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For centuries, organized religions have perpetuated lies about the ancient practice of Witchcraft. To this day, many misinformed people think that "Witches" worship Satan, perform human sacrifices, participate in sex orgies, and use drugs.

In The Truth About Witchcraft Today, Scott Cunningham puts these common misconceptions to rest by showing that Witches are women and men from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds and religious upbringings. They have found Wicca (Witchcraft) to be the only religion that encourages love for the earth and reveres the Feminine aspect of the Divine: the Goddess—an element missing in most other religions.

If you want to know exactly how magic works, this book will inform you. Cunningham gives simple, clear-cut explanations of magical practices: how a spell is cast, what a pentacle is, the difference between ritual, folk, and ceremonial magic, and more.

As this book shows, the practice of magic is not evil or destructive—Witches and folk magicians, through timeless rituals, are only drawing upon natural energies found within the earth and our bodies to create positive, life-affirming change.

Here, then, is an excellent overview of a perennially fascinating subject—one that really does tell the truth about Witchcraft (and folk magic) today.

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