Againft interpreter? of dmme$9 ef the ordinary eaufeofdreanter, Hcmingins bis opinion of diabolical dreames, the interpretation t[ dreames ceajed*

THere arebookes carried about concerning this matter, under tfft name of Abraham, who (as Philo In lib. gigantum faith) was the foil inventor of the expofition of dreames: and foJikewife of Solomon ind Daniel. Bur Cicer o In lib%de divinatione coBfuceth the vanity and folly of them thac give credit to dreames. And as for the interpreter* ol dreams,as»they know not before thedreame,nor yet after any ceataintyj yet when any thing afterwards happeneth', then they apply the dreame to that which hath chanced.

Certainly men never lightly faile to dfeaqje by night, of that w/iid they meditate by day : and by dsjy they fee .divers and fundry things,and conceive them feverally in their mindsi Then thofc mixed conceits be-rug laid up in the clofet of the memory, ftrive together j which,bccaiit the phantafie cannot difcerne nor difcufle« fome certaine thing gather' ed of many conceits is bred ana contrived in one tdgether. Ad "therefore in my opinion* it is time vainly employed, to rtudy aboot the interpretation of dreames. He that lift «to fee the folly and vanity thereof, may read a vaine creacife, fet out by Thomas Hill Londww, I $ 62.

Laitly, there are diabolical dreames, which Nichofaus Hemingios & , videthinto three fores. The firft is, when the devil immediately of hio-felfefhe mcaneth corporally) offerech any matter of dreame. Secondly when the devil fheweth revelarions to them that have made requeft unto him therefore. Thirdly, when magicians by art bring to pafle,tlut other men dreame what they will. Afiiiredly thefe, and fo all tfeerdi (as they may beufed) arc very magicall and devUilh dreames. For it though we may receive comfort of minde by thole, which are calleddi* vine dreames, and health of body through phyfical dreames: yetifirt tajte upon us to ufe the office of God in the revelation or rather tlw interpretation of them j or if we attribute unto them miraculous eifA (now when we fee the gifts of prophefie,and of interpretation of dreames» and allb rhe operation of miracles are ce afed, which were fpeoial and peculiar gifts of God, to confirme the truth of the word, and to eftablifli hil people in the faith of the MeiTias , who is now exhibited unto us both in the teftameiit,and alfo in the blood of our Saviour jefus Chrift)weiK bewitched, and both abufe and offend the majefty of God, and alfo ft' duce, delude and coufenall fucha* by our pcrfwafion , and tbeis own light beleefe,give us credit.


oiWitchcrafu chap, v*


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