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Magick To Increase Positivity

These are the least focused kind of spells. They are used to send out energies to whoever needs them, for example of love, happiness, health or abundance. They may be for an endangered species, a war-torn land, a country in need of water or the planet itself. If a large number of people do send positive energies either to a large-scale project or into the cosmos, followed where possible by practical help or support, then this can really make a difference. Again, by sending out healing you will receive in return threefold healing in indirect but powerful ways.

Live But Live Well The Te of Piglet pg

Taoism is not the reject-the-physical-world theory of living that some scholars (and a few Taoists) would have others believe. Even Lao-tse, the most reclusive of Taoist writers, wrote, Honor all under Heaven as your body. To a Taoist, a reject-the-physical-world approach would be an extremist absurdity, impossible to live without dying. Instead, a Taoist might say Carefully observe the natural laws in operation in the world around you, and live by them. From following them, you will learn the morality of modesty, moderation, compassion, and consideration (not just one society's rules and regulations), the wisdom of seeing things as they are (not of merely collecting facts about them) and the happiness of being in harmony, with the Way (which has nothing to do with self-righteous spiritual obsessions and fanaticism). And you will live lightly, spontaneously, and effortlessly.

The House of the Wind

Now the young lady being persuaded, was converted to the worship of Diana and the Moon, and having prayed with all her heart for a lover (having learned the conjuration to the goddess), 1 was soon rewarded by the attention and devotion of a brave and wealthy cavalier, who was indeed as admirable a suitor as any one could desire. But the mother, who was far more bent on gratifying vindictiveness and cruel vanity than on her daughter's happiness, was infuriated at this, and when the gentleman came to her, she bade him begone, for her daughter was vowed to become a nun, and a nun she should be or die.

The Texts In The Funeral Chamber

Thine eyebrows are fair to see in the presence of the Company of the Gods. Thy brow is under the protection of Anpu, and thy head and face, O beautiful one, are before the holy Hawk. Thy fingers have been stablished by thy scribe's craft in the presence of the Lord of Khemenu, Thoth, who hath bestowed upon thee the knowledge of the speech of the holy books. Thy beard is beautiful in the sight of Ptah-Seker, and thou, O scribe Nebseni, thou lord of fealty, art beautiful before the Great Company of the Gods. The Great God looketh upon thee, and he leadeth thee along the path of happiness. Sepulchral meals are bestowed upon thee, and he overthroweth for thee thine enemies, setting them under thy feet in the presence of the Great Company of the Gods who dwell in the House of the Great Aged One which is in Anu.

Spell Of The Month

APPLE or APPLE BLOSSOM -Promotes peace of mind, contentment, happiness, success in all undertakings. APRICOT -Encourages sexuality and sensual passion. An aphrodisiac. ASOFOETIDA -Protection, banishing negativity. AZALEA -Encourages light spirits, happiness, gaiety. BANANA -Helps to overcome serious blockages or obstacles. CHERRY or CHERRY BLOSSOM -Happiness, good cheer, gaiety. GERANIUM -Overcomes negative thoughts and attitudes, lifts spirits. Promotes protection, happiness. MYRTLE -Psychic opening, spiritual aid. Enhances any mix its added to. NARCISSUS -Promotes harmony, tranquillity, peace of mind. Calms vibrations. NEROLI -Joy, happiness, overcoming emotional blockages. VIOLET -Promotes peace, tranquillity, happiness. Calms the nerves, draws prophetic dreams and visions. Stimulates creativity.

Christmas Pagan Holiday

Christmas Pagan

The analogies between Mithraism and Christianity are as follows They had sacraments of initiation, baptism, use of consecrated water, bread and wine they were regulated by the priests called fathers. Mithra is the mediator between God and man, he insures mankind's happiness by a sacrifice, his worship comprises communion and fasts, In the clergy were men and women vowed to celibacy St. Augustine relates that one day an Asiatic priest told him that they worshipped the same God, and Tertullian about 200 A.D. explained the analogies between Mithraism and Christianity.

Chants Words and Poetry

Magic isn't hatred magic is love. If we love ourselves we're willing to improve our lives. If we love others we're willing to help them find love, health, and happiness. If we love the earth we're willing to work toward healing it of the ravages that one hundred years of progress has created.

Frequently asked questions

Wiccans worship many different gods and goddesses. Wiccans believe that the male and female are equal. Wiccans call on special gods and goddesses when casting a circle. Each god and goddesses resemble different things. For example the goddess Aphrodite is the goddesses of love and passion. The god Dionysus is the god of fun and joy he can bring happiness into your life. Get my drift (See how to write your own spells in part two)

The Witches and the Mysteries

It was led up to by preliminary instruction, heightened in effect by visions and ecstatic suggestions conducting the initiated, himself an actor in them, to communion with God. The dramas became a veritable event in the life of the man, like the sacrament, transforming him completely and assuring him happiness after death. At first the mystery was a purely magical ceremony, but with time it acquired a spiritual and moral content. The mystery religions had an enormous influence on the Greek conscience, enabling it to comprehend the value of the Christian message.

Holly Weather Divination

Examine the tea leaves carefully for any symbols, pictures, letters and or numbers that are made, for each one possesses a divinatory meaning. For instance, if the leaves take on the shape of a heart, this indicates future happiness. If two hearts are seen, this is said to be a sure sign that wedding bells will be ringing for you (or someone close to you) in the near future. News of a marriage proposal or a wedding will be forthcoming should the symbol of a church, a wedding ring, or a bride and groom be seen.

Magic Of The Male Fern Dryopteris filixmas L

The Magicians from darkness will terribly attack the performers of this ritual on the night of Saint John, in order to stop them from collecting the seeds of the Male Fern. Whosoever achieves the collecting of the seeds will fill himself with good luck and fortune. Money will smile upon him everywhere. This person will be filled with happiness and his business affairs will be triumphant. The whole world will envy him because of his fortune.

Lesser Circle of Protection Rosahringur minni

Rosahringur must be carved on the flesh side of the skin of a brown bitch. Then colour the carving with the blood of a black tomcat which has been killed under a full moon. This is a powerful protection against ghosts and witchcraft. It helps to recite I crave help from the earth, victory from the sun, happiness from the moon, assistance from the stars, and strength from the angels of God.

Lesson Vii Invocation Invocation

You never need to fear Deity in Wicca. Deity does not judge you or persecute you -Deity will only ever wish to help you. Though our actions come back to us through Karma, this is not a Divine judgement so much as a necessary balance -it is there to help all beings grow. Deity may give us difficult lessons in life, but this too is motivated by love, to help us grow -never to punish us. Whatever may afflict you, Deity wishes to help you move past it -for Deity wishes you only growth and happiness, in whatever Personal form you picture Deity.

Healing Ritual For An Absent Person

Oils and incenses, like herbs, are very versatile. The easiest way of attracting all the good things you want not only for yourself but also for those you love and for those in need, is to burn oils and to release the appropriate fragrances and let them work in their own way.You can choose the appropriate oil for health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, confidence and protection, to name but a few.

Warnings and Ethics in Wiccan Spellcraft

Consider the life of a gay man within a religion that teaches homosexuality is an abomination against the Creator. By accepting that religion's sense of morality, he accepts a set of ethics that cause his intent to be in conflict. On one hand, he wants to be in a loving relationship with someone that he finds sexually desirable. On the other hand, he wants to live a moral life. As you can imagine, short of rejecting the morals of that religion, he will not be able to achieve any level of happiness.

The Philosophy Of Witchcraft

The Craft is a religion of love and joy. It is not full of the gloom of Christianity, with its ideas of original sin , with salvation and happiness possible only in the afterlife. The music of Witchcraft is joyful and lively, again contrasting with the dirge-like hymns of Christianity. Why is this Why are Wiccans more content more warm and happy Much of it has to do with their empathy with nature. Early people lived hand-in-hand with nature through necessity. They were a part of nature, not separate from it. An animal was a brother or a sister, as was a tree. Wo Man tended the fields and in return received food for the table. Sure, s he killed animals for food. But then many animals kill other animals in order to eat. In other words, Woman and Man were a part of the natural order of things, not separate from it. Not above it.

The Second Degree Initiation

Narrator And she taught him the mystery of the sacred cup, which is the cauldron of rebirth. They loved and were one and he taught her all the Magics. For there be three great mysteries in the life of man -- love, death, and resurrection in a new body -- and magic controls them all. To fulfill love you must return at the same time and place as the loved one, and you must meet and know and remember and love them again. But to be reborn you must die and be ready for a new body to die you must be born without love you may not be born -- and these be all the magics. And our Goddess ever inclineth to love and mirth and happiness, and guardeth and cheriseth Her hidden children in life and in death she teacheth the way to have communion, and even in this world She teacheth them the Mystery of the Magic Circle, which is placed between the worlds.

Chapter Healing by Root Flower

Prepare in the same manner as explained in making mullein tea. I have always liked all of the mint teas, but prefer peppermint best of all. Its properties include purification spells, healing spells, and happiness spells. If leaves are rubbed upon household items and corners of home walls, protection from evil forces is achieved, which has been an old belief concerning the power of the peppermint leaf Many sources say it can be a direct aid in astral travel. Perhaps combining it with mugwort would give an added boost to astral travels Some claim that peppermint increases psychic powers. Peppermint leaf is also picked fresh and chewed raw.

Oils and Incenses in Magick

Cedarwood Cedarwood is a symbol of both spiritual and sexual awakening or reawakening perhaps after a period of loss or stagnation excellent in meditation, it is an oil of youthfulness and a long and happy life. It calms anxiety and over-sensitivity to criticism and brings harmony and happiness, melting away opposition and hostility. Orange Orange is the oil of abundance, joy and fertility, attracting happiness, giving confidence and individuality, and calming anxiety and restlessness in children and adults. Rose This is an oil of fidelity, happiness, partnerships and gentle healing, love and especially self-love.

Litha The Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Spell Freeones

On a personal level, summer solstice rituals are for courage, male potency and fertility, for achievement, success, confidence, health and happiness, for fulfilling potential and providing ever-expanding opportunities both physical, mental and spiritual. These spells are especially potent for maturing adults approaching middle age.

Texts Relating To The Weighing Of The Heart Of

THE PRAYER OF ANI- My heart, my mother my heart, my mother My heart whereby I came into being M ay nought stand up to oppose me at my judgment, may there be no opposition to me in the presence of the Chiefs (Tchatchau) may there be no parting of thee from me in the presence of him that keepeth the Balance Thou art my KA, which dwelleth in my body the god Khnemu who knitteth together and strengtheneth my limbs. Mayest thou come forth into the place of happiness whither we go. May the Sheniu officials, who make the conditions of the lives of men, not cause my name to stink, and may no lies be spoken against me in the presence of the God. Let it be satisfactory unto us, and let the Listener god be favourable unto us, and let there be joy of heart (to us) at the weighing of words. Let not that which is false be uttered against me before the Great God, the Lord of Amentet. Verily, how great shalt thou be when thou risest in triumph.

Elemental Earth Of The Sages Samael Aun Weor

Ed. Smith, affirm that the plant is susceptible to diverse sensations and that it knows happiness. Finally, the sage Theodorus Fechner wrote a book entitled Nanna Oder Uher Das Lenleben der Pflansen, within which he sufficiently proves that plants have souls. The hour in which we have to liberate ourselves from every social bondage (schools and sects, religions and dogmas) has arrived, in order to return with happiness into the temple of Nature

From the Bhagavad Gita

Not shaken by adversity, Not hankering after happiness Free from fear, free from anger, Free from the things of desire. I call him a seer, and illumined. The bonds of his flesh are broken. He is lucky, and does not rejoice He is unlucky, and does not weep. I call him illumined. Without peace, where is happiness


To dream about planting a garden is said to be a sign that you will soon be undertaking a new project or venture. For a woman desiring to have a child, a dream involving the planting of seeds in a garden may symbolize conception. Seeing, or walking through a garden of flowers in bloom indicates happiness and peace of mind, unless the flowers are all white, in For a man to dream about a vegetable garden is said to be an unlucky sign, usually indicating the loss of one's fortune. However, for a woman to dream about seeing, planting, or harvesting vegetables in a garden is said to indicate fame or a marriage blessed by happiness.


If the wind should blow leaves of any type into your house, this is said to be a very lucky omen. Catching a falling autumn leaf before it reaches the ground also brings good luck, and some people claim that for every leaf you catch you will have a day filled with good luck. Another superstition holds that if you secretly make a wish as you catch a falling leaf on Halloween, it will surely come true for you. And yet another leaf-catching superstition promises 12 consecutive months of good luck and happiness for those who catch 12 falling leaves in the month of October.

Deities Of Marriage

Frigg was the Viking Mother Goddess whose jewelled spinning wheel formed Orion's belt as patroness of marriage, women, mothers and families, she can be invoked for all rituals concerned with families and domestic happiness. She invited devoted husbands and wives to her hall after death so that they might never be parted again and so is goddess of fidelity.

Colour Healing

Colour has long been believed to have the power to influence not only our moods, but our physical well-being. The Babylonians called the healing power of light 'the medicine of the gods'. Healing colours have been used for thousands of years in Chinese treatments and in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine. The Ancient Egyptians wore amulets of coloured stones red to treat disease, yellow for happiness and prosperity, and green for fertility.

Patron Deities

For other people the Patron acts as an inspiration and an example, helping the DEVOTEE to develop the qualities which the Patron personifies. There are Deities Whose principle qualities are virtues like wisdom, courage, or magical ability, Whose devotees hope to develop these same traits by choosing Them as Patrons. Other Deities have virtues like creativity, happiness, or self-expression, and Their devotees too hope to gain these qualities by choosing one of Them as Patron.

Kether The Aces

Ace of Cups - Water signifies a strong desire to emotional expression or creativity possible due to a period of repression of emotions. The route of the power of water symbolises the eternal mother principle. It represents fertility, beauty, happiness and productiveness. It is a good omen in general.


Damiana Diferant Plant Picture

As children we can have a much better concept of Netzach since we are free in our creative energy. We paint, write stories, play and day dream. Eventually we have to create quality of our creativity rather than just enjoying the fun of it. We worry if our poems are good enough, if others will like our pictures. If our creative expression does not live up to whatever set of ideals we set ourselves we stop creating and cut ourselves off from the glory of Netzach's pure energy. To develop a better connection with this sphere get out those finger paints and paint a picture just for fun. To buy some modelling clay and make a pot. It makes no difference if someone else likes it the point is that you have fun and enjoy it. In doing this you are touching and being touched by Netzach. These energies are part of all of us to not use them would be like chopping off your own foot. Using them will touch every part of your life with a warm creative glow and fill your life with joy and happiness....


Friday, the day of Venus, is associated with love and all forms of love magick, especially to attract love. Because Venus rules harmony and peace, however, if the success of a love spell depends on ruining another person's happiness and security, it tends not to work without repercussions on the spell-caster.


A very simple crescent moon ritual for attracting money involves piling magically charged salt in a central cone, surrounding this with coins and filling them all with power. Then take the empowered coins and leave them in an open jar in the moonlight until the full moon. On the day after the full moon, spend them on giving happiness to others.

Binding Magick

In my own experience, few who find happiness at the expense of others achieve more than temporary, superficial pleasure, and in time they do seem to end badly. We should never use magick in order to act as judge and jury. After all, some who do act badly do so only out of unhappiness or ignorance.

Malkuth Meditations

And drink the cool sweet mountain water it freshens me with its touch lifting my spirits to new found heights. I want to get in but I have no towel, I want to get in but the waters so cold. I feel the yearning to feel the water surounding me it tugs at my heart strings but sadly I turn away. I'm not a carefree kid anymore who is blind to the dangers I'll catch hypothemia or something if I swim in the water at this time of year. I reluctantly climb back up the rocks and we walk over the bridge and right up to the waterfall. There is a wind here from the force of the water. I stand letting the enormity and power fill me making me feel so small and insignificant in its comparison. I am filled with a profound and deep awe for natures power. The noise of the waterfall is everywhere blocking the inane chatter out. I scramble once more down into the full bowl of the waterfall feeling the spray covering me, soaking me, baptising me once more. This water is so powerful it could crush me, it...

The Book Of Calling

Know, thirdly, that by the Power of the Elder Gods and the submission of the Ancient Ones, thou mayest procure every type of honour, dignity, wealth and happiness, but that these are to be shunned as the Purveyors of Death, for the most radiant jewels are to be found buried deep in the Earth, and the Tomb of Man is the Splendour of ERESHKIGAL, the joy of KUTULU, the food of AZAG-THOTH.


Purple is the colour of Jupiter in his role of wise teacher and keeper of hidden knowledge, and of Osiris, the Ancient Egyptian Father God and Lord of the Underworld, who died each year and was resurrected by his wife Isis. It represents unconscious wisdom and is used for all things of a psychic and spiritual nature and for divination. Purple provides a link with higher dimensions and can bring happiness for all who yearn for something beyond the material plane.

The Waning Moon

This is for banishing magick and for removing pain, sickness and obstacles to success and happiness. It will lessen negative influences, addictions, compulsions, negative thoughts, grief, guilt, anxiety, the envy and malice of others and destructive anger that is best let go. It can also be used for gently ending relationships and stages where there are regrets but still goodwill. A gradual binding spell to divert a person from a place or person can be effective, though binding spells are often done with the power of the full moon. The Crone Goddess rules the waning moon.

Ceremonial Magic

That's a lofty spiritual goal, isn't it This points out one of the key differences between ceremonial magic and folk magic. Unlike the latter, ritual magicians aren't usually concerned with the aims of folk magic love, healing, money, happiness, and protection. When these needs