Offourcapitall cutties objected againft witches? all fully anfwered and confuted as frivolo #s.

Blrft therefore th«y lay to their charge idolatry. But alas without all reafon *, fof fuch are properly known to us to be idolaters, as do ex-ternall worfhip to idols or ft range gods, The furrheft point that idolatry can be ftr etched unto, is, thar they, which are culpable therein, are fach as hope for and feek falvation at the hands of idol?, or of any other than God i or fix their whole mind and love upon any creature, fo as the power of God be weglcfted and contemned thereby. Bat witches nei-


45 . 3-Book. Thedifqovery ^dylncHcubwMp^y jnCHbus ther fcek lioc beleeve to have falvation at tlje hands of»devils, but by the« they axe oneiy deceived > the infirurotnts of their fantafie being cort#< ptvd, and fo infatuated, that they fuppofe, confefle, and fay they cart\to that, which is as far re beyond tbeir power and nature todo, astokW* man at Torks before noon, when they have been feen ac. London in th* morning* &c. But ifthefe latter idolaters* whofe idolatry is fpirittiM and committed oneiy in mind, ihould be punifhedby.deathmen fhouii ever*/ covetous man or other,that fetreth his affeftion any way toonwdf upon an earthly creature be execnted^nd yet perchancc*the witch might efcapefcotfree*

Secondly, epoftafie is laid to their charge, whereby it is inferred, that they are worthy, to dy. Rue apoftafie is, where any of found fudge mm forfake the gofpcll, learned and well known unto them; and do noc one ly imbrace impiety and infidelity > butoppugnc andfefift the truth crft« while by them profelfed. But alas thefe poor women go not about to di» fend any impiety,bur after good admonition repent.

Thirdly, ihey would have them exccute&for fedticing the people. Bur God knoweth they have fmall ftore ofRhetorike or are to feduce j except totclla tale of Robin good fellow, to ,be deceived and fediiicedi Neitlto may their age or fcx admie thac opinion!or accnfation to He» juti1: for chef themfeives are poor feduced foulcs.l for ray part(as elfe-where I hSvefwd) have proved this point to be falfe in moft apparent'fort.

Fourthly, as touching the accufation, which alt the writers life hereltt againft them for their carnal! copulation wkh ImuBhs'. the folly of me# credulity is as much to be wondered5 ac and derided» as the others vairtl and impoflibleconfeifions. ForthedeviMsafpitfit^ and hath neither fldr nor bones, whidi were to be ufed in theperforflMWte of this aitioh»' An* flhce heaWo laekfech all inftttimenw, fiibftanCe, and''feed ingendted) (rf blood j it were folly to ftay overlong in the confutation of that, whiih^ not in the nature of thing«« And yet muft I fayfomewh^thirei n, becatfe the opinion hereof is feftrongly andnnlirerfally receivedi and the fafeltf hereupon fo innumerablei• wheieby M.Mai» ft)dintHembgiu f, fypet'W DknAHfi Enftu/, and'oihers that take upon the» towrlte herein atev fo abwfedr or< rather feelr to abufo-others-j' as'IfW6ri4# at their ffond credulity in this behalfe. For they affirme undoUbfedfyitJli the devil playeth Succubus to the man, and carryeth from him the feed of genera'ion, which hedeliverethas Incubks to the woman, who many times ihtf way is gotten with childj which will very naturally, (they fayjj becomeawitch,andfuchaone they ztfttmc Mir linewas.

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