Auguft. de fp'tritu fa anima*

3.Book.x Thedifcovery Witches conftjfions confntei pithily appear alfo if you read Ariftotle Pf fomnio. And thereof S. Aguflint faith well,chat he is too much a fool and a block-

head, that fuppoftth

feth rhofe things to be done indeed, and corporally,

Lib a. cap. 7. whidi arcbyTuch perfons pfcamafticaUy ^t^^^t de ijHchtrift*

whicftareby lucn perions pnanmui^auj __________________________

lufions do as well agree and accord (as Algerui faith) with magicalidcl ceipts, as the verity accompanieth divine holindfe. I

CHAP' XVIII. that the tonfejjion of witches is {efficient in tivill andcorrmn lawn ta^eamy life. What the founder divines3 <ind decrees of cmcth determine in this cafe*

A Last what creature being found in ftate of mind, would (witho« compulfion) make fuch manner of confeflion* as they do) or wouli for a trifle,or nothing, make a perfeft bargain with the devil, for her fori to be yeelded up unto his tortures and everlaftlng flames, and that witta a very (hort time i fpecially being through age moft Commonly unlike« live one whole year ? The terror of hell fire muft neecisbe to them I verily manifefted, and much more terrible becaufe of their weakneft nature, and kind, than to any other; as it would appear, if awitch wif butaiked, Whether ihe would be contented to be hanged one ye. hence, upon condition her difpleafure might be wreaked tipon her eue my prefently/ As for thceves, and fuch other, they think not to gofl hell-fire j but are either perfwaded there is no hell, or that their crffl deferveth it not, or elfe that they have time enough to repent: fo as, 1 doubt, if they were perfeftiy refolvcd hereof, they would never mak fuch adventures. Neither do I thinke, that for any fumme of moncj they would make fp direft a bargain to go to hell-fire. Npw then I cot • « »------K^lfic infnfficient tc " *

Auguft* de emtX)eb IfidorMb.l


L-trron fa I* turn poft- juru fafaSli Unof'àc in L. Je rur.S. I*tm de in-


fer ilof.hal*

tney WOUianumc micvv « u...6mii ,r ricii-uib* ------ -----

elude, that confeflion in this behalf is infufficicnt to takeaway the life (i anybody 5 or to attain fuch credit, as tODcbelecvW without fun!» proof- For as Augufiine and lftdore>. with the reft of the founder^ vines fay, that thefe perftigious thing?, which are wrought by witches,'» fantafticail 1 fo do the founder decrees of councels and canons agree, tin in that cafe, there is no place for cirminall aftion. And the law laith, tfa TheconfefTionoffuchperfonsasareilluded, muft needs be erroneoft and therefore is not to be admitted : for, Confeffio debet tenere vein, (9 poffible* But thefe things arc oppofite both to law and nature, of therefore itfollowethnotBecaufe thefe witches confefle fo* Ergot: i (p. For the confeflion diifereth from the aft, or from the poflible of ik the aft. And whatfoever is contrary to nature faileth in his principle») and therefore is naturally impoflible»

The law alfo faith,criminalibut regularity non ftatur f*li confeffioni fft in criminal cafes or touching life, we muft not abfolutely ftand to the cot feflion of the accufcd party t but in thefe matters proofes muft be brougb more clear than the light it felfe.And in this crime no body muft be cw demned upon preemptions. And where it isobjefted and urged, tl» Since God onely kaoweth the thoughts, there is none other way of pi

F our crirns objetfed. of Witchcraft. Chap. 19. 95

but by confeflion i It is anfwered thus in the law, 10 wit: Their confef- ^ alios in fion in this cafe containet han outwaid aft, arid che fame impoflible both confef* in the law and nature, and alfo unlikely to be true j and therefore Quod ft d* ver ift mite non eft* attendinon debet. So as, though their coufcffions may confef in 6.$ be worthy of :puniihment, as whereby they fhew a will to commit fuch tdleg* A qui I* mifchief / yet not worthy of credit, as that they havtfuch power* For, L.Neracius• Si faUum ahfrtt fokqueopinione laborent, eftultorum genere funt. If they S./in. confefle afaftperformed but in opinion, they are te be repured among Viper Bald, the number of fooleS;Nekhtr may any manbe by law condemned for crimi- fa Auguft. nallcaufes, upoo prefumptions, nor yet by fingle witnefles; neither at inL»i,c*dc theaccufation-ofa capitall enemy iwho indeed is not to be admitted to confef.&c* give evidence in this cafe, though it pleafe M.M«l*ind Bodmto affirme the contrary. But beyond all equity, thefe inquifiipiJ have ihifts and devifes* enough, to plague and kill rhefc poor fbults ifor (thty. fay)their fault is teras. greateft ofall others i becaufe of, their carnall copulation with the devill* Per Bald in and therefore they are to be punifhed as hetetick*, four nannet of waits: deleg- 8cc. to wit, with excommunication, deprivation^ lofle of goods, and alfo Extra deleft. with death* cum liter it.

And. indeed they find law, and. provide meanes thereby to maintaine Mal.tnalefi this their bloudy humor, for it is wrier en in their popifh canons, that pa.^.quafi:$t As for thefe kindofhercrikes, how much foever they repent and returnc cnj>.ii. to the faith, they may not be retained alive, or kept in perpctuall pri-fon y but be put to excreame death. Yea, M. Mai. writeth, that a witches fmne is the fmne aganift the Holy Ghoft to wit», irremifltblev Mibmalef. yea further, thar it is greater than the fmne of the angels that fell. In f which rcfpeftfjWpnder, that Mofi/ delivered not three tables to thechil- c de mdief. dr#noflfrael j; or at the leaft-wife, that he exhibited not commande-mentsfor it^ It is not credible that the greateft fhould be included in t.nemo. '/r die leffe,

But when, thefe witch* mongers are convinced in the ob jeftion con - ¿y eerning their confeflions. j fo as thereby their tyraanicall arguments can- jy^ malef not prevail^ to imbrue the magiftrates hands in fo much blood a:, their Male f appetite requireth: they fall to accufing them of other crimes, that the qud(ftJ7/* world might think they M fomc colour to maintain their malicious fury, ' \ againft them.

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