayes;and that our witches can- _

JasMd Sad*)a write, «Jut when the woman faw the miracltf iA-_deed, and more than (he looked forrot waf wont todo> ihe be* j to cry one, that this was a vilion indeed,and a true one» not done by ir art, boc byth* power of God. Wiiich expofition is farre more pro-kble than our lare Wrker« judgements hereupon, and agreech with1 the \pofitiori of diverfc good divines* Qela&uskith, it was th^ very fpiric [Samuel: and where he fuffeted himfelfc to beworihipped,lt was but I civil falutation and courtefiey and that God did irtterpofc Samth: aS he Ellas to the meflenger of Ockofias,' when he ferit to Bolftbub ¡the god tAcbaron. A-nd hereis tbbe noted^ that the witdhmonjifiiSs ate fcfi up I. Bod. afti [ fh^ point f for ihe papilt» fay*< that it tanhwi be »doiril>: ttccauii }eho-i L.Vairfti differ n isthficeorfive eimesnamed iri thditory. Uptfn th». peeoi-of ferij^ fitrein. re arguments are daily devifed, ito prove and maintain thd. miraculous iion6 ofwicch'crafp, and the raHtne of the deadly oon)drac!ons. And ir if it were ftoe, that >S<fmKW bimtelfe werb vaUe^i the devil in hb lenefle iartd thali the witcfeof Sndor by hdr art and cdnning did it,,&c. ic hketh rather to the difprdofe than to the prdofe ,of ©onwitches, which Infteitherdb-chat kind of rttiracle, or any otheri inan^;fuchplaceor Litipiny, wh^re their Jugling and coferfagie may be fein indlaid open, [nd I challenge them all f even upon the adventure of my life) to fhew specie of a miracle, fuchasGhrift did truly, or fuch as they fuppofe ra,!!i' lis witch did diabolically, be it not with ate nor confederacy, whereby , tie colour thereof rtiaybe made,neither are thrte any fuch viftons in thefe 1,," Jesihewtd. ; - - i chillengcv.

| Hei-etofoie God did fend his viftble angels to njen: but now we hear lot6f fuch apparitions, neither are they necetfary. Indeed it pleafed Vod heretofore, by the hand of Mdfes aad his prophets, and fpecially by SfonGhrift and his Apoftles* to-wotke great miracles* for the eftabliih-

H3 7Bboke. Thedifcovcry Walkingffft tng of the faith s but now whatfoever is neceflary for our ialvatioifc ¡|J taincd in the word of God: our faith is already confirmed,and o«fd| eftablifhed by miraclesfo as now to feek for them is a poitt.tfty lity. Which the papifts (if you note it) arcgrcaly touchcd wii in their lying legends appeareth. But in truth, our miracles are fa, moft commonly, andfpecially of priefts, whetcof I could cite a fa Ad. If you tead the ftoiy of Bell and the Dragon, you fhall fiq^ _ , fening miracle of fome antiquity. If you will fee newer devife*,^ A*Canteibu- fH/j c„fanus , Baleut, andfpccially Lavatern/, &c. Thereh«?£ forae* walking fpirits in thefe parts fo conjured not long fince, tsa wards they little delighted to make any more apparitions. "

Mucks. ofWitchcraft. Chap.XVI-

ry by Rich Lee efquire, & others, annO'i*7g. At Rieby matter Gay-mor& o* ther,anno. >577-

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