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The hop, a plant commonly employed as a flavoring and preservative in beer since the 14th century, has long been regarded by Witches as an herb of prosperity and good luck.

It is an old custom among the English to hang a spray of flowering hops in the kitchen or dining room to ensure the prosperity of all in the household.

Many Witches and other magickal practitioners believe that hops possess healing energy vibrations and use the plant's flowers and leaves to stuff healing poppets and sachets. Dried hops are also added to magickal incenses and burned during the casting of spells to help heal many ailments.

To help cure insomnia and ward off nightmares, stuff a pillowcase with dried hops that have been enchanted by visualization and incantation. Sleep with the herb-stuffed pillow beneath your head and you should enjoy a peaceful night's rest.

To attract good luck, as well as to keep bad luck away, fashion a wreath from dried hops and keep it in your home over the mantelpiece or the hearth. Be sure to replace it with a new wreath every year at hop-picking season to prevent your good luck from running out.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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