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Remember that few Wiccans agree with one another regarding ritual practices. The same is true of Wiccan authors. Few Wiccan traditions are in complete agreement with the methods of others. Because authors write what they know best, each book may seem to represent "true" Wicca, even though the authors' descriptions of the religion are totally different. Though they're all members of the same religion, they are still individuals. Wicca is a personal religion.

However, to be sure that the "Witchcraft" about which you're reading is real, keep in mind the information contained within this book. If an author writes of Satan worship, human sacrifice, forced initiations, orgies, meals of human infants and other unpleasant things, he or she is not a Wiccan, and the book is the product of a twisted mind. Think of such books as works of fiction or propaganda, because that's exactly what they are.

You may decide that you wish to learn more. If so, try to find a Wiccan in your area. Few Wiccans publicly advertise or reveal their addresses, so it can be difficult to meet one. If you're serious about practicing Wicca, seek out every lead you can find.

Write to authors of Wiccan books. Though you may not get a reply, information can occasionally be passed on that may help you. It's certainly worth the time and effort.

Be careful. If you do contact someone through rather strange means and are told that you will soon become a true Satanist, that you have to renounce your former religion, and that you have to pay for initiation or take drugs to participate in ceremonies, then you're not in contact with a Wiccan coven or practitioner. Keep on looking.

If you meet a Wiccan individual or coven that practices ritual nudity or teaches sex magic, and this bothers you, simply reject them and look for another. The same is true if you feel a severe personality clash with any of the Wiccans you meet. Chances are they won't accept you anyway, for covens are small and good relationships between all members are essential to effective workings.

If you fail in your attempts to meet Wiccans, you may wish to begin practicing the religion alone. Work at gathering the tools. Mark the Sabbats and Esbats on your calendar, and start observing them as best you can.

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