Of natrnU mtckraft orfafcimtiotu ttUt becaufe I am loth to oppofemy fclfe againft all the writers herein* -or altogether to difcredit their fto*ies,or wholly to debtee their reports, touching the effe^s of fafcination or witchcraft > I wil now fet downc certain parts thereof, which although I my fel£. cannot admit, without fomp doubts, difficulties and exceptions, yet wil I give free liberty to others to beleeve them, if they lift j for that they do not direftly oppugnc tpypurpol'c. Jv,■

JWany great and;grave authors write^-and njany fond writers alfo af- I ftgomis. fonje, that there are certain families inApbrica, which with theic Voices McmphradoruU {jewitcb wiiatfoever they praife. Infomuch as, if they commend either Solm,&c. ptam, corne, infant, horfe, or any otherbeafts, the lameprefently wi-thexab, decayeth and dyeth. This myftery of witchcraft is not un- J. Bodimt. jcnowiie'orneglie&ed of out witchmongers, and fuperftitious fooles here Md.malef*

EUrope. , But to ihew you pxamples necx home here in England, as tWighoiir voice had the life operation; you fliall not hear a.butcher 6r (jQJtfecourfcr dieapen a bullock or a jade, but if he buy hin» not, he faith, Gpd favebim if he doforget it, and the horfeor bullock chance to die, tfee fault is imputed to the chapman^ Certainly the fentence is godly, if ifdoejpnoceed iram a>feithful and a godly mind ; but :if it be fpoken as a fwcrttitiovis charme^ by thofi: words and'fyllabUf to (jompourtd with the* wbination and jmiSadVentii« ofunfortunatc words, the pbfafc isrwicked) >::' v < atuUnpefftitiousythough therewcrefarrfe greater ft»w of >godliri«ife tha»' ;V t.

% ii i.: u >i ji ¡i'/'i s'ibmbii -io Ï Y -/»ri «Î 'A bluo* ji ^ny yi^i

/,j; :)lhnA ,t jc!; >raproperty were ,i0F<#lfr..;ra»(t3i -ri fiwthcoldllljrri-.;( - >;lc v; an people in-

Any writers agree with Virgil and Theocritus in the effe& of witching dued: if we wil eyes, affirming that in Scyibia there are women called Bithia, ha- credit the) ving two bals or rather blacks in the apple of their eyes. And as Didimus words of Sabi-reporceth/ome have in the one eye two fuch bals, and in the other the nus grounded MSfceofahorfe. Thefe (forfooth) with their angry looks do bewitch upon the rc-and hurt not only young lambs, but young children. There be other that port of Aul.

llui retain Gell,

1.?tiip,WeapoU in lib de natu rah magia.

I & Book* The difcóveiy Btmuhfag retain fuch venóme in their eyes, and/end it forth by beams and ¿ream» ;fo violently, that therewith they annoy not only them with whom thtv > are cdnverfant continwally 5 buc alfo all other, whofe company they fret quent* of what age, ftrengrh or complexion foever ihey be: tsc'mih Plutarch, Pbtlauhm^nd many others give out in their writings.

This fafcination (faith John Baptifla Porta Neapolitans) though it gin by touching or breathing, is alwaies accomplifked and finillicd by eye, as an extermination or expulfion of the fpirits through the eyes, ap. proachingto the heart of the bewitched, and infe&ing the fame, ¿ Whereby it qommeth to paiTe9tbat a child,or a young man endued witbt clear, whole, fubtil and fweet blond, yceldeth the like fpirits,breath,and vapours fpringing from the purer bloud of the heart. And the lighteft and fineft fpirits, 3fcending into the bightft parts of the head, do fa! into the eye*, and fo aré from thence fent forth, as being of all 0t¿ parts, of the body the mod; clear* and fulleil of ve.ns and pores, and yvitj the very fpiritor vapour proceeding thence, is conveyed out as it wcrt by beams and dreams a certain fiery force 5 whereof he that beholdttft Tfiis i 5 held of -fore eyes fhali have good experience. For the poifon and difeafe in the for truth, eye infefteth the air next unto it, and the fame proceeded! further, cam« ing with it the vapour and infection of the corrupted bloud: with tbé cont agion whereof, the eyes' of the beholders are moft apt to be tnfc&l, By this fame means it is thought that the cockatrice depriveth the lift, and a woolf taketh away the voice of fuch as they fuddenly meet withli and behold.

Old women, in whom the ordinary eour fe of nature faileth in the office . of purging their naturall monthly humours, fhew alfo ibme proofhnof, .lorias the faid I. B. P. N. rcporteth alledging Ariflotle for his autbos) they leave in a looking glafle a certain froth, by means of the jtoffc v* puurs proceeding out ot their eyes, which commethfoto pafle, bcauie thofe vapours orvfpirits, which fo abundantly come from their eyes, cafr not pierce and enter into'the glaífe, which is hard and without pores^ therefore refifteth: bat the beams which are carryed in the chariot'óf conveyance of the fpirits, from the eies of one body to another^ do pint* to the inward parts, and there breed infe&ion, whileft ihey.icarcb ?« feek for,their proper region. And asthefe beams and vapours dopro«tí from the heart of the one, fo are they turned into bloud about the aeaiw the other. which blond difagreeing with the nature of the bewitched party, infeeblcth the reft of his body,and maketh him fiek 5 ^e connpto whereof fo long continueth, as tbediftempered bloud hath /©rc*ú»«e membe ». And becaufe the infc&ion is of bfoudi, the fearer or iickflcne will be cominuall j wbetcas if it wercoí cbolcr^ ot-fiegmep it ww* K imermfcum or alterable,

Non eft in fp culo vesqn* fpeculatm in Mo.

mnrdHÁguh of Witchcraft, Chatio: jjz

' Of nalHrall witchcraft for iove> &c.

BUt as .there is fafcination and witchcraft by malicious %and angry ties Wefcio quis a* unto difpleafure 5 fo are there witching afpefts,tending tontrafiwife to cuius tuteres love, or at theleaft, to the procuring of good will and liking. For if mihi fafcinat the fafcination or witchcraft be brought to pafle or provoked by the defire, agnos, faith by the wifhing and coveting of any beautifull fhape or lavour,the venome Vugil 5 and is ¿rained through the eyes , though it be from a far, and the imagina- thus Englilhed tionofa beautiful forme reftethin the.heart of the lover, ?nd kindleth by ^Abraham the fire wherewith it is affli&ed. And becaufe the moft delicate,fwcct,and Fleming tender bloud of the beloved doth there wander, his countenance is there reprefented ihining in hisfowne bloud,and cannot there be quiet; and is g.,th »ie to but a fo haled from thence, that the bloud of him that is wounded, rcboundcth Sucking thtic din and flippeth into the woundcr, according to the faying of X&c/*/i#itkc AMift«i«haM. poet to the like purpole and meaning in thefe Yerfe$ > .

Idque petit corpus, mens unde e(l fattcia amore> Natnque omnes plcrunque cadunt in vnlnus> & illm Emicat in partem fanguisy unde icimur iftu i ' Etft Qfimimt eft) os turn rubor occupat humor:

And to that body tis rebounded» From whence the mind by love is wounded^ , Tor in a manner all and fome, Into that wound of love do come, And to that, part the bloud doth flee Fitom whence with ftroke we ftrtken bee, If hard at hand, and near in place, Thcmuddie colour fils the facet

Engliihcd by» Abraham F/C* mmg.

Thusmuch may ft em Efficient touch!ngthis{matt«r of natural ma»

Sick 5 «hereunto though much more may be annexed, yet for the avoi-ingof tedioufntfll-iand for fpeedier paffageto that which remaineth j I wiirbreak off this prefent treatife. And now fomewhat ihal be faid con-pmitti 4iiclt aadffifit* inthe difcouric following..

U ni

A Difcourfeupon divels and fpirits; arid fuft of Philofophefs opinions, alfo the manner of their reajoning hereupon j and the fame confuted.

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