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An old and simple spell from the leprechaun-enchanted land of Ireland calls for a gold wedding ring and a thorn from a gooseberry bush.

When the moon is on the wane (and only during this lunar phase), touch or prick the sty with the thorn inserted through the ring. Do this nine times, each time shouting the word, "away!" This is reputed to make the sty vanish quickly and never return.

Other magickal sty-curing methods from centuries past (similar to those used for charming away warts) included rubbing the sty with a twig cut from an elder tree and then burying the twig, and rubbing a bean pod nine times upon the sty, then burying it under an ash tree. But in order for either spell to be effective, they had to be carried out in secret and on a night when the moon was waning.

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