An experiment of the dead.

pirft go and cet of fomc perfon that fiialbe put to death, a promife,and i'wearc an oaih unto him, that it he will come to thee, after his death, his Ipirit to be with thee, and to rcmaine with thcc all the: dayes of thy life,and will do thee true fervicc,3s it is contained in the oath andp. omilc following. Then lay thy hand on thy boukc, and fwearc this oath unto • • ^' • him. I N. do fwearc and promile to thcc if. to give,for thee an aimed* e- , ™ " ■ very moncih , and alio to pray for thcc once in every wceke, to lay the i^ J Lords prayer for thee, and fo to continue all the dayes of my life , as ^««««« God me helpe and holy doome, and by the contents of this booke, A- ^

Then let him make his oath to thee as followeth,andlet him lay after • thee, laying his hand upon the booke. * IN. do fvyeare this oath totfhte N. by Gjd the father omnipotent, by God the fon Jefus Chrift, and by' his pretious bloud which hath redeemed all the world, by the which bb-ud X do u uft to be faved at the general 1 day of judgment, and by the vermes thereof, I N. doe fwearc this oath to thee N. that my fpirit that is within my body now, (ball not afcend, nor defccnd, nor go to any place •frcft, but (hall come to thee N. and be very wellpleafedto rcmaine

JO 6 15, Book The difcovcry Cwpt.fordead fpirj$

with thee AT. all the dayes of thy lite, and fo to be bound to thecN.and to appenrc to thee N. in any ciyftall ftone, glafle, or other mirror, andfo to take it for my retting placc. And that, fo ioone as my fpirit is departed out of my body, ftraightway to be at your commandements, andthat in and at all days, nights, hourcs, and minutes, to be obedient unto tbce N. being callcd ot the c by the venue of our Lordjcfu Chrift, aodout of hand to have common talkc with thee at all times,and in all houresaajj minutes, to open and declarc to thee N.the truth of all thir.gs prcfcnt,pjjl and to come,and how to worko the mngick art and nil ether noble fcienc«, under the thionc of God. If I do not pirformc this cath and promife to Note t'»c pc- thee .V.bat doe flic from any part thereof, then to be condemned for ey« nalty of break- and ever, Amen.

ing promifc' Alio 1 iV.do fwcarc to thee by God the Holy gheft , and by the great with the ipiiir. wifedome that isin the divine Godhead, and by their vertues, and bvall the holy angels, archangels, thrones, dominations, principals, potcila^ virtutes, cherubim and Uraphim, : nd by all thcirvertucsdol N, fwcaie, and promifc thee to be obedient as is rchearfed. And here, for a witnefl^ do IiV.give thee K. my right hand , and do plight thee my faith and troth, as God mc heipe and holydome. And by the holy cop. tents in this bcoke do 1 N.lwcavc, that my fpirit iliali be thy trueferv?nr, all the dayes of thy life, as is before rchearfed, and here for a witnefl'e, that my (piritihalbc obedient unto thee N.and to thofc bondsof wordstbat be written in this N.before the. bonds of words ihall be rehearfed thrift} elfc to be damned for cvenand thereto fay all faithfull foules and fpirify Amen,Amen.

Then let him fwearc this oath * three times„and at every time kfflc tbe book, and at every time make marks to the bond. Then perceiving the time that he will depart, get away the people from you, and get or take your ftone or glafle, or other thing in your hand,and fay thcPawmfltr, Ave and Cndo, and this prayer as followctht And in all the time of Wi departing, rehearfe the bonds of words} and in the end of every bcnd,fo oftentimes; Remember thine oath and promifc. And bind him flrongl* to thee, and to thy ftone, and fuffer him not to depart, rending thy bond 24 Times And every day when you do call him by your other bond, bind him ftrongly by the firft bond; by the fpacc of i4.dayes apply it^nd thou ihalt be made a man for ever.

Now the Yc ter nofier> Ave, and Credo mft be faid^ and thmti prayer immediately following*

O God of Abrabam, God of lfaac, God of Jacob* God of Tob'mp • which diddeft deliver the three children from the hot burning oven, S'rdtMyMifac,and Abcdnago, and Sufamafrom the falfccnme,^and P* ?iiel from the lions power: even fo O Lord omnipotent.

* Three times, in vcverence (peradven-ture)of the Trinitie,P.F, SS.

I befccch thee,

/(III- 11U11I lllw UUllj . v t»" v jwwiu uhiiijj/wi.»»»j —---7

for thy great mercy fake,to helpe me in theic my works,and to dcliYern* this fpirit ofN.that he may be a true fubjeft unto me N.all the dayes ot «J lifo, and to remaine with me, and with this jtf. all the dayes of my ttfc

Of Witchcrkft/1 ' Chspitfr

0glorious Godfather,«Sonne, and Holy ghoft, I befeech thee to help pic at this time , and to give mc power by thy holy name, merit» and rertaes, wherbyl may conjure and conftraine this fpirit of M that he. may b«obedient unto mc, and may fulfill his oath and promifc , at all times, by the power of all thine holinetfc, This grant Q Lord God of hoils, as thou art righteous and holy,' and as thou art tbe word, and the tvord G:>d, the beginning and the end", fitting in the thrones ot thine i^in» liingdomcs, and in the divinity of thine etertafting God head, li honour and glory, now and for ever and ever, Amen,




Abondtobinde him to thee, and to thyN.as 1 follorreth.

i N.conjure and conftraincthe/piritoftf. by the Iiving God^ by the Note the fum

■»true G.'d,and bythe holy God,and by their ycrtucs and powers,! pbnjuVe^of this obltga-

and conftraine the fpirit of thee Ñ. that thou {halt not alcenifnor «jefccníl tion or boiui, out of thy body, to no placc of reft, but onely to take thy refting placc with N. and with this N. all the.dayes of my life, according to thine oath , and promifc I conjure and conftraine the fpirit of K.by thefe holy names !

of God ^tetragrammaton Hh Adonay Agía 4« Éaday^Sabaoib ^ plfaa- '

fotbe^ pambonifc cram^witpwiiton &l)cus ^.hom^omm/otew^

¡mpiumus t^y/uí ^ terra >i< unigénitas y^Jklvam via. & vita jf ,m<¡ñus

%fons >1« or/go *%>filiu* Hh and by their vertues and powers 1 conjnre and conftraine the fpirit ofN. thatthou lhalt not remaine in the fire, nor in the water, in the aicr, nor in any privy plaoc of the earth, but onely with me jtf.and with this N. all the dayes of my life. I chargc the fpirit of

,V, upon paine of everlafting condemnation, remember thine oath, and, - 7

iromife. Alfo 1 con jure tbe fpirit of N. and conftraine thee by the excel-

cm name of Jefus Chirft, A and 0, the firft and the laft $ for'thís ho-: Scripture as ly name of Jefus is above all names, for unto * it a'.l knees do^'bow well applied of and obey both of heavenly things, earthly things, ' and infernáis. Nor conjuror, is the^c any other name given to man, whereby we hav? any ialvation , °f latan but by the name of Iefus. Therefore by the name > and in the, name of jij tempting

Jefus of NaZ¿ircih3and by his nativity, refurrcAion'and afcen.f\on,ind by Chrift Matth.

all that appcrwineth to his paifion, and by their vertues and ppwers, I do 4*^«

conjure and conftraine the fpirit of N.that thou ftialt not take any refting .

place in the 0 nor in the 2) nor in Tj nor in nor intf1 nor in 9 nor in 5

nqr in any of the twelve fignes, nor in the concavity of the clouds," nor many other pvivie j>lace, to reft or ftay in,hut onely with iryeN. or with this N. all tjie dayes of my life.l fstjiou be not obedient unro.we, according tothisfe oath andpromile,! J^.'do.coh,demne tbe fpiritof ^iutb -tbe pi; of hell for evcr^Aihen, -

t conjure and cp^raine the fpirit of K. by.the bloud pf.|thf innocen.t( . lambe Jefus Chrift, the which' was 'ító upon the crofle',;for all thofe that "

^ - ¿V obey tinto ít,. and bel^ve in it (hall be favcd and by virtue thereof* ffr'tflby^lPttie aforefaid rhll names and words of the Jiving Cod by me pfonofmced ,1 do coi jure tmd conftraine the (piiit oftf.that thondo be fecdient um o me, nccórKfng ro thine oat h and promise. If thoti rtfufcto Note what lore do as teaforifoid, I N by the holy Trinity, and by hi* virtue and pow-pcnalties the i-do Vondenmc the fpi<it bf N. into the place whereas there is np^hope fpirit is In joy- of lefifrdy,1 MVeverlnftin»cóhc!cnmation, '"and horror, aud paine tipba ned to fuffcu' y^K d^tly,' HWribly, and. lamentably the pines there to be augmented, tor difobudi- lo thicke aiithefhrs in the firmament, nnd as the gravell land in the fea; cace. except thortipi vVr of N. obey me N. asisafore vthearfcJj clfel N.d0

condemne the fpirit of N.into the pit of evtrlafting condemnation;Íí^j J?.M,Amcn.

Alfo I conjure thee,and contór/e the fpirit óf N. by all angels,archa* gels, thrones, dominations, principats,potcftats, virtutes, cherubim and feiaphini, and by .the foure evangelios, Matthew, Marty, Lul^ and Ma, and by all things contained in the old law and the new, and by their virtues, and by the twelve apoftles, and by all patriarchs, prophets,martyr^ cqnfcilbfs, .virgins., ipnqceius. and by. all the cleft and chpfen, is, aod ■ ■-''feli.be, WmcliftillbWcthtl/c lambe of.Gpd ^ and by their venues ^'nJ!

- : < '• 'I *c5biljuve' aiicf conffrMfie the fpirit of N/ ^rongly j to luve com&otf "talkfc With me, at all times, and in all ¿ayes, nights,hour«, and'miriútt, ind ro tafkc in my mother tongue phincly , that I .may héare ifai}d tuukrftand it, declaring the truth uiito me of all things, a&órcjins; t<> fhint osth and promifc 3 clfe .to be condemned.for eyerjity, fifyAtbi§1/ ' V ' 1. , ;'

1 'Alfolí ctíhjiirf ahd conftraine the fpirit oftf. by. the *'golden girdle', * There is no wblcb ^rdeth the loines 0 f our Lord. Jeftis Chrift , lo tlVou fpirit of N. mention made ¿h¿ubourfd'ancf caft into the pit of cverlafl ng condemnation, for inthegofpels thy'¿rear diíbbediencc and uhreveverit regard' that thou haft to the that Chrift was holy'names and words of God almighty,by me pronounced ¡Fiat,Amén, worth a golden i Alfo.1 conjure,conftraine,command, and bin dc the fpirit of AT., by the two edged fword which John faw'fi'occéd out of. the moúihof God almighfpp:' except thou be obedient as ls.aforefaid , the fword *cnt thee girdle. Bugs words.

• »¿»'«"••J'»------------------ — -- - \ a . 1

in'pececs, and condemne thee into the pit of everlasting pninej, ww-e the fii;e goeth not out, and where the worme dieth not j Fiat} patjii

\Alfo 1 conjure and conftraine the fpit it of N,by the throne of the Cod-head,and by all the heavens under him y and by the ceieftialfclty new Jtrufalenii and by the earth,by the fea, and by afl things creatcd and contained therein, and by their venue* and powers, arid by all the inier-halls, and by their vertucs and powers, and by all things contained therein , and by their Yertues and powers, 1 conjure and conftrairiethe fpirit ofN.tttat now immediatiy thou be obedient unto me, stall timo hereafter, and to thofe words of»me pronounced According to tktW oiM *Is it poftible and promife * Q.fie let the great curfc of Gcd , the anger of Gnd, « to be greater flndow akd 'djrrkedeifc of ev'erlafting condemnation be upon thee rnou than S.Adel- fpirit of N, forever and ever, becaufe thou haft denied thine; beaM,, wr berts curie?«, faith^dfataion ¿for the great difobediencc thou art worthy to ^

ned. Thet®fore let the divine trinity, angelis and archangels, thrones , dominations^ principats ,-yOttlla cs, JVimites,Chcrtibitn and feraphira, and all the foules of the faints, that fliall ftand on the right hand of our lordjefus Chrift , at the generall day of judgement, condemne the fpirit of N. for ever and ever," aqd^be-a witneile againft thee , becauf« of thy great d"ifo be dience, in and a-ain ft thy promiles. Fiat, fiat, A-mcn,

Being thus bound, he muft needs be obedient unto thee, whethar he will or not prove this, And here followtth a bond to call him to your N, and to fliew you true vifipns at all times,-as in the houru of b to-bind or inchant any thing, and inthcheure of V for ptace and concoid, Thefe planeta-in the houre pf cf t0 mai-rc,. to defttoy, and to make iickc, in the hourc ry homes muft of the-0 tobind tongues and ochir bonds ofmen in the home of 9k to in any cafcbc iftcreafe love, joy, and good will, in the hourc of $ tcput away cnimity obfetved. or hatred, tc> know of theft, in the hourc of the D for love, goodwill and concord, h lead % tinne ¿f iron. (•) gold i copper 5 qaickiivcr '8(il-yer, &c. '

This bond as followeth^ is to call him into ycur cryflall flone^ or

AX'foXdp conjure theeipiritil^. by God the father , by Goe the fonnA, ^

and by &od the holy ghoft, A and ii,thc firft and the lafty and by the latter day of judgement,of them which ll».ll pome to judge the tjuicke and the dead,and the world by firc,& by tb'eir vertucs and powers I conftraine thee fpiiitN.to come to him that holdcth the c^yftall.ftojic in his hand,and . toappearc vifibly, as hereafter.followcth., Alfon I conjure thee fpirit M by thefe holy names; of God ^yetra^awmaton^Ado7ia)^f..ElHh Qufwi Alia Hh of Na\a'reth Ht and by the vertucs thereof, and by bis na tivity, death, bui iall, refurrc&ion, and afcenlion, and by all other things appertaining unto his paftion, and by the * bltfted virgin Mary mother of our Lord Jefus Chrift,and by al cbe joy which ihc had when fhe law her " Popifli onne rife from death tolife, and'by the Vertues and powers thereof I fupplcmenr. :onftraine thee fpirit N. to come into the cryftall flonc^ and to aj)pcare vifibly, as hereafter fliall be declared. Alfo I conjiitc thee 2V. thou fpirit, >y all angels, archangels, thrones, dominations , principats, potcftats, *Bclikchchad 'irtu-es,chcrubim andfcraphim,and by the (*Db ¥cf ^ 5,and by rhc the gift to ap-welvc fi^nes,and by their vertues and powers,and byal things created nnd'pcarcin fundry confirmed in, »he iirmament,and by their vertues and powers 1 ccnftraine '(hopes, as it is bcefpivit N.ro;appeawviiibIy in that cjyftall ftoiie,in fairc ^formc and Hid of P'O'ens lapeof a white a'ngtjl* a^reenc ^ngell,.a blacke angell, a maiija wotnau, 'in Ovid,lih, mt-boy,a maiden virgine» a white giayhound, a divcll with g eat homes, tamy.%fab.lo. Moat any hurt or danger of our bodyes or foules, and truly td imforme and of ¡rcttuM* nd (hew unto us, true vifions of all things in that cryftall ftone, ac^ nus'3lib.meta-MdiAg.io thine oath and promifc, and that without any hindrance or mrM-fab,it* Pp i t3r-

Thcdifcwcry parrying;,, to appeare vi fitly, by this bond jof words' read over by met 1 .three times , upon paine of «ycrlafting condemnation $ Fiat {¡si ; Ac^en. *

7!bcn betng appeared, fay. tk. fe words jollomng,.

I conjure thee fpirir,by God the father,that thou ihew true viflonsinthst cryftall ftone, where there be any N.in fuch aplace or no,upon paincof^ verlafting condemnation,F/<tf, Amen. Alfo I conjure thee jpjrii AT by Gt»d the fonnc Icfus Chrift,that thou doe ihew true vifions unto us, \vhcd)trj( be gold or filver,orany other metals, tr whether there were any or no upon painc of condemnatioiijF^f, Amen.Alfo I conjure thee fpirit v God the Holy ghoft, the which doth fan&ifie all faithful! fcules andfpj rits, and by their vertues and power* 1 conftraine thee fpirit tf.to ipcilv open and to declare the true way, how wc may come by thefe trcafure! hidden in N.& how to hayc it in our cuftody,& who are the keepers tlx«, of,and how many there be,and what be their names, and by wdrtmfittoj laid there,and to ihew me true vifions of what fort and fimilitu^ethe^, and how long tbey have kept it, and f6 knbw.in what dayes and heures»; ihallcall fuch a fpirit, N. to bring unto us thefe treafures, into fuch a pi« N.upon paine of everlafting condemnation >J«Alfo I conftraine thee(jti N,by all angels, archangels,thronei,dominations, principats, poteft», virtutes, cherubim & fcraphim,that you do (hew a true vilionln rhisc^ Note that the ftall ftone, who did convay or ftealc awa7 fuch a N. and where, it ii,^ fpirit is tied to wh* hath it,and how far off,and wk'at is his or hef name, ancf'ho\t ai< obedience un- when to come unto it,upon paine of eternall condemnation, Fiai,\Amea dcr paine of Alfo I conjure thee fpirit N. by the (• 2) fj V of1 ? 5 & by all thitb condemnation rafters in the firmament, that thou d©ihew unto me a truevifionintli and hell fire,, cryftall ftone , where fuch N.and in what ftate he is, and how loagb hath been there,and what time he will be in fuch a place, what -day al houre: and this and all other things to declare plaincly* in paineo/bdt firejFw/,Araen»

A licence to depart.

Depart out of the fight of this cryftall ftone in ^cace fof'a.ite and ready to appeare therein againe at any time or times 1 ftj call thee, by the vertue of our Lord lefus'Chrift,-i and by» bonds of words which are written in this booke, and to. apjpcatcn fibly,asthe words be rehearfed. I conftraine thee ipirir N.ty ty* vinity of the Godhead, to be obedient unto thefe words rehearfed, »J paine of everlafting condemnation^!! in this woridjind in tbe world* tome f Fiat,fiat, pat, Amen.

CHAi of Witchcraft» Chap. 20.21, 311 CHAP. xx.

When to ta\ with fpirtts9 and to have true anfxers to find out a theife.

1*He dayes and houres of "ft tf 3 and the 2) is beft to doe all crafts of This is con-* necromancy, and for to fpeak with (pirits,and for to find theft,and to demned for have true aniwer thereof, or of any other fuch like. * And.in the dayes rank tolly by and hourcsof®¥ 9 is beftro doe all experiments of leve, and to pur- thedoftors:.»* chafe grace,and for to be inviliblc, and to do any operations whatever it by C byfoi'tjup» be, for any thing,the Dbeing in a convenient figne. * As when thou la- Manh.Gngoi. boureft for theife,fee the moon be in an earthy ligne, as tf »1?vy , or of in bomil.fup. /> theair, as H^^t * And Kit be for love, favour or grace, let the > piJj.m.Domimi beina lignc of the fire, as T<51 and for hatred, in a (t°nc ofjthe wn- and others, tcr, asslUK. For any other experiment, lathe y, beinT, * And if thou findeft the ® and the )) in ont fign that is called in even number, then thou mayft write,confecrate, conjure,and make ready all manner of things that thou wilt doe,&c.

To ¡peak r»hh fpirits. Call thefe nam<ts>Orimoih> Bclimoih, LyM'ck> and fay thus: I conjure you up by the names of the angels Satur and A^imr,tlm you intend to me in this houre, and fend unto a me fpirit called Sagrigrh> that he do fulfill my commandement and defire,and that alfo can underftand my words for one or two years,or as long as I will,&c.

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