Arguably, herbs were first used in magic and religion long before they were thrown into cooking pots for culinary or medicinal purposes. Today they've been rediscovered by new generations of folk magicians who're busy collecting, mixing, smouldering, and brewing these fragrant treasures.

Herbs, like crystals, possess specific, distinct energies that are utilized in magic. Rose petals may be strewn around the home to promote peace. They may also be placed between pink candles to bring love into the folk magician's life. Cinnamon may be burned to stimulate intelligence; lavender flowers added to the bath for purificatory purposes; and sandalwood burned to heighten meditation and psychic experiences.

An incredible variety of herbs-encompassing fruits, trees, flowers, roots, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, ferns, grasses, and all other types of plant materials-is used in folk magic. This is one form of magic that we haven't quite forgotten, for we still give flowers to loved ones, plash on plant-based perfumes and colognes to attract mates, serve herb-enhanced meals to possible lovers (or receive them).

Herbs may be burned as incense to release their energies into the air, or carried in the pocket and sprinkled in the home for various magical purposes. Their oil forms may also be used. Essential oils and magical blends are rubbed onto the body or candles, are added to the bath, or used to anoint crystals and other objects in ritual settings.

Once the province of every wisewoman and country magician, herbs have again been grasped as tools of power by many folk magicians.

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