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Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet

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Healing Ritual With Coloured Glass

This method of healing is one of the oldest in traditional folk magick, using the equivalent of the ceremonial elemental substances that I wrote of in Chapter 6. Folk magick was originally based on substances that have comprised the diet of ordinary people for thousands of years. They are all infused symbolically as well as actually with the life force. Fruit and seed, nectar and corn, enrich, empower and endow this water with your healing powers and the life force that flows though our lives and through all creation.

Healing Ritual For An Absent Person

This simple healing ritual is for someone who has a virus or other debilitating condition. The virus may be affecting the whole body and not responding to treatment. The ritual incorporates the four main stages of a spell described on page 40 and can work equally well for a solitary practitioner or a group of witches. As the ritual is intended to stimulate the body's immune system, it is best done on the gentle early waxing moon energies (see page 235 for the best hours and day of the week). * Place on the altar symbols of health fruit, flowers, seeds and nuts are all full of prana, or life force. Goddess, Mother, healer, restorer, hear our plea. * Leave the altar candles burning and eat the fruit and seeds and nuts to absorb the magical life force.

The Effects of Shamanic Healing

The person who undergoes a shamanic or any other type of energy healing may find that little in her life changes, and she may find just the opposite. For most people a healing of this sort can open up blocked emotional and spiritual channels, leaving them better able to work with energy and better able to use their psychic skills. For some, mucking about in the energy field can reopen old wounds or force the patient to confront baggage long forgotten (or deliberately shoved aside). Generally, however, if such healing is a regular practice those issues will be gently cleansed away over time. A shamanic healing is something like an energy tune-up for your spiritual engine. It is not in any way a substitute for prescription drugs or other doctor-indicated therapies energy healing is not a replacement for other medical care, but a complement to it. These techniques can help make Western medicine more effective and less taxing on the patient, and are an important part of healing the whole...

World healing spell

Place the crystal on the part of your body, which hurts. Visualize the crystal letting of healing energy absorbing into you body. After about one hour the pain should be gone You Remember you must clans your crystal every time you have used it on some one or yourself. You don't want to absorb and negative energies

Protective Water Ritual

Herbs have been used for healing since time immemorial in cultures all over the world. In herbal medicine, the herbs whose properties alleviate a particular illness or state of mind are taken internally or applied to the physical body externally. However, in healing magick, light and healing energies are transmitted through colour, crystals, herbs, oils and incenses and used as a focus for transferring healing energies to trigger the body and mind's own immune system, through visualisation and telepathic waves. In this way, healing magick is akin to spiritual healing. By directing the natural restorative energies of the Earth, nature and the cosmos towards a sick or distressed person, animal or place through mind or soul flow, we can stimulate and amplify their self-healing powers. A number of witches are formally trained in the healing arts, using both conventional methods, such as surgery, and alternative therapies, such as chiropractic, aromatherapy and Reiki. Witches may also be...

The Heart Chakra Love

The Heart is the chakra of wholeness and acceptance it balances the self-centeredness of the lower three chakras with the lofty spirituality of the upper three, and integrates all the various aspects of our being. The Heart chakra shows us our inherent connection to all that lives, and removes the boundaries between us and the rest of creation. It is the sense of being deeply spiritually connected. The Heart chakra is also the center of healing, as it receives healing energy and lets it flow to where it is most needed by the body, heart, or spirit.

Methods Of Using Colour For Healing

You can use specific colours to charge water with magical healing energies. You can then drink this water or pour it into your bath, to absorbing the essence of the colour. You can also place one of the appropriately coloured healing crystals listed below in water for a few hours to increase its life force.

Healing With Water And Coloured Glass

You will remember, for example, that water from a pink or indigo bottle will bring harmony and gentle healing calm. But more specifically, a drink in a teenager's lunch box made with pink water will heal any hurts and fears a sensitive youngster experiences in the outside world. Clear water to which a quartz crystal has been added is an instant energiser, transmitting the life force in concentrated form.

Lughnassadh The Festival Of The Corn Harvest

Focus Willing sacrifice for the greater good, natural justice and karma, trusting the cosmos to provide by giving without seeking immediate return also spiritual transformation, renewal of the life force by absorbing the powers of the spirit of the corn through food and drink.

God Of The Month The King

In Pagan mythology the King is a positive figure, empowered not in His own right but by union with the Goddess. His wisdom and strength are an aid to Her and a blessing to us. He does not rule but rather works to advance His family and community, whose welfare are His responsibility. The God has sacrificed Himself at Summer Solstice, giving His life force for the greater good, and it is as King that He carries this out, pouring out His love for the world through constructive action.

Ritual For Creating Healing Magick

Each evening or morning - or whenever you have time - light your healing candle and hold one of your special crystals and your crystal sphere or pendulum and focus on of the names in your book, sending the candlelight reflected though the crystal to wherever it is needed. The traditional healing hour is ten o' clock at night, but what is more important is that the time is one where you can be quiet and are not pressurised by other demands. Begin by holding a healing crystal and focusing the energies through the candle flame you can then extend this ritual for specific healing purposes.

The Chapters Of Coming Forth By

Prove true the words of Osiris before his enemies what was commanded for Osiris , let that be done for me by Thoth. I am with Horus on the day of dressing Teshtesh. I open the hidden water-springs for the ablutions of Urt-ab. I unbolt the door of the Shetait Shrine in Ra-stau. I am with Horus as the protector of the left shoulder of Osiris, the dweller in Sekhem. I enter in among and I come forth from the Flame-gods on the day of the destruction of the Sebau fiends in Sekhem. I am with Horus on the day s of the festivals of Osiris, at the making of offerings and oblations, namely, on the festival which is celebrated on the sixth day of the month, and on the day of the Tenat festival in Anu. I am the UAB priest (libationer) in Tetu, Rera, the dweller in Per-Asar. I exalt him that is upon the high place of the country. I look upon the hidden things (the mysteries) in Ra-stau. I recite the words of the liturgy of the festival of the Soul-god in Tetu. I am the SEM priest, and perform his...

Oils of the chakras and primary colors

If you study the chakras in any depth, you will find that their color correspondence is not always the same from one book to the next. Recognizing the diversity on which we can draw our lore, I have made an effort to associate the chakras directly to the primary colors. There are actually many other chakras and energy points, just as there are many other colors. These oils are used to activate the energy centers of the body, and to strengthen the aura, as discussed in Chapter 4. They can also be placed in a diffuser and used to establish an atmosphere corresponding to the attributes listed in Chapter 9. If you use these oils in the making of candles, color those candles appropriately.

Magick To Increase Positivity

These are the least focused kind of spells. They are used to send out energies to whoever needs them, for example of love, happiness, health or abundance. They may be for an endangered species, a war-torn land, a country in need of water or the planet itself. If a large number of people do send positive energies either to a large-scale project or into the cosmos, followed where possible by practical help or support, then this can really make a difference. Again, by sending out healing you will receive in return threefold healing in indirect but powerful ways.

Protective Crystal Ritual

* For a house move, bury the 'new home' crystal near the front door of your present property to create a happy atmosphere for the new owners or tenants. Bury the 'old home' crystal in the ground near your new front door when you move, to transfer positive energies with you and make the new home instantly yours.

Candles Colours and the Zodiac

Practitioners of strict ceremonial magick say that you should never use a candle that has been lit for another ritual or purpose and should not use these afterwards for household illumination. However, since candles are so expensive and since you will only be performing positive magick, there is no reason why ritual candles should not be adapted for everyday use. Candles from harmony and healing spells may be used in quiet areas of the home, and candles for energy and success in work or study areas.

Living By The Seasons

So in these earlier and by no means idyllic times, everything - Earth, cattle, corn, humans and animals -was in harmony, not only physically, but spiritually. Fertility spells and the rituals marking the passing of the year were a natural part of popular folk magick and of the everyday world and with the celebration of the harvest, so blessings were called down on every hearth and home.

Popular Witchcraft And Magic

Ft must be emphasized at once how numerous those workers were. Nineteenth-century England and Wales abounded with cunning folk, conjurers and magical healers, occupying a hierarchy ascending from the village charmer who had power over specific human and animal ailments to the regional magician, usually resident in a town, who countered hostile magic, predicted the future, and traced stolen goods, in 1816 the small Yorkshire seaport of Whitby had no less than eight 'wise women5 as permanent residents (Gutch, 1901 208). This means that in England and Wales at the present day there must be thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people who are descended, relatively recendy, from workers of traditional magic. This figure would in turn be greatly expanded if it incorporated the different, and also substantial, category of individuals who did not offer such services but had none the less acquired well-established reputations for bemg witches.

Shamanic Circle Casting

Next, the priestess drums to each direction, pausing at the Quarter to silently invoke the Element and whatever animal and or ancestor spirits wish to aid in the working. There is absolutely no command used, only an invitation. The priestess then drums to Earth and Sky, completing a sphere of spiritual energy. Any personal totem animals and ancestors can be called as well to protect and guide those within the circle.

The Descent Of The Goddess

The Great Serpent is a personification of Spiritual Energy in motion. As you have learned, Spiritual Energy suffuses all things, and their forms are created by it's movement. It is the movement of energy which creates, the movement of energy which is symbolized by the serpent the movement of the Divine Spirit which gives shape to our physical universe. The Serpent represents the Dance of Life if you would. This movement arises from Spirit and returns to Spirit, and at all points is composed of Spirit, but in it's circuit gives an impression of separateness which is the world we know. To represent this the serpent is symbolized as swallowing it's own tail, forming a circle, the Wheel of Existence. This image is called Ourobouros, and is very ancient. You can see the serpent closed in a circle about the Disk of the Universe in many ancient carvings of Egyptian Divinities and monarchs. It figures too as the Ourobouros in Pagan Greek

Chants Words and Poetry

Practitioners of negative magic burn themselves out. As we've seen, the projection of personal energy in magic is an expenditure of the life-force within. Once a magician has wreaked metaphysical havoc, there's no turning back-the current is closed. In programming personal energy with negativity, the magician infuses her himself with negative power by unlocking it within, which paves the way for a life of darkness and, eventually, an early grave. Evil magicians destroy themselves with their own curses. Folk magicians harm none. They don't work magic to change other people's lives, even in seemingly positive ways, without first receiving permission to do so. Healing rituals aren't attempted without the consent of the sick. Folk magicians won't weave an aura of love-attracting vibrations around a lonely person without first asking.

Englands Old Religions

Whilst Puritans vilified the history of the church as 'pagano-papism'34 and condemned its descent into 'priestcraft', Anglicans such as Richard Field35 (1561-1616) portrayed Wycliffe and Huss, for example, as champions of independent national churches rather than as critics of Rome's unchristian episcopal hierarchy. A century later, in 1708, Jeremy Collier (1650-1726), in An Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain, Chiefly of England, was still using the idea of an independent Saxon church to claim a spiritually legitimate lineage for the Anglican episcopate. Yet even among Anglicans, Protestant identity was still defined in anti-Catholic, anti-popery terms via 'the vilification of Catholic Church history and the assertion of a definably Protestant spiritual route through the labyrinth of medieval priestcraft' (Barnett, 1999 35). As the Church of England became more secure and established, it was the promotion of this idea of a Protestant spiritual route...

The tradition and lore of the mages I have repeatedly been exposing the emptiness of the

Certainly magic was everywhere in the Gallic provinces, and this was true even within living memory. For it was in the principate of Tiberius Caesar that their druids and prophets and healers of this type were abolished. But why should I make mention of this when the craft has even crossed the ocean and passed to the ends of the inhabitable portions of the earth The Britain of today performs the rites of magic in manic fashion and with such elaborate ceremonies that you would think it was they who had given magic to the Persians. Peoples are agreed in their attachment to magic the whole world over, for all that they may be at war with each other or be unaware of each others' existence. It is difficult to overestimate the debt owed to the Romans, who did away with these terrible rites, in which it was an act of piety to kill a man, and indeed very good for you then to eat him.

The Wheel Of The Year

MABON Mabon is celebrated at the FALL EQUINOX, when day and night are again equal. Mabon is the middle of the Harvest and of the Fall season. This is the time of the Sun's denouement, its' slow slide into Winter and symbolic death. It is also the time of the Earth's' ebbing life force, as the plants of Summer bear their fruit and decrease.

Witch Attacking Postures

Witchcraft Book

The July 1969 Beyond Magazine had an article Is Witchcraft Good Or Bad by Wentworth Williams about Mich Micheyl, a French entertainer who was brought into court and threatened with imprisonment on the charge of practicing medicine without a license because she had cured a woman of persistent headaches. She has healing hands , is a magnetic healer , and would be considered a white witch. Another case was that of Mrs. Joyce Alan of Lancashire, England, who read cards without charging, read a policewoman, told her her husband was playing around with another woman.

Cunningham John See John Fian

Judith Phillips Cunning Woman

Cunningham's intense devotion to his work and his prolific outpouring of writing perhaps was fueled in part by his intuition that his time might be limited. In 1983, at age 27, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. After surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and healing rituals and spells, the cancer was in remission. cunning man cunning woman Village witch or healer who provided cures, remedies, CHARMs, spells and divination, usually in exchange for a fee or gift. The art of the old cunning man and woman lives on in modern times in a variety of guises the astrologer, psychic or intuitive counselor, energy healer and herbalist. Some of these individuals consider themselves part of WlCCA or Paganism others belong to mainstream religions still others consider themselves part of no particular religion at all.

Bible Verses Used By Hexenmeister

Pricking The Flesh Witch

Powwowing Oral traditions of magical and spiritual healing concentrated in German-American Pennsylvania culture. German settlers who colonized the interior of Pennsylvania in the 1700s and 1800s brought with them their Old World beliefs in witchcraft and MAGIC. The Pennsylvania Dutch (Dutch is a corruption of the German word for German, Deutsch) clustered in the verdant rural farmland of York, Dauphin, Lancaster, Schuylkill, Carbon, Lehigh, Berks, Bucks and other surrounding counties, which reminded them of their former homeland. They kept to themselves, retained their German language (which became mixed with English over time to form the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect) and remained suspicious of outsiders. The healing practices became known as powwowing. The term was derived from the settlers' observations of Indian powwows, meetings for ceremonial or conference purposes. Much of the Germans' practices centered around cures and HEALING. The settlers enlisted the help of the Indians in...

God Of The Month The Hero

APOLLO -Venerated by the Greeks and Romans, Apollo is the God of life force and vitality, creativity and self-expression. Apollo is the God of beauty, Master of all arts and crafts. He is the Lord of prophesy and healing, Patron of both physical and spiritual medicine. Apollo is also God of music, which to the Greeks had mathematical significance and represented cosmic order. In later times Apollo was viewed as the Sun God and Lord of the Year. In one legend He is made to win a musical contest with a satyr names Marsyas, representing the triumph of Spring over Winter. In later times His polar opposite is Dionysus, Lord of satyrs. Brother of Artemis Diana, Apollo will redily be seen to be the God portrayed in the Vangelo delle Streghe as the Lord of Light, Master of the Physical World. GREEN MAN -The Green Man, also called Green Jack or Green George, represents the spirit of vegetation which returns to the Earth in Spring and flourishes in Summer. The Green Man is particularly...

Occult And Religious Organizations

Scientology is the main Christian church which teaches psychic healing and mind-over-matter. Ruth Carter Stapleton (Jimmy Carter's sister) is feared and respected by witches as the greatest witch of all time. Promotes Inner Healing, which is actually psychic healing. Norman Vincent Peale Author of Power of Positive Thinking, which teaches psychic healing and mind-over-matter.

Ritual for blessing magic tools

Go out side and do this spell where there is a tree or trees. The spiritual energy of the trees will help propel the blessing of your ritual tools. Make the magic incense blend using a mortar and pedestal. Light the charcoal block by holding it over the flame of the red candle with tweezers

God Of The Month Iris

Just as the rainbow bridges Earth and Sky, so too Iris bridges the worlds of matter and spirit. Iris controls the door to the inner self, the spirit world, the Divine essence. As such Iris is patron of spiritual energy work and the system of Chakras, which reflect the rainbow's colors.

See hex signs powwowing

In many cases, however, the victim dies despite the efforts of his friends or family to save him. In such instances, Halifax-Grof speculates that the sorcerer makes a telepathic connection with the victim, somehow influencing his mind. If psychic healing can work, so can psychic killing. One of the most sinister acts of the obe-ahman, or witch doctor, is to steal a person's shadow. By taking a human's spirit and psychically nailing it to the sacred ceiba tree, the obeahman has deprived the victim of his spirit and of the need to live.

The Tower Key Pathway

With man the need to grow and progress and develop the new industrial creation is understandable. Man built factories and industries and materialism flowered but the divine will not be suppressed indefinitely and as with the images of this card mans material tower would eventually feel the destruction of lightening from on high. Enter in World War One. Men who had once stood on assembly lines now took their places on the battle lines and industry ground slowly to a halt. The number sixteen is symbolic of cosmic energy which strikes down unshielded. The divine might over throws the matter of man and spirituality will have its day once more.

John Stearne Lawshall

Witches Manningtree

Hohman gained a wide reputation for his healing ability. In 1818 he published a folk medicine book, The Field and House Pharmacy Guide, with remedies for humans and animals. This book contained no magic. In 1820, he published the book that made him famous, The Long Lost Friend, a faith-healing text of magical CHARMS and spells that became the bible of powwowing. More than 150 editions have been printed. The book was translated into English in 1850.

Evil witch replaced by pitiful hag

Suspicion, particularly in more rural areas that were isolated from modern trends. Traditional healers were under the strongest scrutiny, just as they had been during the European witch-hunts that started in the fifteenth century (see Chapter 1). A newly emerging medical field, based on the latest scientific theories, however, left no place for women healers in mainstream society. In fact the modern stereotype of the witch began taking shape during the eighteenth century the image of the powerful, eccentric woman who did the work of Satan in other words, the witch who had stood trial in Salem only a few decades earlier was reduced to an ugly, toothless, old hag. As a result the witch became a somewhat laughable figure, merely a useless old woman who was socially isolated and even mentally weak. This is clearly reflected in reports that more

The Persecution Of Witches

Witchcraft Magazine

But in medieval times, two largely political issues brought about the persecution of witches, especially women. The religious emphasis on the sin of Eve and the belief in the inferiority of women had existed since the time of St Paul, but with the rise of an organised male medical profession, women healers who had acted as herbalists and midwives became a threat. This was not least because their About three-quarters of all those killed as witches in Europe and Scandinavia were women, mainly lower-class older women, female healers, village herbalists, wise women and midwives. With the death of so many experienced healers and wise women, much knowledge was inevitably lost, and for a time infant mortality increased as male physicians took over the roles of the deposed midwives. But anyone who was different in any way - eccentric, senile or physically deformed - could be accused. Any old woman living alone might be blamed for the deaths of animals, the failure of crops and outbreaks of...

The Four Quarters Of The Circle

Previously, I have associated Raphael with the North and Uriel with the East, seeing Raphael in his aspect as a healer and protector, and Uriel as the fiery dawn in the East. However, recently I have started to use a more traditional association of Raphael as the messenger in the East and Uriel as sentinel of the North and I have found that this works better. Do read about angels and experiment to see what suits you. I have listed source material on pages 201-2 and you can find more information on the Internet. Use the elemental candle colour to represent the angel you want. You can also use angels in the four quarters to invoke protection in less formal magick by lighting candles in the four quarters when you feel afraid or alone.

Witchcraft in the postModern World

Ah, but we still younger folks have lived long enough to see it Uncle Gerald, Aunt Doreen, and all the other dreamers, scholars, poets and rakes working with them (and even sometimes against them) created a beautiful synthesis of ancient and modern religious, artistic, and magical archetypes, one that has grown and evolved into a huge family of emotionally satisfying and spiritually powerful belief systems.

Neo Panganism and environmentalism

Ancient tradition mixed with modern practices, others view Neo-Paganism as an entirely new belief system. Much like traditional healers during the Middle Ages (see Chapter 1), however, Neo-Pagan groups are frequently targeted for being different. Yet according to Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down the Moon (1979), a study of Neo-Paganism, they are essentially Fueled by romantic vision, fantasy, and visionary activities, empowered by a sense of planetary crisis and the idea that such a nature vision may be drowned in an ecocidal nightmare or ecological destruction. By the 1980s Neo-Paganists were increasingly being identified with other movements such as environmentalism, which attempts to preserve the natural world, and to reestablish the link between humans and nature.

Chapter What Wiccans Beliebe

Feminine energies and values are needed to balance the masculine excesses of current cultures. Women and men are spiritually equal, and masculine and feminine attitudes, values, and roles are of equal importance, regardless of the physical gender of those exercising them. However, some Wic-can traditions reserve certain ritual roles to one physical gender or the other. Most Neopagans believe in some sort of afterlife as well as reincarnation, usually involving rest and recovery in the Summerland (a term taken from Spiritualism) before reincarnating. There is a common belief that we grow spiritually through each life

The Coven And How To Form

In fact, the members must all be fully, and practically, conversant with the four powers of the witches' pyramid. The more magically powerful are the individuals belonging to a coven, the more potent does the coven become as an entity. And it does become an entity. If enough pyramid power is brought to it and tied in place by sufficient emotional rapport among the members, witches believe that a pool or vortex of magical energy begins to form, which, if sustained by regular performance of a ritual, not only becomes an energy bank upon which the comprising members can draw to supplement their personal resources, but also an artificially constructed collective deep mind, independent in its own right. This is the magical rationale behind the formation of most occult groups that require secrecy from their members.

Witchcraft In Modern Times

My dear friend Lilian, a white witch and healer, recalls how one woman passing her home would always cross herself and walk on the other side of the street. I myself once volunteered to read the runes at the local school fete to raise much-needed funds. I was told in no uncertain terms by a member of the Parents' Committee that the chairman of the school governors would not have any truck with the occult. I was asked to bake Easter rabbit biscuits instead, but since my domestic skills are far behind my divinatory ones, I declined.

What Will You Get From These Lessons

Because we believe all paths lead to Deity, we do not believe that one must belong to any given faith or tradition to be a good person or to grow spiritually. Nor is it necessary to belong to only one. Being a Correllian initiate does not mean you can not also be an Isian, Druidic, or Dianic initiate as well -or any other tradition you might wish to study or join. You must however respect our tradition as a member and follow Correllian practices in Correllian temples -but what you do other places is your own business. Your private beliefs and conscience are your own business and we have no desire to dictate them to you. Wicca is about learning to make your own choices, and the Wiccan traditions exist to provide a framework in which to learn and grow. Wicca seeks to open your thinking, not to limit it.

Days of Power The See Sabbat

Deosil Clockwise, or the direction in which the shadow on a sundial moves as the Sun moves across the sky. In northern hemisphere magic, deosil movement is symbolic of life, positive energies, good. It is much used in spells and rituals i.e., walk deosil around the Circle of Stones. Some Wiccan groups below the equator, notably in Australia, have switched from deosil to Widdershins motions in their rituals. See also Widdershins. Widdershins Anti-clockwise motion, usually used in the Northern Hemisphere for negative magical purposes, or for dispersing negative energies or conditions such as disease. Southern Hemisphere Wiccans may use widdershins motions for exactly the opposite purposes namely, for positive ends. In either case, widdershins and deosil motions are symbolic only strict, close-minded traditionalists believe that accidentally walking around the altar backwards, for instance, will raise negativity. Their use in Wicca stems from ancient European rituals practiced by peoples...

Herbal Poppets And Sachets

Herbal Magic Spells

Example, is the best choice if you want an instant response oil gives a slower but more enduring fragrance and if your healing spell needs to take effect over days or weeks, then herbs in a sachet would be best. The sachet would act as amulet of protection, but because it was empowered it would also be a talisman, attracting health, abundance or love, according to its composition.

Folk Magick And Ritual Magick

Modern Magick

Whether you are casting a simple spell, using items from your kitchen cupboard, or performing a complicated group ceremony, the source of the power behind it is the same. Every spell or ritual involves channelling the life force that runs through all forms of existence and transforming it into higher spiritual energies. These spiritual powers include our own evolved self, which some say is formed through many lifetimes, and the higher divine cosmic energies, such as a supreme god or goddess, or, more abstractly, some sort of divine light, spirit and goodness. For hundreds of years, angels have been invoked in magick, just as in religion, both for protection and to act as vehicles for healing or positive energies. Practitioners of white magick may focus on particular aspects of a god or goddess figure, or benign power, personified through different deities from many age and cultures. 13, Seasons and Festivals, I describe the major solar, lunar and agricultural festivals that formed a...

Planetary Magical Days Of The Week

Sunday, the day of the Sun, is for spells for personal fulfilment and ambition, power and success, for increasing the flow of the life force, asserting or strengthening your identity and individuality, for innovation of all kinds and new beginnings. It is potent also for energy, joy, health prosperity, spiritual awareness, self-confidence, for bringing wealth and prosperity if there is poverty and failure, for breaking a run of bad luck, and for all matters concerning fathers. I have listed various solar deities in Chapter 4. Though there are powerful Sun goddesses, the Sun's focus is mainly male animus yang in both men and women.

Chapter Healing by Root Flower

Prepare in the same manner as explained in making mullein tea. I have always liked all of the mint teas, but prefer peppermint best of all. Its properties include purification spells, healing spells, and happiness spells. If leaves are rubbed upon household items and corners of home walls, protection from evil forces is achieved, which has been an old belief concerning the power of the peppermint leaf Many sources say it can be a direct aid in astral travel. Perhaps combining it with mugwort would give an added boost to astral travels Some claim that peppermint increases psychic powers. Peppermint leaf is also picked fresh and chewed raw.

The Occult is Popular

The forms of the occult can include mediums, channelers, clairvoyants, psychics, spiritists, diviners, mystics, gurus, shamans, psychical researchers, Yogis, psychic and holistic healers, astral travel, astrology, mysticism, Ouija boards, Tarot cards, contact with the dead, UFO's, and thousands of other practices which almost defy cataloging. Occultism includes Satanism, astrology, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, theosophy, witchcraft and many forms of serious magic. It includes activities seeking the acquisition of hidden things which are expressly forbidden by God in the Bible. Don't overlook the pulpits It includes views and doctrines that Paul warned Timothy about Doctrines of Demons (1 Tim 4 1).

William Bottrell Folklorist

Blight, Tamsin (1798-1856) Famous witch, healer and pELLAR of Cornwall, England, known as the Pellar of Helston. Stories about her were recorded by the Cornish folklorist William Bottrell in the 19th century. blood Called the river of life, blood is identified with the soul and is the vehicle that carries the vital energy of the universe through the body. In MAGIC, blood is revered and feared for the miraculous power it possesses and confers. Blood that is let is believed to unleash power sacrificial blood scattered on the earth regenerates the crops. Animals, fowl and humans are sacrificed in religious and some magical rites (see sacrifice). The blood of executed criminals is said to be a powerful protector against disease and bad luck, because of the energy of resentment and fury that is released upon execution.

Chapter Consciousness Rites

Many tools and processes have been embraced by the New Age-channeling, crystals, re-birthing, herbs, pyramid power, past-life regression, meditation, neurolinguistic programming, yoga, and a host of others. Some of these are spiritual, some are psychological and others are magical in nature. But try to call a New Age person a Witch, or even a magician, and you're likely to be ridiculed and decried as a close-minded person. However, traces of folk magic are alive in the New Age. Crystal workers, who usually engage in healing practices, are using age-old forms of folk magic. Persons who burn incense or otherwise utilize herbs are also following ancient rites. Pyramid power uses artificially constructed devices to concentrate the energy of the Earth. Though persons who work with these tools may not call themselves magicians, they are. Recently, a woman came up to me after I'd taught a class in crystal magic. Smiling, she explained to me that she'd been using stones for healing others for...

Creating Sacred Space

Once the physical boundaries of a temple have been set, the area will be prepared spiritually. The act of preparing an area for ritual work is called creating sacred space, and it is an essential part of all Wiccan ceremonies. The act of creating sacred space takes the form of casting or constructing a magick circle an invisible psychic barrier. This is done in order to create the proper environment for spiritual and magickal rites. When the magick circle has been created, it will protect the individuals within its boundary from outside negative influence. The circle also serves to contain the energy raised within it until the time of release.

The Charge of the Goddess

The Charge of the Goddess is a powerful way of focusing on cosmic energies. The Goddess is considered to be both 'transcendent', or above and beyond the created universe (like the traditional idea of God on a cloud, looking down and judging creation ), and also 'immanent', or manifest within every natural object, be it flower, stone, animal or person. The two concepts are complementary rather than contradictory. overflows to all who seek and call in need finally she is Cailleach, the Veiled One, wise woman, healer and bringer of dreams, who in the winter of life transforms the old and outworn into new life to be born with the Maiden in the spring. 'I am the great healer of sorrow, pain, loss and doubt. Through me and through my herbs, oils, crystals and sacred waters, you can spread my healing wisdom.

Oils and Incenses in Magick

Lime Lime brings health and well-being to self and to family and home. It generates enthusiasm and triggers self-healing and regeneration in body and mind. It is protective against psychological and psychic attack and has natural restorative powers. Tea tree Tea tree is an oil of healing, especially absent healing it will remove blockages in energy, and banish negativity, replacing it with optimism and channelling restlessness into positive aspects of life.

Hops for Prosperity and Good Luck

Many Witches and other magickal practitioners believe that hops possess healing energy vibrations and use the plant's flowers and leaves to stuff healing poppets and sachets. Dried hops are also added to magickal incenses and burned during the casting of spells to help heal many ailments.

The Chapter Of The New Moon

Fetters which he had made for Osiris. He who is in Sekhem hath inspected me. I stretch out my arms over Osiris. I have advanced for the examination, I have come to speak there. Let me pass on and deliver my message. I am he who goeth in, I am judged, I come The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, saith- I am the Crocodile-god (Sebak) who dwelleth amid his terrors. I am the Crocodile-god and I seize my prey like a ravening beast. I am the great Fish which is in Kamui. I am the Lord to whom bowings and prostrations are made in Sekhem. And the Osiris Ani is the lord to whom bowings and prostrations are made in Sekhem. Behold, I am the dweller in his terrors, I am the crocodile, his firstborn. I bring (prey) from a distance. I am the Fish of Horus, the Great One in Kamui. I am the lord of bowings in Sekhem. the Eastern land. I am the Great One (Horus) who illumineth the Hememet spirits with the light of his body. I am that god in respect of Set. I am Thoth who stood between them (Horus and...

The Prophecy Of Genghis Khans Bones

On March 27, 1969 the New York Daily News carried the following news item MAO, THE FAITH HEALER. Tokyo, March 27 (AP) A Red Chinese surgical team has cured more than 1,000 blind, deaf and paralyzed patients in two years by relying on the invincible thought of Mao-Tse-tung, the New China news agency reported. Peking propaganda organs often boast of miraculous feats, performed with the aid of the Communist Party Leader's aphorisms.

The Shamanic Technique of astral projection Throw yourself at the ground and miss

Cast your circle as you would normally. For smudging, burn a mixture of lavender and sage. If you can, work with the energy flow of your chakras to strengthen your aura. When it is time to invite the Lord and Lady, call on the god form that you have chosen as your guide. If you are working with a group in which others will attempt the process, let the invitation be spoken in a generic fashion but speak his name internally. Although it is your mind that you are entering, the visualization of your aura will be what you take with you as what is called the astral body. Begin the drumming or other sources of rhythmic noise, and start your favorite chant.

The Priests Anmutef And Sameref

Now the great Tchatcha Chiefs who are in Tetu are Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, and Horus the avenger of his father. Now the setting up of the Tet in Tetu signifieth the raising up of the shoulder of Horus, the Governor of Sekhem. They are round about Osiris in the band and the bandages. Hail, Thoth, who didst make the word of Osiris to be true against his enemies, make thou the word of the Osiris Ani to be true against his enemies, with the great Tchatcha Chiefs who are in Sekhem, on the night of the things of the night in Sekhem. Now the great Tchatcha Chiefs who are in Sekhem are Heru-khenti-en-ariti and Thoth who is with the Tchatcha Chiefs of Nerutef. Now the night of the things of the night festival signifieth the dawn on the sarcophagus of Osiris. Hail, Thoth, who didst make the word of Osiris to be true against his enemies, make thou the word of the Osiris the scribe Ani to be

Litha The Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Spell Freeones

These places, built on centres of great power, have accumulated not only the power of the thousands of midsummer suns that have shone on this day since their creation, but the hopes and prayers of those who have and still gather at such places. These include priests, Druids, healers, warriors, monarchs and ordinary men and women who connect with fusion of Sky and Earth energies, the sacred and ceremonial marriage of god and goddess on this most magical of days.

Stories and case studies

Detailed Coloring Pages

In 1648 Margaret Jones was tried and hanged in Charlestown, a village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The detailed journals of Governor John Winthrop (1588-1649), which describe the trial and the accusations that led up to it, provide a glimpse into the prevailing superstitions of the day. Jones was an elderly healer and midwife (who assisted in the birthing of babies) in Charlestown. She lived alone and survived on her trade, but she had a history of theft that tainted her reputation and made her a suspect. Her ability to heal was also considered evidence against her, regardless of the outcome of her actions. Patients claimed to fall into violent fits of illness after Jones treated them, and some even became temporarily deaf or blind. Others were miraculously healed, but they charged that her knowledge was supernatural and therefore suspicious. In other words, Jones was doomed by any action she took as a healer, whether she cured or injured her patients, because she was suspected of...

Texts Relating To The Weighing Of The Heart Of

It is Shesmu, the headsman of Osiris. Concerning the invisible god some say that he is Aapep when he riseth up with a head bearing upon it the feather of Maat (Truth). But others say that he is Horus when he riseth up with two heads, whereon one beareth the feather of Maat, and the other the symbol of wickedness. He bestoweth wickedness on him that worketh wickedness, and right and truth upon him that followeth righteousness and truth. Others say that he is Heru-ur (the Old Horus), who dwelleth in Sekhem others say that he is Thoth others say that he is Nefer-Tem and others say that he is Sept who doth bring to nought the acts of the foes of Nebertcher. Deliver thou the scribe Nebseni, whose word is truth, from the Watchers, who carry murderous knives, who possess cruel fingers, and who would slay those who are in the following of Osiris. May these Watchers never gain the mastery over me, and may I never fall under their knives

Ritual To Wash Away Negativity

* Alternatively, strain and use the cooled peppermint liquid to sprinkle around rooms, to inject the freshness of spring emotionally and spiritually. * Afterwards, place a vase of spring flowers, growing daffodils or hyacinth bulbs on a table in the centre of the room to increase the life force.

Spells Done With Turquoise

Blue is called the healing colour because a blue aura is often seen around healers. It is a soothing and cooling natural antiseptic, relieving burns, cuts, bruises, insomnia, inflammation of the skin and mouth, sore throats and childhood rashes and teething pains blue also lowers high temperatures and high blood pressure. All shades of blue, such as violet and indigo, reduce migraines and headaches.

New systems replace old ways

Childbearing and for the mysterious functions of their bodies. Many rural healers and witches were unmarried women or widows who did not seem to fit into society, and church leaders became suspicious of the power they wielded in their communities. Some historians believe that misogyny (hatred of women) quickly replaced the old pagan respect for female qualities, as Christians came to associate women's sexuality and freedom with the work of the devil. Simultaneously, the rise of the field of medicine, with its treatment of illness and disease through scientific meth-ods and which was exclusively upper class, Christian, and male edged out competition from village healers and other so-called heathens (non-Christians), such as Jews. For exam- ple, Jews, followers of Judaism (a religion whose followers believe in one God and do not follow the teachings of Jesus, but rather the Old Testament of the Bible and the Talmud) were the only surgeons in Europe prior to this new movement. Eventually...

Beltain The Festival Of Fire

The maypole, which we still recognise today, once symbolised the ancient cosmic tree and was the focus of fertility dances whose origins are unknown. Red, blue, green, yellow and white ribbons, representing the union of Earth and Sky, winter and summer, Water and Fire, were entwined and the spiralling dance stirred up the life force and fertility of the Earth. The maypole formed a central phallic symbol that could be 40 foot high and echoed the rising potency of the Sun, or Corn, God and the growing corn. Fires were lit and it was believed that the height the young men could leap over the fires would indicate the height the corn would grow and, since for safety reasons this deed was performed without clothes, the festival was one of joyous, unbridled sexuality.

The Charge Of The

King, I dance and laugh and sing of the spirit that never can be broken, of the potency of the life force coursing through my loins to bring increase and abundance, as fields and the animals and humankind are made fertile by the sacred coupling beneath the may bowers and blossoming trees.

Samhain The Festival Of Wisdom

In earlier times people in many lands would put garlic on West-facing windows and open the shutters to allow the good family dead to enter It was also the time when the cattle were brought from the hills for the winter and either put in byres or slaughtered for meat, having been driven between twin fires to purify them. These fires also served to drive away bad spirits who were believed to lurk at the transition of the year. Food was stored for the winter and so it is a time of housekeeping, spiritually as well as physically and mentally.

Pathway Key The Tower

The raw power of cosmic energy striking down unshielded. The card represents the God of light and reason, the overpowering light of truth in which all falsehood and ultimately all duality is destroyed. A flash of inner illumination which brings freedom of enlightenment. Human consciousness in direct contact with the primary forces of the hidden centre, the goal of the mystic quest of the Tarot. This devastating impact frees the mind from its fetters and opens the way to the centre but if the conscious mind is not prepared, not strongly built on firm foundations, it may

Yule The Winter Solstice

Yule is a pre-Christian holiday celebrated on the JT 1 winter solstice, which falls around Decem-ker 21. It is the true new year, both astro- - nomically and spiritually. At this time, we see - the simultaneous death and rebirth of the Sun God, represented in the shortest day and longest night of the year. From this time forward, the sun grows in power and strength.


It is vitally important, therefore, to take time to periodically cleanse and renew ourselves. In the previous chapter we discussed shamanic healing, one of the most effective tools for this sort of cleansing. There are, however, many other ways to purify the mind, body, and spirit so that we may walk with grace even in the valley of the shadow.

See pointing sending

Originally, the Hexenkopf was known as Groggy Rustic. One of the early landowners around the hill was Johann Seiler (see SAYLoR Family), who became famous as a powwower, a healer whose remedies included power and magical sPELLs. Seiler's son, Peter Saylor, became even more famous as a powwower, and used the Hexenkopf in his magical cures, by casting out illnesses into the rock.


Wiccans, as well as many other spiritual people, understand that the universe is made up of energy we see that energy as sacred, the very being of the God and Goddess, expressed both in physical and ethereal forms. Where we differ from some other paths is that we find ways to work with that energy actively to produce positive results. This energy work serves several purposes, the most common of which is changing the potential future and reshaping our lives--magic. We utilize sacred energy in ritualized ways, often involving the influences of natural substances and objects (herbs, candles, etc). Wiccans do not generally take the path of asceticism--we feel that our lives are meant to be full and rich, experienced as deeply as possible, and so changing our lives for the better is vital to our spiritual growth. Magic is one way of working with sacred energy to do just that. A third use of energy is in casting Circle (see below). While not a magical act per se, the creation of sacred...

The Goddess

Keep in mind that, though releasing the Circle must involve the same steps and attention as casting it, the release usually does not take as much time or effort. When we invoke the Elements, for example, we are calling them to come to a specific place and time when we bid them farewell, we do not tell them where they go afterward, only that we are grateful for their assistance. The energies that made up the Circle can find their way back to the Elements without our having to direct them. Therefore there is not as much energy work involved in the end of the ritual the farewells are a matter of respect as well as closure, telling both the Elements and ourselves that the proceedings are coming to an end. The important thing to remember at the close of a ritual is to ground yourself, especially after a ritual involving magic or other intense work.

Creating Your Altar

Magic is the focusing of spiritual energy, and spiritual energy is constantly being effected by the actions and emotions of people. Consequently it needs to be purified or cleansed -to have the residues of emotions and actions removed, so that energy can be refocused and re-directed. You will remember that this spiritual energy, which comes from the Goddess, suffuses all people and things and is the basis of existence it is directed and shaped by concentrated thought, emotion, and physical action.


Symbols Ice, milk, seeds, first snowdrops or very early-budding leaves or flowers Flowers, herbs, oils and incenses Angelica, basil, benzoin, celandine, heather and myrrh A Ritual To Release The Frozen Life Force See, bride, I bring the first milk, symbol of nourishment and fertility, honey from the warm South, heralding fertility and abundance and above all the life force now released that can transform wish into reality and sustain us through the days ofcold and wet still to come.

Protective Crystals

The following crystals are those that I, in my personal work, and people with whom I have held healing workshops or teaching sessions have found especially protective. They will absorb negative energies emanating from both fears and doubts, and repel external attack, replacing darker feelings with positive emotions and intentions.


As you advance through these lessons, you will learn many exercises which will build and help you learn to control your psychic energies. Many of these exercises use the CHAKRA points. Chakras are the energy centers of the body, and there are a number of them. You will learn more about the Chakras in future lessons. In this lesson however, we will be using two Chakras these are located in the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet. You can imagine the Chakras as a ball of white light directly in the center of the palm of the hand, or the sole of the foot. These two Chakras are basic Chakras which are used for bringing energy into the body, and for sending it out of the body. Other Chakras are more specialized.

Group Dreams

Among the more spiritually advanced is an occasional tendency to actively share or participate in a dream with someone else. In these cases, the two people are very much in tune with one another on a psychic or emotional level. It does not mean that they are soul mates , destined for one another. Rather, they are in harmony at some levels in this particular time of their lives and are undergoing similar adjustments on the spiritual plane. Interpretation of the dream should be done the same as with an ordinary dream, but with the other person in the dream interpreted as an aspect of yourself.


And cold pour over the room, horrible cries emanate from the victim and often the victim suffers real physical pain and distress. The Devil seems to revel in spitting, vomiting (see ALLoTRiopHAGY) and other, more disgusting bodily functions as well. Spiritually, the Devil and the exorcist battle for the soul of the victim, and while the Devil hurls invectives, the exorcist counters with the strongest demands for the demon's departure, vowing pain and penalty if it does not comply.

Psychic Shielding

Sometimes we pick up energy from other people, without knowing we are doing so. Their moods or emotions may bleed over onto us, leaving us feeling angry, sad, tired, depressed, or whatever they are feeling -and not knowing where this emotion came from. Also, sometimes people will deliberately send negative energy to us -even though that is a very bad thing which one should never do. Such negative energies cannot harm you, as long as you don't let them in -but in daily life this is an unconscious process. To one skilled in magic and psychism however, this process under ones direct conscious control. With psychic shielding we set the boundaries which keep out unwanted energy from others, but simultaneously strengthen our own Aura, or energy, keeping it healthy. Put yourself into a comfortable position and begin by releasing all tension and anxiety. Visualize a ball of white light floating above you. Focus on the energy of the ball -know that it is...

Foxwood Orion

In addition, her public work includes lectures, workshops and seminars on Paganism, spiritual growth and psychology to all kinds of audiences in colleges and universities, learning centers, conferences, churches and Pagan gatherings. She does nature therapy, psychic healing, Tarot readings, dream work, guided creative visualizations and other types of spiritual healing services. For the media, she is a leading spokesperson on Wicca and Paganism and was a leading activist in the veterans' PEN-tacle Quest.

How It Works

This energy is regulated by energy centers commonly called CHAKRAS or PLEXI. There are thousands of such Chakras throughout the body, connected by MERIDIANS or energy pathways. When several of these small Chakras work together they form a larger Chakra with several levels. There are many of these larger Chakras throughout the body as well. In doing energy work you may work with any of these small or larger Chakras. But you are more likely to work with one of the seven so-called Major Chakras, which we have described in earlier lessons. Each of these Major Chakras is actually a network of many lesser Chakras, grouped together to form a single unit. Because of this the Major Chakras have many different levels, which may be developed differently in different people, depending upon their experiences. Energy flows from one Chakra to another by means of the Meridians. The ways in which the energy flows through the Chakras are called CIRCUITS. There are...


Your altar itself also has a geomancy to consider.The right side of the altar is warm. It is associated with the God, the Sun, Day, physical energy, and the elements of Air and Fire. The left side of the altar is cool. It is associated with the Goddess, the Moon and Stars, spiritual energy and magic, and with the elements of Water and Earth. The middle of the altar is associated with Spirit, or Primeval Deity, Who is within both Goddess and God, as well as all other things. The back part of this middle area is associated with Primeval Deity, that aspect of the Goddess that existed before the creation of the God, and might be described as the Higher Self of the Universe. Hear is the Divine plan, the blueprint of the Universe which is mirrored in every aspect of creation. This is the soul of Deity, which is expressed in many different faces. This is often the focal point of the altar, where Deity is honored in whatever form is being invoked at the time. The front part of the middle...

How To Do It

Energy can be injected through the Crown Chakra, or through any other Chakra. To determine where to send energy, you will want to scan the person's body. Certain places will feel different and these are the one's that need energy work. Also if a person is sick or injured in a certain area and just wants healing energy, you can send it directly into the place that hurts. Because energy transfer is not normaly thought of as a First Degree skill, our purpose here is only to review the basic ideas involved, and give an idea of what it's about. The techniques given in this lesson are very basic and introductory. You will learn much more about energy working if you go on to study for Second Degree, or you could study energy working independantly.

The Qabalistic Cross

Qabalistic Cross

There are many different ways you can introduce the Tree of Life as a working tool into your spiritual, magical and mundane life. To share them all here with you would be impossible so I'm just going to carry on with the basic works we have done already dealing with what the spheres represent at their core. Tiphareth is a transitional sphere where we pass from one thing to another. Sometimes it is a massive transformation other times it is but a small thing. In the first case it is like a death and rebirth, in the latter it is but a little step over a new threshold. Which ever it may be there is cause to mark this passing in some way, so I thought it might be nice to teach you all a very simple exercise that is a good way to perpare yourself for ritual or meditation. The Qabalistic Cross has a mutlitude of other uses also from clearing away negativity to helping you get a little more grounded. It can also be used as a minor protective rite to keep away negative energies others may...


Damiana Diferant Plant Picture

Deities Sun deities, holy children, healers, sacrificed kings, illuminators Osiris, Apollo, Attis, Adonis, Tammuz, Balder, Bran, Llew, Lugh, Gwern, Jesus, Dionysus, Balin, Ogma, Bride, Nonens, Shamas, Mot, Dozhbog, Parva, Huare-Khasaeta, Sura, Amaterasu, Koodjanuk, Shakuru, Shakuru, Tezcatlipoca, Inti, Apu, Panchai, Ra, The two Archangels who are attributed to Hod are Raphael the healer of the psychic wounds and the represented of the intellect, and Michael defender of the wronged and protector of the weak. Michael also defends on a psychic level. The Angels of this sphere are the Beni Elohim the Children of the God and Goddess and they are the forms the divided energy from Netzach takes. When working with this energy we must give it a form we can recognise and so we create an image that suits us best.

Gerald Gardner

The religion portrayed in Witdicraft Today was called 'Wica from the standard Anglo-Saxon term for a male witch (the name was amended after Gardner's death to the more accurate Old English form of 'Wicca', although the pronunciation remained with a hard c whereas the Anglo-Saxon was a ch'). Its rites were alleged to consist mainly of dances intended to promote fertility, and of feasting upon consecrated food and drink. The performers were naked, in the belief that this more easily released magical power from the body. They venerated a god and goddess, whose names were secret, the former predominant in winter and the latter in summer. They worked within a circle, formed with a consecrated sword or knife and carefully purified, to contain the energy which they raised. They held the north to be the most sacred of the four cardinal points, believed in reincarnation, and trained to develop latent psychic powers. The religion was organized in covens, led by a high priestess supported by a...

Ens Veneri

When abandoning the physical body because of its death, the soul takes all of its conscious values. Then, when reincarnating into a new physical body, the soul brings all of its conscious values. They could be good as well as evil. These values are positive and negative energies. Every common and current human being has a culture of larvae in his astral atmosphere. These are of such strange forms that are too odd to conceive mentally.

Personal Power

Specific places also have particular energies. Some locations are known to have especially powerful energy which acts as a battery to anyone who goes there. Such places are called VORTICES and are the energy centers, or Chakras of the Earth. Some of these Vortices have special qualities, such as healing, or psychic opening. If you visit such a Vortex and work with its' natural energy, you will be able to accomplish much more of whatever its' special qualitydictates, than you might normally be able to do. For example at a healing Vortex, such as that at Bath, England, or at Lourdes, France, healers will be able to manifest much greater healing powers than they might in other places. Meditations conducted at Vortices known for psychic opening, such as those in Sedona, in the Southwestern U.S., may be able to reach much deeper levels and effect greater transformations than when carried out elsewhere. For these reasons such Vortices are considered sacred, and are often the site of...

The Four Quarters

The north is associated with the element of Earth, the new phase of the Moon, the pentacle, secrecy and darkness, the colors gold or black and death and rebirth. Some traditions of the Craft align their altars to the north. In Masonry, the north represents the condition of the spiritually unenlightened.

Triple Goddesses

Brighid, the Celtic Triple Goddess, is patroness of smiths, poets and healers and has the longest enduring cult in Ireland, which merged into that of the Christian St Bridget of Kildare. Her name means 'high one' and she is sometimes seen as three sisters, daughters of the god Dagda, the Divine Father, or as the triple-aspected maiden, mother and crone. She is invoked in fertility and healing magick and also for creativity, especially involving the written word. There are a number of sacred wells throughout England, Wales and Ireland dedicated to her or her Christian counterpart.

Everyday Wicca

Many, however, have difficulty in finding the spiritual nature of their everyday lives. We can become mesmerized by the smoke and mirrors of society's trappings and diversions equally, our home life, employment, bills and other mundane factors can weigh us down until we begin to question whether we ever spiritually felt a thing. Harm none. Think about this when someone cuts you off on the road steals 'your' parking space is rude to you, or when you're facing all manner of trouble with mates, family, neighbors, friends or co-workers. Remembering this code allows us to rise above anger, jealousy and hatred, and may even transform such potentially destructive emotions into positive energies. It also presents the opportunity to care for ourselves by reducing stress. (I'll be the first to admit that this is far from easy.)

Vengeance And Attack

Before embarking upon the ceremonial side of cursing, let us reconsider the more general aspects of overlooking, seen solely from the point of view of your pyramid power. As already mentioned, spells will always work better when the ground is well laid beforehand, and this is particularly true in the instance of curses. The person who knows he has been laid under a curse, whether he believes in the practitioner's powers or not, is actually in a far more receptive state of mind than he who remains in ignorance of the fact. It is for this reason that the conveyed voodoo doll comes in so handy, providing, of course, the spellbinder is quite sure there is no chance of its being used for any countermagic against her. In order to make your curse into something more than an empty threat, you are going to have to build a dark current or vortex. The utmost effort on the part of your pyramid powers will be called for here, combined with a pattern of constant repetition. Should you belong to a...

Hex signs

The German immigrants imported their beliefs in witchcraft, witches (hexerei), DEMONs and magical healing, called braucherei in Germany and then powwowing in America. Many of the settlers had come from the Harz Mountains area, where witchcraft beliefs were especially strong. The Harz Mountains were known as the abodes of witches, and the tallest peak, the Brocken, was the site of regular sABBATs and witches' revelries, most notably WALpurgisnacht. In the Lehigh Valley, the Hexenkopf took over that role. Locals feared the witches' gatherings. The only way a Hexenkopf witch could be killed was to chase her off the hill so that she fell to her death in the valley.

Joining A Coven

It is also possible to come across well-meaning but totally inexperienced groups who attempt to practise the kind of work that a medium, white witch or healer would take years even to approach. Unfortunately, it is all too common for lovers of occult movies to set themselves up as gurus and wreak unintended havoc on the psychological and psychic well-being of others.


Bessy Dunlop, a wise woman healer of Ayrshire, was accused of witchcraft and sorcery on November 8, 1576, She suddenly became a successful herbalist and healer and gained second sight, which helped her predict the recovery or death of patients and the location of lost objects.

Binding Magick

My friend Lilian, a white witch and healer, used to wrap the perpetrators of crimes in a mantle of pink and visualise them in a sea of tranquillity so that they might be diverted from a destructive course of action. However, I usually cast a protective barrier around the victims and I think this is the best answer to a very difficult problem. We must harm none, not even the evil, hard though it is, and we should leave the punishment to natural justice.

Creating A New Path

Part III of this book consists of a guide to creating a new Wiccan tradition, one perfectly suited for you. In writing it yourself, you can focus it toward your personal needs, and the end result may well be far more spiritually satisfying than any other Wiccan tradition.

The Sabbat

Religious persecution has been with us as long as there has been religion. Wars are still raging due to (at least in part) doctrinal differences. Many persons hide behind religion, using it as an excuse for greed, racism, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, and of course, murder. What should be a spiritually uplifting force has often been perverted and twisted to suit personal needs.

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