Chap Xx

Arequeft'toftKbiwdw: as *re!loffr rea fifthly-and

, matters rfbicbtfnectjfiyare hereto be inftrted,to chapters}

A n^rnratinn T2 Ue infowuchas^I amdf!ven(^ themorenianTfeiVibewrayingaii^^ to the readers JwWn«ofthis au>ftfiitiiy^<horfibleieri®r^^oitamwy«paiw^

2.Apoftj»fie, confuted.

g.Seducing of the people, confuted.

4.CarnalI copulation with Incubus, confuted»

How the devill play eth Succubus and Incubus-

ofWitehcraft. Chap.20.

siting thereon certaine of their beaftly and bawdy aflertions and examples, whereby they confirme this their doftrine ("beingmy felfe both jfhamed, and loch once to think upon fuch filthinefle, although it be to the condemnation thhereof) I muft intreat you that arc the readers '»creof, whofe chafte eares cannot well endure to hear of fuch tb~ iominab!e lecheries , as arc gathered out of he booksef thofe pitch-mongers (although doftors of divinity, andotWrwife of great authority and cttiraation) to turne over a few leaves, wherein (I fay) I have like a groome thruft their bawdy ftufte (even that which I my felfe loath) is into a ftinking corner: howbeit, none otherwife, I hope, but that the

>ther parts of my writing fhall remain fweet, and this alfo covercd as clofe is-may be.

58 vBook. Thcdifcovery


Of evilff bit t,


Of witchmongers opinions concerning evil [piritsjjow they fr^ themfelves in more excellent Jort than God made f Ames Springer and Henry in(lm,\n M.Mal.agreeingw/ti 1 bodiniBartbSpmury V>anAHj,Eraflust Hemingiut, id« the reft, do make a bawdy difcourfe j labouring o prove by a foolifh kind ofphilofophiej rhat evillfpj, rics cannot onely take earthly formes and fhapesci mwiwwqm men> but ajfo counterfeit hearing, feeing, &c. aixf wppaw» likewife, that they can eat and devour meats, andalfc retaine, digeft, and avoid the fame and finally, ufediverfe kindsd activities, but fpecially cxcell intheufeandartofvenery. FoiM. Mil If his bodily fajth, that the eyes and earesof rhe mind are farre more fubtill than bo eyes were out diiy eyes or carrnil eares. Yea it is there affirmed, that as they til he would fee bodies, and the JikendTe of members', fo they rake minds and fimil put ilfavored- f«des of their operations. But by the way , I would have them anfwe ed this qweftion. Our minds andfoules arc fpirituall things. I our corporall ears be flopped, what can they hear or conceive of anyci ternall wjfdome i And truly, a man of fuch a conftitution of body, j tbey imagine of thefe fpirits, which OJike themfelves, &c. were of fai •wore excellent fubftance, fee* than the bodies of them that God mri "iparadlfci and fo the devils workman-ftiip fbould exceed thehan^ work of God the father and Creator of all things.

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