10th: On this day in the year 1872, residents of the state of Nebraska planted close to one million trees in celebration of the first Arbor Day. (In 1882, Nebraska declared Arbor Day a legal holiday and changed its date to April 22, which was J. Sterling Morton's birthday.) Throughout most of the United States, Arbor Day is currently observed each year on the last Friday in April —a day on which many Wiccans and Pagans plant trees, perform special tree-honoring rituals, meditate on Deity manifesting as trees, and give thanks for the abundance of the earth.

12th: The first day of the annual 8-day Cerealia festival was celebrated in ancient Rome on this day. It paid homage to the goddess Ceres, who was connected to the earth and its fruits, and included sacred rites to guard the crops against failure.

14th: The Celtic tree month of Alder (Fearn) ends.

15th: The Celtic tree month of Willow (Saille) begins.

16th: In the Middle Ages, Saint Padarn's Day (Celtic) was the traditional time for farmers to begin weeding the growing crops.

22nd: Earth Day. (The first Earth Day was held in the United States in 1970 to raise public awareness of environmental issues and ecology. Twenty years later in 1990, 20 million Americans observed the second Earth Day. Since then it has been observed every year.) On this day, many Wiccans and Pagans throughout the world meditate on Deity manifesting as Mother Earth and perform special rituals to honor her and to heal her from the ravages of mankind.

23rd: This day starts the annual Iroquois planting ceremonies and thanksgiving for the gift of the corn seed.

25th: On this day the ancient Romans celebrated the annual Robigalia festival to honor and appease the dual-gendered deity Robigus. Sacrificial offerings of red dogs and sheep were made to prevent blight from the growing grain. Saint Mark's Day divination: Pluck nine sage leaves as the clock strikes 12 at noon and, according to old herbal lore, your future husband (or a vision of him) will appear before you.

28th: The Floralia, an annual 3-day festival honoring the flower-goddess Flora, began on this day in ancient Rome. In ancient and medieval Europe, various vegetation festivals were celebrated every year on this day.

30th: Walpurgis Night. According to medieval legend, this is a night given over to demonic forces and evil spirits. For protection, wear or carry angelica, garlic, mandrake root, rowan, or Saint John's wort as an herbal amulet. On this night, the Horned God of the ancient Celtic and Teutonic peoples was honored. In his Green Man aspect, he personified the spirit of all trees and plants.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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