4-cap. 23» A fpeiall objeUion anfwered concerning trasportation}, wi\b ibt conjcnt of diver[e writers thereupon.

FhOr the maintenance of witches tranfportationf,they object the wordj of the Gofpell, where the devill is faid to take up Chrift, and to fee him on a pinnacle of the temple, and on a mountain, fcc. Which if he had done in manner and forme as they fuppofe, it followeth not there*, fore that witches could do rhe like >nor yet that the devil would do ir for them at their pJeafure>for they know not their thoughts,neither canother* wife communicate with them.But I anfwer,that if it were fo grofTely to be underftood;as they imagine it,yet fhould ic make nothingto their purpoff. For I hope they will not fay, that Chrift had made any ointcmnts or entred into any leagucwith the devil,& by ver rue thereof was tranfported from out •ii . tnrs „f ri>niole ofTerofalem'5or that the dp

Aniwercd to the former ob/eftion.

into anyleagucwitn tne ctevn,» Dy venue w.^w. __________r______________

of rhe wiJdcmefle,unto the top of the temple ofjerofalemjor that the dp vill could have mafteries ov^r his body, vvhofe foul he could never Jay hold uponi etpecially when he might (with a beck of his finger^ have tailed unto him, and have had the afliftance of many legions of angels. Nei-ther Cas I thinke) will they prefume to make Chrift partaker Of rhe devils purpofe and finne in that behalfe. If they fay) This was anaflion wrought by the fpcciall providence of God> and by his appointment* cfui the fcripture might be fulfilled, then what gain our witchmongers by diii place i Firft, for that they may not produce a particular example f6 prove fo general 1 an argument. Andagaine, if it were by Gods fpec'^11 providence and ap; ointment * then why fhould it not be done by the hand of God, as it was in thertory of fib? Or if it were Gods fpecMIJ purpofe and.pleafure, thar there fhould be fo extraordinary a matt« brought to paffe by the hand of the devill 3 could not God have giveriW the wicked'angell extraordinary power, and cloathed him with extraor riinary fhape j wheieby he might be made an inflrument able toaccom* plifh that matter, as he did to his angell that cjrrk'd Abacuck to t>aniett, and to them that he fent to dcitroy Sodotne? But you fhall underftand,th»

chit jtf.mnfporttiiont confuted, of Witchcraft. Chap.SV 79

this was done in a vifion, and not i n verity of aftion. So as they have a very cold pull of this place, which is the fpeciall peece of Scripture alleged of them for their transportations.

Heare therefore that Calvine faith in his commentary upon that place, in thefe words* The queftion is,whether Chrift were carried aloft indeed, f'Calvtne or whether it were but in a vifion ? Many affirme very obftinately» that barmen his body was truely and really as they fay taken up : becanfe they think it vang.'m Matk too great an indignity for Chrift to be made fubjeft to Satans iliufions.But this objeftioit is eafily wafhed away- For it is no abfurdhy to gtant all this to be wrought through Gods permiffion, or Chrifts voluntary lubje-ftion: fo long as we yeeld riot to think that he fuftcrred thefe temptations inwardly, that is to fay, in mind or foul- And that which is afterwards fetdownby the Evangelift, where the devill fhewed him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of the fame, and that to be done (as it is faid fn Luk$) in the twinkling of an eye, doth more agree with a vifion than with a reall a&ion. So farre are the very words of Calvin. Which differ not one fyllable nor five words from that which I had written herein, before I looked for his opinion in the matter. And this hope will be fufficient to overthrow the alfertions of them that lay the ground of their transfportations and flying in the air hereupon.

He that will fay, that thefe words *, to wit, that Chrift was taken up, fcc. can hardly be applied to a vifion, let him turnc to the prophefie of Extchiel and fee the felfe fame words ufed in a vifion : faving that where Chrift is faid to be taken up by the devill,E^echiel is taken up, and lifted up, and carried by the fpirit of God, and yet in a vifion. But they have lefTe reafon that build upon this fandy rock, the fupernaturall frame of Ezeas.ta. tranfubftantiation i as almoft all our witching writers do.For Sprenger and ancj jV* Inftitor fay, that the devill in the likneffe of a falcon caught him up j Da-«¿«/faith, it wain the fimilitude of aman* others fay, of an angell painted with wingiothers, invifible : Ergo the devill can take (fay they^ what fhape he lift. But though fome may cavil upon the devills transforming of himfelfe) yet, that cither devill or witch can transforme lfia},mkf» or tranfubftantiate others, there is no tittle nor colour in the Scriptures to helpe them. If there were authority for it, and that it were .paft al I peradventure, lo, what an eafie matter it is to refubftantiate an-àlîe into aman. For Bodin faith upon the word of Apuleius, that if the aflfc eat newrofes, anife, or bay-leaves out of fpring-water, it will prefently re- l.KodJib.dt jturne him into a man. which thing Sprenger faith may be done, by dem.$.cap& j wafhing the afle in fair water : yea he fhewech an inftancc, where, by In MaUrnU drinking of water an affe was turned into a man*

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