Chap Xxxix

Ofvlfws, mfetyOPparitim* lufiw, of wandering foules: withacoi

|Any throuch melancholy doe imagine, that they fee or hear vifions, Vpftrits, gbolb, ft range noifesj&c. as ] have already proved before,at Wcr Manyagain through fear proceeding from a cowardly nature and ccipkalon, or from*n effeminate and fond bringing up, are timcroua mi afraid úiifitto&nA bues,&c.Some through imperfection of light alfo ait afraid oí iheirownihadows,lt(ai Arifhtle faithjfee thenfelves fome-Ümf a» it WCfe in a glafie. And home through weakneife of body have iucUlmf<rf«4limagtnational Drunken men alfo fomctimes foppofe they let, Wfs walfc* *c. according to that which Salomon faith to the drun-bi&i Thi»c <ycs (balk ice ftrange vifions, ahd matrelloui appear* meet.»

In all tMtsaofiket and prieft» bare abuied and bewitched the werld Againftthe Rltk counterfeit vifions j whiCfa proceeded tbroucfa idlcAcffe, and re-counterfeit vl-blnt of marriage, whereby they grew kec and lecfaerou», and therefore £oas of popUK Iqi&d fLick means to compaffe and obtainethcir love*. And the (imple friefts>and o-oplc being then lb f«pcrmtiouf, would never feem to miftruft, that thercoufeninj cbholy men would make then cuckboids« but forfooke their beds indéticcs. at cafe, and gave room to the dcargy. Item, little child ren^iave been feared with their motben maidt>that they could never after endure to in the dark alone,for fear ofbugs. Many are deceived by gla&c through

15. Book» The difcovcry f.vtfms^t, Co,WJt hcarkeningfcM/i^^m, conceive

Iceevtf that which is nothing fo. Many give credit to that which they tad in authors. But how many {lories, i^pok^ are writcn of waikine fpiiits and foules of men ,'cbntraTf to the woVJ of Godj a-rcafonablc volum cannot containc. How common an opinion was it anions the m, pifti,, that ^lltouJe^walkesi.^iti tfce^earth,',. they, Ykpa^qSG their" bbdycsHrt fo much as it was in the time of popery a nf«all mat-ter, to defire fickejxoplc in. their dca^h appeare to theife) their death, and to revealc thcireftate. The . . ^hf,rs and ancient^p^ of the church'were tog ^ircduiiiV.herein,Therefore no mat veU^flli che cortWon fi triple for^ Qfynei}» ^d leaft of ail j that ,wom<m be<!<icc5-ved b^foG jd in vi.fibjcaflgeis/^appwrj»i{|-

to ih^'V Nf now be* doth^t lo^JNH^ jgPP^ce'oflatc to,«^ gidn,; it $o)n£tit, that sylm f$urc^yard -fwar uied wilhriwlj»^ (pute-: bu'(n6w the W9id ojGod; wing more free,ppen, and¡¡topS thofe conceits, i^d ijlufeijis aremore .mqnifeft andrappaitfoy

The doav0fS, cdunpeHr and ipppc?, whicb,:^hcy .cannot errty haye'confirmed the, Waking ptppcariflg, Uf\4 rajftng of i^nles,;JBatn vftcrc'nna thfcy in thefcriptuiref any j[uch;^p^rine^ Andwfea -certiM them,* thtft 'thofe itppc'^rahc'es weretru,c? ,Truly a]l they cannx)t:.bring<toi pafle,lhatthe lies which have be'ene fpread abroad herein, (¡\oul<li«wi beginneto be true , though the pope himfelfe fubferibe, feale,and fyiart thereunto never fo much. Whereave the foules that fwarmcd in tioxj paft? Where are the fpirit«^ Who htfa'retli their noyfes? Who fcci their vifions ? Where are the foules that made fuch moane for trenuL where by to be Vafud ofrhe' paines;ftx purgatory ? ' AreMey into Italy, becaufc mafTesare growi)e,deete hferc in England** MartoW this illufion, and fee bow cdntrary it is unto the word of God.Confi&f how all papifts beleevc this illuflon to bp true, and how

This do&rine was not only preached,but

This do&rine was not only preached,but felyes Ooc|ly 'diYihfv^, ? to infert into theii'divji*

alfo proved* ¿h^d^^ ^MwtoSSfrtk culaV inifanwsleffons »S?^*1^

felyes Ooc|ly 'diYihfv^, ? to infert into theii'divji*

alfo proved* ¿h^d^^ ^MwtoSSfrtk culaV inifanwsleffons »S?^*1^


, lenons read tn,ere upon ' man and JbdiflipisfonnQ^ > wij& btyfi&nd.> prieff, calle^jSir^^ , .rgqi^feg- hjmcoacinove tfciri^k»4«wt bury them in fo'me better place ( for they had lien from the time of M1' death, untill tbicq,ftei qgin,the;raigneqfiimmsth9emper^}\6% foure.hundred jy^es' buried ip the field of*Gamaliel) wboiri thlb'W»i faid to Sir Li^wiC Nou:f^ifg/^mm^aufafoMtus fumtJd

' ,, kfjiB^otfonly ¡.trarefulb fotxmp

; : ';;;\';^Rt',cljiefely'.are j :with me. -Whereby m '^hplejpoiirleni'ay be perceiyefl .tp.bci afalfe praftife, and • *' "fMt viiton, or rather; a lew,d indention. For in heaven mens fwj rQmalnc noun iorrow (^i neither ftudie they there how to coiBFj

^...^Kr-si^o^^iy!:. 5-rr P^^t mi and get a worfhipfull buriall here in Arth. If they did, they would not have forcflowed it fo long. Now thercfo^Ut us not fufter our felves to |)C abufed any longer, either with conjuring priefts, or mclancholicall witches i but be thankfull to God that hath delivered us from fuck blmd-ne^jarid ferror,);»

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