Of bawd) Incubus and Succubus5 and whether the attion of vtnerym b- performed between witches and devils ¡and when witches fir ftfidi

BrabanttJ' T-i (iheY ^cubus was fain to ravifh women againft the lib de <dDib Uftr,1J Anno' but n0vV ^lnce ^ac time wicchesconfo in fen.did 1 their defires i Infomuch as fome one witch exercifcd thittti

4rt-4. of lechery wi»hIncubus twenty or thirty yeares togetheras was conft

Gen 6 a ^ ^ourt>'dnci witches burned at Raven[purge-Bui what $oo jy felLowcs Incvbtff b'.grtteth ypon tHefcwkchcfii is proved by ar/m otAquine, MmMMalHyferlnSifoo \

This is proved firft by ihe dcviTt cunning, in difcerning the diflferil of rhe feed which fallech from men. Secondly, by his underftanding' the aptneffe of rhe women for the receipt of fuch feed. Thirdly by! knowledge of rhe conftelUtions, which are friendly to fuch corporally 'efts. Andlaftly, by the excellent complexion of iuch as thedtvi «uketh choice of, to beget fuch notable perfonages apon, as are j

-Bawdy Incubus &c. of Witchcraft. Chap.a. 59

caufes of the grea^nefle and excellency of the child thus begotten. tAal'jnalef*

And to prove that fuch bawdy doings betwixt the devil and witches lipar.j.qua.u Bottomed, S. Auguftine is allcdged, who faith, that All fuperftitious arts Augujt.dc had their beginning of the peftiferous focicty betwixt the divell and man. dofoina. Wherein he faith truely, for that in paradife, betwixt rhe devill and Chrift* man, all wickedneife was fo contrived, that man ever fince hathftudied wicked arts:yea and the devill will be fure to be at the middle and at both ends of every mifchief. But that the devill ingendretfywith a woman, in manner and form as is fuppofed, and naturally begetteth the wicked,neither is it true, nor Auguftines meaning in this place.

Howbeit M*Mal.proceedeth, affirming that All witches take their beginning from fuch filthy aftions, wherein the devill, in Iikenefle of a pretty wench, lieth proftitute as Succubus to the man, and retaining his nature and feed, conveyeth it unto the witch, to whom he delivercrh it as Incubus. Wherein alfo is refuted the opinion of them that hold a fpi-rit to be impalpable, M.Mai, faith, There can be rendred no infallible rule, though a probable diftinftion maybe fee down, whether Incubus Mdim\ef. in the ad of venery do alwayes powre feed out of hij alfumed body. And ', »¿ft.t. this is the diftinftion, Either ihe h old and barren, or young and preg- j. /Mdef. »ant. If fhe be barren, then doth Incubus ufeher without deciflonof ' feedj becaufe fuch feed fhould ftrvc for no purpofe* And the devill a* f ^ voideth fuperfluity as much as he may *, and yet for her pleafure and condemnation together, he goeth to worke with her. But by the way, if the devil were fo compendious, what fhould he need to ufe fuch circumftances, even in thefe very anions, as to make thefe aflemblies, conventicle?, ccremonies, &c. when he hath already bought their bodies, and. bargained for their foules? Or what reafo« had he, to mike them killfo many infants, by whom he rather lofeth than gaineth any thing j becaufe they ate, fo farre as ci'her he or we know, in better cafe than we, of riper years by reafon of their intiocency? Well, if ihe be not paft children, then ftealeth he feed away (as hath been faidj from fome wicked man being about that lecherous bufinefle, and therewith getteth young witches upon the old.

Ane note, that they affirme that this bufinefle is better accompliihed with feed thus gathered,thin that which is fhed in dreames, through fuperfluity of humors: becaufe that is gathered from the vcrtue of the feed generative. And if it be faid that the feed will wax cold by the way, and fo lofc his naturall heate, and confequently the vertue: M.'Mal. Danaus and the reft do anfwcrc, that the devil can fo carry it, as no heat (hall go from it, toe* ^ Vantusln di*

Furthermore, old witches are fworne to procure as many young virgin?

fot IwuN/astbey can, whereby in rime they grow to |>e excellent bawds; /ifi/dri/*. but in this cafe the piieft pfryeth Incubus. For you ihould find, that con-^ JaSprenger f^ion to a prieft, and namely this word Benedictr, drivethlnckfcmway, L Malmalef. when AvtMtrfesf eroflb, and all other charmes fail.

Thli was done at Ra-verifpurge.

Hal mlefi

60 ^Book. The difcovery

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