Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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tm i« * great an<* a A*0*1!? dulse> hc appcareth as a dragon with three tód», thethird wbcteof is Tike a man, befpeaketh with adivine voice, ^¿kcth the dead to change their place, and devils to affemblc upon tbefepulchres of the dead: he greatly inricheth a man, and maketh him I doqucnt and wife,nnfwcreth truly to all demands,and thirty legions abey ir?'trnm>s* great marqueflejlike unto a monfter of the fea, he makcth mensvooderfuTl in rhetorick, he adometha man with a good name, and theknqwledge of tongues, and maketh one beloved as well of foes as friends > there are under him nine an \ twenty legions,of the order partly of thrones,and partly of angels.

rtwfwiamarqucfleand an carle, he is rcfembled to a monfter, he bringeth Angular undcrftanding in rhctorick, faithful! fervants, knowledge of tongues, favour of friends and foes $ and nineteen legions obey him.

hcritb is a great and a terrible duke, and hath three names. Of Beritb 3 golden fomehe is called Bully of the Jewes Bcrith 5 of Nigromanccrs Bdfty: devill. hecommcth forth asa red fouldier, with red clothing, and upon a horfc of that colour, andacrowneon his head.He anfwereth truly of things prefent,paft,and to come, He is compelled to a certain hour,through di-vinevertuc, byaringofart magick. He is alio a lier, hcturncth ail me-tali into goldjhcadorneth aman with dignities,and confirmeth them,he fpeakcth with a clcar and fubtill voice,and fix and twenty legions are under him.

A(laroih is a great and a ftrongduke,comming forth in the fh*pe of a foule angelí, fitting upon an infernalldragon, and carrying on his right A(larotb% hand a viper: he anfwereth truly to matters prefentjpaft, and, to come, and alfo of all fectets. He talketh willingly of the creator of fpirits, and of their fall, and how they finned and fell: he faith hc fell not of bis owne accord. He maketh a man wowdcrfull learned in the liberall lomees, he rttJcth fourty legions. Let every cxorcift take heed, that he admit him not too near him, becaufc of his ftinking breath. And therefore let the conjuror hold near co his face a magicall ring, and that (lull defend him.

Voras> alia/ Porcas is a great prefident, and is feen in the form of a Poras* íltongman, and. in humane fhape, he undcrftandeth the vertue of hearbs and pretious ftones; hc teacheth fully logick, ethick, and their parts: he makerh a man invifible,witty,eloquent, and t© live long 5 hc recovered thingsloft, and dicevereth treafures, and is lord over nine and twenty legions.

Tuyfur isagreacearlc, appearing as an hart, with a fiery taile, hely- Furfur. «h in everything, except he be brought up within a triangle : being bidden, hc taketh aneelicall forme, he fpeakcth with a hoarfe voice, and willingly maketh lo Ye between man and wife} he raiíéth thunders and lightnings,andblafts. Where he is commanded,he anfwereth well, both of fecret and alfo of divine things,and hath rule and dominio» over fix and twenty legions.

j Mmboftas is a great marqueflb, be Iheweth himfclf in the fhape of a Jdarchojiasi crueil ayi x.j.Bookt The ffcfcpvesy v , Dfaels crucll (he wol fe,with a grjphens wings, with a ferpents taile, am ting I cannot teilwhat(outofhis raouth. When be is in a mansj is an excellent fighter, he anfwereth all queftiOns truly, he is faitL all the conjurors bufinefle* he was of the jorder of dominations, him are thirty legions: he hopeth after i ico. years to returne d vcmh throne,but he is deceived in that hope. . ; i '

¡¿alphas, Malphas is a great picfident, be is feen like a crowe, but being;, with humane image, fpeaketb with a hoarfe voice, he builderli „ and high towres wonderfully, and quickly bringeth artificers toget^ throweth downe alio the enemies edifications, he faelpeth to goodft ars,he rcccivcth facrifices willingly, but he deceiveth all the facri there obey him fourty legions., .

y b Vcpa') alias Scpar, a great duke and a ftrong, he is like a minnaM,

^ ' is the guide of the waters,and of (hips laden with armour j he bring«

p. flfe(at theconimandcment of hismafter) that thefea (hall be q and ftormy,and ihall appear full of Ihips 3 he killeth men in thrccji with putrefying their wounds, and producing maggots into, tbeaif beit, they may be nil healed with diligence, he luleth nine andti legions. '

Sabnackc, Sabnac\, alias Salmac\, is a grenr mnvquefle and a ftrong, hecq$

forth as an armed fouldicr with a lions head, fittingon a pale hor® doth marvelloufly change mans forme and favour, he butldeth higlp ers full of weapons,and alfo caftlesand cities 5 he infli&eth men 16 <layes with wounds both rotten and full of maggots,at the exorci^ mandement, he proiridcth good familiars, and hath dominion ojtfljf. legions.

r,, . ' Sidomu alias Afmoday, a great Kine, ftrong and mighty, he is"1

SidoMy >vhh thvechcads, whereof the fir ft is like a bull, the fecond like a the third -like a ram, he hath a ferpents taile, he belcheth flames.oije mouth, he hath feet like agoofc, he fitteth on an infemall'dra^ cai ryeth a launceand a flag in his hand, he goeth before other*," arc under the power of Amaymon. When the conjuror cxercifci office, let him be abroad,let him be wary and (landing on his | his cap be on his head, he will cattfe all his doings to be bewrayed* if he doe not, the exorcift (hall be deceived by Amaymon in every ^ But fo foon as he feeth him in the forme aforefaid,he (hall call him name,faying 5 ThoiiavtAfmoday } he will not deny it, and by and W vboweth downe to the ground 3 hegiveth the ring of vertues, he * lutelv teacheth geometry, arithmetick, aftronomy> and handicraft! all demands he anfwereth fully and truly, be maketh a man i ble', hee iheweth the places where treafure lyeth, and gardetfc it it be among the legions of Amaymon, he hath under his power fcfl ^twolegioris.

daapn - Gaap, altasVaps a great prefident aridapiince,heappe3reth>.a

L ridionall figne, and whenhetaketh humane (hape he is the guide ol fourcprincipall Kings, as mighty as Biletf?. There were certain "" mancers that offered facrificei'and burnt offerings unto him.j call bim up, they exerofed nn art, faying that Solomon the wife»

pr^felfe: .fewci NMbffi^itie Who ¥àïhe fiefieex.

ESÎj, Maffythere is>« ftpiftle of thoffpames ^»itt^n bfflotffoofy. ai W^m^**^rofolymifanutandtfeiife'us. It is 1 f hair atf in 1 befoi

'jBÎilÎMiW31^^ for tlfat'l havé|fearitéd , no*1

, Aiiïffrom £ol$mn of bis dîgnfty aivf office, ffo yct î n<#fihidç

1 lierai' fcience» ; hic make^lov^ 'hatiiédffflfeWîbiitty^ confecrâf^oi^A

confccration of thofethiiigs that .^re Wonging unto the domiKâtiorTdr n 1 Jimmon^nd delivereç|î fàmilia||pDUt of the p«ifeffidA of other<;onjurors,' Àpring truly an.d perfeAly of things préfent,paft, and to cqme, and dMerreibmn moft fpeedily irçtoother nuiowM ruléth ^dtflsoftheorder pf p<*cftatfrni, ! ' ' alias Scoic, ié a dark ^nd uàt'6. $0èm -mt^sbax, i boarfe and fu^till voice he doth ma^lloufty take awaythe (ight, h^a»; ' ring, and underftanding ofany man, at the commandement or the côn*. jpèr: hetaketb away money out ofevery Kings houfe, àrid carrteti&[ ft' ¡maftcc iioo. yearaj if ^fec^mmandcd, he is a horfefteiler,^he ¿t. 'ftiftobe faithlUil inaltçflmcnandements 5 and aUhouàh t»i>rois(ifé'.

ni(UC9«WHiCU me uuiutJi,«i*H »«Wk ov^i VI nivnw ifttt», "V Jiiw-

familiars, which are accepted if they be not de£civcrs,hc hath fycètym great and aftrong duke^. «ippcarii?g in the,flitoe of i&VrwUi

ûtf, |(éjm|teth great noifes, ànd caufctb the.voters- to rore,, archie i he warmeth waters, arid difteUiporeth bathes ^at certainv times,astneexf^rciilappftintethhimrhewas of theorder of poteftatei, »Whath fblîrtycight lCRions under his power.

iitrcas Is a Kni^andcômeth fonh in fmm\

itK a long beard and a$>ary y&L he fitt^h oA a tea je hp«e,brr jîég in'' ^ fband a ftia^p weapo^ he pérfe^ly teachtth piaâiU philofdpliy, rhe- , te» logick, aftronemy, çhirQm^cy,pyromancytand thfir jiaiirt'thcre ;

1 miimuy is â great dukè and'aâ «ai:ie,appearirtgiu i (hape of z -

Wiping,on a griphen, wijbadukesçrownon hisheadj thercV^i'Uforc'J • ' f{ woof his ^ni^withWho v yyj he conftrainetnfoules to.come before the exorcift, ioinmct he (hjkll altohein,^ > oMeord^piirtlyo/throne^aii^^ and ruleth thirty lesions.


écufrtM^, form «f a thrvih, but wben h^put- ¿¿^ ~ hi rJ teth



Focalor yinc*



teth on mans (hape, he anfwereth in burning ailles, carrying in his tyt amoß (harp fword, he maketh the beft dilputers, he giveth men thtfij dcrftandingofa)lbirds,ofthe lowing of bullocks, and barking ¿f| and alfo of the'found and noife ot warers , he' anfwereth bj things to comes be was of the order of angels,nnd^rulcth thiçcyji of devils, . ': '.•

Raum, or Ram is * g' cat carle, he is feen as a crow but vyhc puctcth on humane lhape, at the commandement of the exordft, hèi feth wonderfully out of the Kings houle,and carryeth it whithe^èd ßgned, he deftroyeth cities, and hath great defpite unto dtetïitîr knoweth things prcfent, paft, come, and reconcileth friend focsjhe was ofthe order of thrones,and goYcrneth thirty legions; «;;

Half hiis is a great earle, and commcth ' abroad like a ftork, Wltl) hoarfe voice, he notably btiildcth up tbwnes full of munition anifftj pons,he fendeth men of war to places appointed, and hath under bim and twehry legions. y focalor is a great duke cometh forth as a man,With wings like a grijj he killeth bien, and droWfleth them in the waters, and overturiietjf" of war, commanding and ruling both windet and (bas. And let the " • juror note,that if he bid him hurt no man, he willingly conti, thereto : he hopeth after tooo. years to returne to thefeventh throw he is deceived,he hath three legions. . r,

Vint is a great king and an earle, he iheweth himfel f as a lionj r^i black horfe/ànd carrycth a viper in his hand, he gladly bufldttf towrcsi hethrdweth down ftone, and màketh waters roughs commandemcntofthe exorcift he anfwereth of things hidden, ö ches,and of things prcfent, paft, and to come.

Bifionsis fcen in the fimilitude of a monfter,when hetaketh theji of man, he maketh one woitderfull euianing in aftrology, abfolutfii flaring the maniions of the planets^ he doth the like in geomety,aqd$ àdmeaTurcmenêS, he perfectly underftandeth the ftrcngth and terra henrbs,precious ftohei,and woods, he changeth dead kdies from^r phec; he fe'emethto light candles upon the iepulcbres of the depart under him fix and twenty legion^. "

Qamgm is \ great'marqtieife,artd is feen in theffotme of a littley when he takçth humane (Kape he fpeaketh with a hoarfe voice, difjL ' of all liberal! fçiences 5 hç bringeth alfo'to pafTe, that rhe ate drowne.d in the fea,or which dwell in purgatoy (which is called fj tagra, thatis,.affl?ftion of foulés) iliaH take airy bodyes,and evidently,* pear and anfwér to interrogatories at the conjurors commandement^* , tarrieth with the exorgftj until! he have accomplifhed bis de fire, and W thjrtylègionsunder.him.

Za&wit. a great King and a ur<;fiden^he commeth'abioad like a» withgrMens wines, but when he takétb humant ötfpe,he maketn a witty^he turneth all metals into the coine of thàt dominion, and twj water ihtö wine,and wine fnto water, hè .alfö turneth bbiidijHôjWM and wine into bleuend a foole into a wife manche is beaaof WW ff tbscekgiont*

1 Qriits is a great marquefle, and is Teen as a lion riding on a ftrong QrU<% hprfe,witiiaferpentstaiie,andcarryeth;inhis right hand two great fer-pcni« hiding, he knoweth the manfion of planets, and perfeilly teachcth t&fevtftues of the ftarres,he transformed nkn,he giveth dignities, prela-' cl^,and conftrmation»,and alfo tfic favour pf friends and toes, and hath' uflderhim thirty legions.

/italic is a great prefident,, and commetty abroad with angels wings like Vatac. a boy, ridingonatwo headed dragon, he perfe&lyanfwcrethof treasure hidden, and where fcrpents may be feen,which he deliVireth into the cohjurors hands, void of any foi cc or ftrength, and hath dominion .over {biity legions of divels.

' Gtmory a ftrong and mighty duke, he appeareth like a fair mmunOtnwy. " with,a duchifle crownet about her middle, riding on a camell,he anfwe-retl). well and truly of things ptefent, paft, and to come, andoftre.ifurc hill, and where itiyeth : he procureth the love of women, cfpecially of roju'ds,and hath fix and twcniy#kgions.

Qtcarabia or Carabia, he commcth like a * and knoweth the force of Dccarabi*. „J&os and precious ftoncs, and maketh all birds flic before the exorcift, aijd to tarry with hinijas though tfeey were tame,and that they (ball drink . and fine, as their manner is, and hath thirty legions.

AmAilfdas a great and a ftrong ^uke,he cometh forth as an unicorne, Amdufctas. when he ftandeih before his inaftet in humane lhape, being commanded, ¿f eafily bringeth to pafle, that trumpets and alf muficall inftrumenrt niay be heard and not feen, and.alfo that treesihall bend and incline, according to the conjurors will,. he is excellent among familiars, and hath nine and t wenty legions/

. Andras is a great marqueife, and is feen in an artgels fliape with a Andras. bead like a black night raven, riding upon a black and a very ftrbn^ ivolfe, flourifhing with a (harp fword in his tyudjhe can kill the mafttr, efic fervant, and all alfiftantsi, he is author of dilcords,and ruleth thir-tdlegion». , r . ' '''

■} Andrcalphw if a great marqueflc, appearing as a pcacock, he raifeth Andmiphw* rcat noifes,and in humane (hape peifcaly teachcth geometry, and all tings belonging to admeafuremcnts, he maketh a man to be a fubtill dif-piter, and cunningin aftrontmy,and transformcth a man into the likc-i^ife of a bird j and there arc under him thirty legions.

,Ofe is a greatand cometh forth like a leopard, aud counter- Ofe, feiting to be a man, he maketh one cunning in the liberall feitnees, he anfwereth truly of divine and fecrct things, ,he. transformeth a> mans ihape,and bringeth a man to that madneftc,thac he thtnketh himfelf to be that which he is i?pt I as he th^t is a king or a pop«, or that he weareth a crown on his headjDwvi/fw id regnum ad boram,

Aym or Haborim is a great duke and a ftrong, he commeth forth with Ajvi. three beads, the fiift, 1%^ferpent,the fecoi\d like a man having two • the third like a cat, Jbe rideth on a viuer, carrying in bis hand a light ,(we brand, with the name whereofcaftles and cities are fired,he maketh one witty every kinde of way,he anfwereth truly of privy matters,& reign* cth over twenty fix legions,



AUocwl Sáleos;

Thedifcovery :

Orebat is a great prince, he cometh forth like a horfe,but when heWo teth on him a mans idol, he talketh of diyine vertue,he givcth true«; fwera of things prefenr, pail and. to conte, and of the divinity, and^fyflji creation, he dcccivcth none^.nOr fufferetbany to be tempted, fic ¿({X dignities and prelacies* and thfc favour of friends and foes, and hat|t2 over twenty legions. .Jl

Vapitla is a great duike and a ftrong, he is feen like a lion with, .phens wings, he makcth a man iubtill and wondcrfull in foi ciafts,pMlofophy,and in fciences contained in books>and is rider-thirty fix legions. '

Cimcries is a great marqueife and a ftrong, rulingin the parts of A) ca 5 he tcaclieth perfectly grammar, logick,and rhetorick,. he diicqt rcth treafures and things hidden3he bringcth to pafle,. that a. man $ fecm with expedition to be turned into a fouldier,he rideth upon a $ black horfc,and ruleth twenty legions. ...

Amy is a great prefident, and appearetk yi a flame of fire, but hay| taken majis lhape, he makcth one marvellous in aflrology, and in ajjta libernll fciences, he procureth excellent familiars., he bewrayeth tr<a| preferved by fpirits, he bath the government of thirty ftx.Iegiont is partly of the order of angejs,partly of poteftates,he.hopeth afterat fand two hundred! yearsto returne to the fevemh throne: which is,t credible. . * ..V:-

Vlauros is a ftrong duke^s feen in the forme of a terrible ftrong Ieop| inhumane thane* he (heweth a terrible countenance, ;and fiery rtd anfwereth truly and fully of things prefent,paft,and to come ;,rif hi in a triangle, he lyeth in all things and deceiveth in other things, beguileth in other biifine®«, he «ladly talketh of divinity, and^^ creation of the world, and of the fall 5 he is conftrained bv divine tue, andfb are all divcls orfj>irits,toburneand<kftroy all the. rors adversaries. And if he be commanded, he fuffcreth the conjj to be tempted,and he hath legions under him. , &

Balam is a great and a terrible king,, he: cortimeth' forth' Vfltj* headsjthe firft of a bull, the fecond of a man,the third ofi rafojifi a ferpents taile,and flaming eyes,riding upon a furious beare, and ( ing a hawke oii his fift, he fpeaketh with a hoarfe voice, aniwetirtg i( feftly of things prefent, paft,andto come, hp maketh man invifible» wife, he governeth fourty. legions j.and was of the order, of donif"' ons. r V

AUocer is a ftrong duke arid a great, he commeth forth J-ike afouMIft riding on a great horie, he hath a iions face, Very red, and with.flaw^| eyes, he fpeaketh with a big voice9heynaketh a man wonderfull in nomy,and in all the liberal! fciencesjhe biingeth good, familiars, anW leth thirty fix . legions. ■•■* ^ jj

Saleos is a great earle, be appeareth as a gallant. fouldicr^ "diog oft i crocodilcjand weareth a dukes crownc, peaceable, $cc.

VtMHi$ a great duke and a ftrpng, heis fetnas a great and terrible dromedary, but in humane forme, heloundeth out in a bale voice tM Egyptian tongue, Tbia man above all o£er procureth the tfpwall W

f women. andknoweth things prefcnt,paft, And to come,precuring the love of friends and foes,he was of the order of poteftates* and governeth

^HMient\ is^agreat prefident, appearing like a great bull, having the nnagmti. «iocLS of a griphen, but when he taketh humane lhape,he makcth a man Jiffin every thing,he changeth all metals into gold, and changeth wine anifwater the one into the other, .and commanidett^as many legions as

Z4pb«m is a great marqucíTe,appear¡n|> like the bird Pine nix, having a Vbfirix. cbiíds voycc: but before he ftándeth ftill before the conjurdr, he fingeth rónV fweet notes. Then the exorcift with his companions muft beware be ftlve no «are to the melody,bur muft by and by bid him put on humane ftape; then will he fpeake matvellouffy of all wonderfull fcienccs. He is auixcelUnt poet1, and obedient, he hopethto returne to the feventh tbrone^after a thoufand two bun^reth yeares, and governeth twenty k-.

^Tuia* isa great prince,appeat 1 ng in. the forme of a night-raven, before ^utas. tEt exorcift, he taketh the image and fonpe of a man, and teacheth aftto-nomy, abfolutcly underftanding (he vertu^of herbrand p^tious ftones; there are under him twenty fix legions,/;

^Note that a legionit-éTéó 6. and now by Multiplication }coun how many legions doe ari{e out;.of every parties

.. 4. Secretum [<crctonm7 Thefccret offecrcts;

: TV áperus, jis jecretus horum, t Thou that workft them, be fccrct livthcm-

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