Divination to Determine Number of Children

To discover the total number of children you will have in your lifetime, perform this old Scottish method of divination: Go alone into a field of oats at the witching hour on Halloween. With your eyes tightly closed or your vision obscured by a blindfold, spin yourself three times around in a clockwise fashion and then reach out and randomly pull three stalks of oats. After doing this, open your eyes and count the number of grains there are upon the third stalk. This will tell you the number of children that you will father or give birth to.

According to W Grant Stewart's 19th-century book, Highlanders of Scotland, "It may be observed, that it is essential to a female's good name that her stalk should have the top-grain attached to it." Should the top of the stalk be missing, this is taken as a sign that the woman will lose her virginity prior to her wedding day.

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